31 Yr Old Mom Cesearian Tummy Tuck with Lipo of Back Fat, Lipo Above Butt and Lipo of Flanks - New York

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Hello every one, I have 1 week left to my tummy...

Hello every one,

I have 1 week left to my tummy tuck. I am not scared nor nervous. I am a mom of one who had a huge baby. After having my son I lost 60 pounds and my stomach skin just hanged from my body. Really depressed at the time, I gained the weight over 5 years. I am not doing this procedure to start my healthy living.

Tummy tuck day

Yay I have the procedure and it wasn't that bad. I felt very drowsy right after the surgery. My throats was extremely dry from the oxygen tubing. I am already standing up straighter. I am taking my pain medication on time because I am able to move better minus the pain.

1 week post op

So I am sorry for the late updates but here it goes. I had my tummy tuck on June 30. I went in for surgery at 6:30 in the morning. Ladies I came out of surgery groggy and dizzy more than in pain. My husband picked me up and off we went home. Sitting in the passage get seat is painful because of the bumps and potholes. In preparation for sugery I purchase these green drinks from jus by Julie this was my food for the next 4 days I drank half and bottle took my medicine which was an antibiotic and painkiller went to bed. I woke up every two hours walked around my apartmento prevent blood clots.
Day 2
I am a beast first and for most and so is my husband so as a result I forced myself to walk around out house. I did not purchase a hospital bed there is no need in my opinion we stack 5-6 pillows on the bed and I was good to go. I live in my compression garmet. On this day went to check in with nurse practitioner and she said holy cow what a difference. I was super happy. She told me to buy a binder to put over compression garmet for best results. I did not understand at first now I get it. FYI at this I am only consuming green drinks no breads or heavy foods. Why do ask because I need to have a bowel movement and I did not want to struggle. Drank a glass of prune juice just to prevent constipation.
Day 3
I told you I am a beast right on the third day my sister forces me to the beach to celebrate her birthday. I am walking as slow as a snail to get to the shore but I hate being cooped up in house. Prune juice on glass before bed and smooth move every morning no constipation. I took a shower on this day whoozer it felt great but 2 minutes later I had to come out as being out of the compression garmet made me dizzy! Stay in the compression garmet.

Day 4
My sister drags me to the mall. I am literally walking so slow and I stop taking pain medicine only at night. I want to be Alert and the main medicine makes me groggy. I drive today about 8 blocks I felt so liberated!
Days 5 -8
I carry on with this routine prune juice at night only. Poop every morning like clock work. I always drank a green juice or ate non carb foods no heavy meats. I do feel tingling and burning and itching around the drain sight sometimes. Push your self do not stay in bed. Do not eat heavy during this time. I take a pain pill at night. I always eat/drink something before pain pill. This has been an amazing experience. I live in a compression garmet and binder as I want the best results. I have lost 14 pounds in 9 days I feel so blessed and happy I could cry! The binder gives me a lot of support. I have been driving and carrying on with normal life except I walk a little slow. Went to nail salon today. You can do this surgery it is soooo worth it so far. Showers can make u dizzy bathe in cool water and dial antibacterial soap. My nurse told me the compression garmet is my safety net and she is correct. I feel so comfortable in it now. I received a small size in the binder a large because I was told my waist will shrink in a short time. I am almost in need of a medium.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I am received good service so far. Dr. Ginsburg was very thorough. I am looking forward to surgery.

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