37 Years Old, 5'8 215lbs, 38DDD, Breast Implant Removal & Lift (New York City)

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I was 26 when I first got my breast implants and...

I was 26 when I first got my breast implants and today I say 'sayonara' to these gems. Unfortunately, going from 36B to (now) 38DDD didn't work out for me. The last 11 years have been bittersweet - I've loved having larger breasts but can't take the ongoing back pain anymore. After 4 consultations, I confirmed my surgery with the doctor who I felt the most comfortable with, at a rate that was within my budget. I feel very nervous but excited to have smaller breasts again!

Wish me luck!

Post op - 1 day after surgery

Just a quick update. 1 day after surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. Some burning and pressure at incision sites but that's normal. My follow up appointment t is early next week where they will remove dressing. Will update afterward.

All the best xx

Just had my first follow up visit

It's been 4 days since my surgery and I've just had the tape and gauze removed. My skin was starting to feel very itchy with the tape so this appointment came at a perfect time. I should add that I'm no longer on pain meds, not even Tylenol. The nurse said I'm still very swollen and should expect some fluid to naturally ooze out as I heal. I was told that their 'deformed' appearance is totally normal since I'm still swollen and Breast size /look will likely change . The post-op bra I'm using now is 40D but don't think it'll stay that way since it's loose around breast cup so maybe a C cup when this is all done.

I go back to the office next week to check on incisions/dissolvable stitches. I'm just praying they heal nicely.

Thanks again for following my journey.

3 weeks post op

Hi All, I'm just at 3 weeks and 2 days post op. I had the Steri strips removed last week which was uncomfortable but now my boobs can finally 'breathe'. They are still sore but nothing like before. The redness will go away over time.. I feel like they look a little strange but it's me getting used to them. Plus, they haven't fully settled and I'm still swollen. I'm still very happy with my decision to have the implants removed with lift.
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