40 Year Old- 2 C Sections Tummy Tuck and Lipo

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I am scheduled for a tummy tuck with Lipo On nov...

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck with Lipo
On nov 25, 2016. As the day gets closer, I get more and more nervous about the recovery.
The more I read about the compression garments, the inability to stand up, the general sense of being homebound, the more nervous I get. I feel a little overwhelmed with all the advice I find on here. I love reading and seeing the progress. Does anyone recommend a list of must have things for post op, and their favorite compression garments? My list of questions keeps getting longer and longer everyday. Thank you.

11 days away from surgery

3 days till TT

I can't believe the time is almost here. I am nervous, but a manageable nervous. Keeping myself busy and trying not to think about it too much. I do feel like I am
Eating whatever I want!! Like a last hoorah! I think I am most nervous about throwing up from the anesthesia. It happens to everyone in my family. I was sick during both of my sections even with anti emetics. I don't like narcotics. The doctor gave me Norco (and Valium). I feel like I throw up on every oxy based drug. The thought of throwing up and heaving from the abdomen is scaring me! Afraid of stitches popping. Uuughhhh. Any advice is appreciated.

Day 1 post surgery

So, maybe I am in the honeymoon phase..... but not bad pain. Only hurts when I get out of the chair or back into the chair.
Walking and laying are fine.
The binder isn't so bad. I haven't seen anything, nor do I want to yet. I am sure the next days will be worse.... but it's done.
Keep you posted.

Thigh swelling

I think my thighs are swollen and i didn't have any thing done there. Is that common? I had TT and lipo of the flanks.

Not so bad

Granted, my pain could get worse.... but it would be hard to imagine as I did not have any long acting drug in the incision. I do have drains, which do not bother me. I actually like seeing their progress. I would recommend this to anyone and I have not even seen my results or my scar for that matter. I am in the binder and very content in it. Two areas of pain- left drain and one spot in the upper abdomen and just a general bruised feeling from the lipo. I think the binder could be tighter.... but I will wait until I see the doctor Friday. I almost stand completely straight. I do most things for myself. I walk often and drink tons and tons of water. Gas pains are uncomfortable, but I went to the bathroom yesterday and felt like that was a huge accomplishment. I am
not eating too much, and that is fine by me. I am beholden to whatever my family gives me and no one has brought me up a sleeve of Oreos (thankfully). My appetite is smaller for sure. I sleep and sit in the electric recliner which has made things easier. My husband is stunned by my progress and lack of complaints. Keep you posted.

Feeling really good.

Although I do get tired quicker than usual, I ventured down to the kitchen and made brownies with my son. I walk all over the house. I actually did not take one thing for pain today, not even a Tylenol. I wanted my husband to tighten my binder, and was about to lay flat on a bench in my bedroom, and I realized that I had found something I was definitely not comfortable doing. So we tightened the binder while standing. I don't really hold a pillow too often to my abdomen. I do think I am taking tremendous comfort in the binder.... already feels like Linus and his blanket. Only one more day of being cooped up and unshowered as I head to the doctor Friday morning. I may try to wash my hair tomorrow while sitting in a shower chair. I have never felt so dirty in all my life.
My drains outputs are different- pretty confident I will lose the one that outputs less on Friday.
How much arnica is everyone taking and what brand do you like best? I am
Sure my doctor will give me a whole new regiment in Friday.

Snuck a picture of my BB

1st photos.

Great follow up with doctor today. Only one drain removed, but I am totally fine with that. He said I am doing great. Lots of swelling and I should take it easier next few days so maybe the drain can come out Monday or Wednesday. So far I am
Beyond thrilled with the results and to know that this is one week post op and that I have so much time for improvement. Lipo swelling and bruising is harsh, but here are some pictures. I imagine I will take on more shape with time.

Feeling great

Just wish I wasn't so restricted on activities. I have to take it easy this weekend in hopes to get my second drain to start running clearer and less. Output is about 30cc a day, but my color output was a little darker than he would like. I see the yellow coming in and I am hoping to have drain removed tomorrow. My energy level is good. Miss driving and hate feeling that my husband is constantly driving everywhere, although he does it all with no complaints, but now he sees how much driving I do.
Hoping to sneak out to the mall today within a friend. Even a manicure. Can't wait for a real shower. I am very comfortable in the binder. My discomfort comes from my back and that is from the lipo and just being so sedentary. Lipo bruising is bad. I am hoping that it is really swollen cause it's definitely taking away from me seeing my shape.
Most pain to date.... came from 3 sneezes. No pain meds or Tylenol for me, just a Valium to sleep for no other reason than I just want to sleep.

New photos

Pardon the binder lines. But I think so far so good!!
Hope everyone is feeling well.

Drain free (dom)

Last drain came out today! Woo hoo!!

Feeling the worst today.

I felt fat and thick. So bloated and swollen I guess, but basically a said kind of day. Confidence is waning on a day like today. I physically good,and maybe that's why I felt so swollen today. But it was not easy to deal with. I really just felt thick and fat. Got my period. And I'm sad to say that my appetite is coming back. Any advice? Thanks so much.

This swelling is real!!

Had an event tonight and have my binder off for 5 hours....... I feel like a stuffed pig ready to be roasted on a spit!! I can't wait to get it back on!!


I am five weeks 2 days post op. I have not gained weight, lost 6 pounds. I don't feel that the lipo did anything To my flanks. I actually look thicker from the side views. As compared to previous photos. The red lines are binder marks. And then the binders pushes up back fat and I still feel so big. Very discouraged. Anyone else feel this way.

Working out

So I started working out again a little. I did the treadmill for 25 minutes. And I did two days of 45 minute spin class. The swelling is unbelievable. Depressing really. I feel like I gain 10 pounds after each workout. I swell everywhere. I get thicker and wider. I don't want to stop because I feel like I need to get the whole lymphatic system moving properly, but it's really depressing. Any advice?

Feeling better

Feeling really good. Have been exercising. Actually did a 3.5 mile run yesterday. Felt really good. Even though I swell for the rest of the day. Still complaining about my lack of actual shape, absolutely no curves. I have no indents but not sure how I could achieve that. It's kind of been this way my whole life. I would highly recommend a lymphatic massage. It was great. Felt really good after. When to my PS and he said I need to massage my belly button and I started the scar treatment- the silicone strips. I guess life is returning to normal. To anyone with doubts, surgery is absolutely worth it. I was definitely nervous after reading other peoples scary stories of pain and inability to do, and that was not the case with me. Pain was really minimal and I had drains and I did not have exparal or a pain pump.

Worked out......

Definitely felt the ab work. It actually set me back a few days. Go gently into planks, push-ups and core work. Don't rush it. I had a hard time and have been running. And spinning with no problems. I also lifted weights and that could have made the pain worse, but my abs killed!! My advice, is go slow and be gentle.

Think I am putting on weight!!

I am back at the gym pretty regularly. Sit ups are still tough but I get some done.
I feel like if I gain a pound I feel it. Not necessarily in the belly, but it looks like my butt and thighs will be the new place! Happy I did it. It was not life changing for me as far as how I wear clothes. I am not any more shapely that I was before because of being a short torso and high hip placement. I knew it wasn't life changing because I didn't have that much skin to remove. I like my new belly button way more than my old. Some new photos from today.
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