40 Year Old- 2 C Sections Tummy Tuck and Lipo

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck with Lipo On nov...

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck with Lipo
On nov 25, 2016. As the day gets closer, I get more and more nervous about the recovery.
The more I read about the compression garments, the inability to stand up, the general sense of being homebound, the more nervous I get. I feel a little overwhelmed with all the advice I find on here. I love reading and seeing the progress. Does anyone recommend a list of must have things for post op, and their favorite compression garments? My list of questions keeps getting longer and longer everyday. Thank you.

11 days away from surgery

3 days till TT

I can't believe the time is almost here. I am nervous, but a manageable nervous. Keeping myself busy and trying not to think about it too much. I do feel like I am
Eating whatever I want!! Like a last hoorah! I think I am most nervous about throwing up from the anesthesia. It happens to everyone in my family. I was sick during both of my sections even with anti emetics. I don't like narcotics. The doctor gave me Norco (and Valium). I feel like I throw up on every oxy based drug. The thought of throwing up and heaving from the abdomen is scaring me! Afraid of stitches popping. Uuughhhh. Any advice is appreciated.

Day 1 post surgery

So, maybe I am in the honeymoon phase..... but not bad pain. Only hurts when I get out of the chair or back into the chair.
Walking and laying are fine.
The binder isn't so bad. I haven't seen anything, nor do I want to yet. I am sure the next days will be worse.... but it's done.
Keep you posted.

Thigh swelling

I think my thighs are swollen and i didn't have any thing done there. Is that common? I had TT and lipo of the flanks.

Not so bad

Granted, my pain could get worse.... but it would be hard to imagine as I did not have any long acting drug in the incision. I do have drains, which do not bother me. I actually like seeing their progress. I would recommend this to anyone and I have not even seen my results or my scar for that matter. I am in the binder and very content in it. Two areas of pain- left drain and one spot in the upper abdomen and just a general bruised feeling from the lipo. I think the binder could be tighter.... but I will wait until I see the doctor Friday. I almost stand completely straight. I do most things for myself. I walk often and drink tons and tons of water. Gas pains are uncomfortable, but I went to the bathroom yesterday and felt like that was a huge accomplishment. I am
not eating too much, and that is fine by me. I am beholden to whatever my family gives me and no one has brought me up a sleeve of Oreos (thankfully). My appetite is smaller for sure. I sleep and sit in the electric recliner which has made things easier. My husband is stunned by my progress and lack of complaints. Keep you posted.

Feeling really good.

Although I do get tired quicker than usual, I ventured down to the kitchen and made brownies with my son. I walk all over the house. I actually did not take one thing for pain today, not even a Tylenol. I wanted my husband to tighten my binder, and was about to lay flat on a bench in my bedroom, and I realized that I had found something I was definitely not comfortable doing. So we tightened the binder while standing. I don't really hold a pillow too often to my abdomen. I do think I am taking tremendous comfort in the binder.... already feels like Linus and his blanket. Only one more day of being cooped up and unshowered as I head to the doctor Friday morning. I may try to wash my hair tomorrow while sitting in a shower chair. I have never felt so dirty in all my life.
My drains outputs are different- pretty confident I will lose the one that outputs less on Friday.
How much arnica is everyone taking and what brand do you like best? I am
Sure my doctor will give me a whole new regiment in Friday.

Snuck a picture of my BB

1st photos.

Great follow up with doctor today. Only one drain removed, but I am totally fine with that. He said I am doing great. Lots of swelling and I should take it easier next few days so maybe the drain can come out Monday or Wednesday. So far I am
Beyond thrilled with the results and to know that this is one week post op and that I have so much time for improvement. Lipo swelling and bruising is harsh, but here are some pictures. I imagine I will take on more shape with time.
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