2nd Asian (Revision) Rhinoplasty but This Time with an ENT Surgeon -New York, NY

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About 20 years ago I did my first Rhinoplasty with...

About 20 years ago I did my first Rhinoplasty with Dr. Bellin. I chose him because he did my friend, a black girl's nose, and she loved it. And because Asians and Blacks mostly have flat noses, I figured I'll go with him. Before the surgery, I told him what I wanted and he just gave me what I wanted. And it was just okay. But that's the problem. We patients have an idea but in actuality we don't have the skill as the surgeons do and we don't know the outcome as they do.

Still wanting more, I saw an ad about 2 years after the surgery for "Asian Rhinoplasty" and met with Dr. Jeffery Ahn in NY. He taught me that he may do an open nose surgery and take cartilage from my ear. But most importantly, what I remember most about him was that he said; "I'm not only a Rhinoplasty surgeon but also an ENT "Ear Nose Throat" doctor. Decades later, I decided to do the Rhinoplasty the second time and after much prayer, decided to contact Dr. Ahn. He's gotten older of course with time so I didn't recognize him. I had to contact the board to see if this was the very same Dr. Ahn who consulted me over a decade ago because I had my mind set already. And yes it was. I booked right away and had my surgery done 12-13-13.

What made me feel very comfortable was 30 minutes before the surgery. He was very attentive to my needs. I showed him photos of surgeries I liked mostly those of other Asian noses. He gave me his honest opinion. Some photos he'd say; "that's too fake!" (gee I couldn't tell!) and "oh so you want a ski jump nose?" (I didn't know that!) and the definition of "rotation" and "projection" (great advice!) and "if I trim more of your nostrils, you won't breathe well, you want a nose that looks good but also functions" (yes I do, but okay you're the professional) and "you can't get everything you want" (okay hoping for a good outcome) and "I will give you a little more bridge" (sounds good to me), etc. And when he taught me all this, the more I felt comfortable. You see, we patients know nothing about Rhinoplasty and I've learned a lot from Dr. Ahn. He talks with discipline but he knows what's better for me. After the surgery he said it was better than what he expected for a revision Rhinoplasty as I could no longer contact Dr. Bellin for my past surgical records from my first surgery.

I hung my rosary, said a prayer and in no time was done. Even though I live less than 100 miles away, I didn't want anyone to know. I told my kids I was having sinus surgery lol since I would be coming home the following day with bandages on my nose and ear. Dr. Ahn has two locations one in Fort Lee, NJ and the other by Grand Central in NYC. I got the surgery done in NYC because that was the next availability. So I parked my car in NJ, the staff scheduled round trip car service and I slept over inside their facility in NJ inside a very nice private penthouse looking apartment with one bedroom. It had slippers too for me to borrow! The staff checked on me from time to time and before they left gave me their cellphone number. I actually left that night around 10:30pm as there was suppose to be a major snow storm even though the staff urged me to stay as the meds has not completely left my system. But I felt fine. So kudos to his staff that stayed with me during the late night hours.

In 3 days I got the bandages removed and 3 days after that, the stitches removed. And just recently, saw the Dr. again for a follow up visit. I have another follow up visit in 2 months. This is what I like- a doctor who cares. Gee, in my first Rhinoplasty, Dr. Bellin only gave me 1 follow up visit and that was to remove the stitches. It's like "okay you're done, bye" whereas with Dr. Ahn, "I need to monitor your healing".

In summary, Dr. Ahn has gone above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend him. This is the best nose job I ever gotten. I look back now at the photos I showed him before the surgery and I look a million times better than them!!! I still look like myself and no one can even tell! That's what makes it look natural. I'm loving it! Also Dr. Ahn said since my face had a bit asymmetry to it, he made it to compliment my face. Whatever he did, he has the perfect sculpturing eyes because it looks so good!!

Dr. Bellin's rhinoplasty compared to Dr. Ahn

More of Dr. Ahn's work!

More of Dr. Ahn's work!

More of Dr. Bellin's rhinoplasty compared to Dr. Ahn's

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What makes an Asian nose job look natural- according to my doctor

Hey beautiful people, This is the photo "Miss Korea" I showed Dr. Ahn before my surgery and he protested telling me Miss Korea's nose doesn't look natural. To me, I thought Miss Korea's nose was very beautiful and I've always wondered what he meant, until I began to see more before and afters.

Dr. Ahn doesn't like the middle of the nose to have obvious side lines. He likes the sides to be smooth and fluid, blending with the overall face. Take a look at the arrow to see what I mean. Hope this helps you out in your quest!

Oh yeah! It's been over 8 months since my surgery and STILL NO ONE has asked me about my nose! My best friend (yes I've kept this hidden from my own BFF!) told me, "something looks nice about you". And she still can't figure it out! Not even my own family whom I see every single day can't tell! So to me that says a lot of about Dr. Ahn's artistic work :-)

What Dr. Ahn used on my beautiful nose :-)

Hey all, I tried to edit the caption photos but RealSelf can only fit so many words so I decided to post this: "Just want to update because I've been asked so many times- Dr. Ahn used Gore-tex for my bridge and ear cartilage for my tip. Still very happy with my beautiful nose :-). If you have any questions, just call Priscilla and tell them "ChristianLady" told you to call her. 201-461-9400. If you message me, I'll be happy to give you my full name. Thanks for your comments and GOOD LUCK!!!"

2 years 3 months update!

Still loving my nose :-)
I was in here checking out another procedure is like to treat myself to. I'm not crazy about the lipo I got from another doctor back in 2012 but that's another thread. But I do hope to find the right doctor who can make me as happy as Dr. Ahn did! Good luck all!


Hello all, I was just going through my album and saw this photo I took of a skin pimple that I thought looked like a cool mole. I compared it with my current profile because I just happen to be on RealSelf answering a private message from someone so I thought I'd share the photo. Got to say that the "after" profile is so much better. I really love the curve of Dr. Ahn's work, it looks very feminine. Dr. Bellin's work looks more masculine. Hope you all have a happy holiday! It's been almost 3 years since my last surgery! And I still LOVE the result!!!!!!!
Fort Lee Facial Plastic Surgeon

What made me choose Dr. Ahn to do my 2nd (Revision) Rhinoplasty was because he said; "I'm not only a Rhinoplasty surgeon but also an ENT "Ear Nose Throat" doctor", this was enough to make me comfortable. But Dr. Ahn went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Bellin performed my 1st Rhinoplasty and it's not that he is a bad surgeon (because my girlfriend, a black girl, loves the nose he created for her), Dr. Bellin just did not take the time to educate me. He was more like; "okay I'll give you whatever you want" (and that's the problem, we patients have an idea, but we don't have the skill and we can't foretell the outcome as the surgeons can); whereas Dr. Ahn educated me thoroughly on terms like "projection", "rotation", "ski jump", etc, but most importantly he said; "you want a nose to not only compliment your face but also functions well". When you meet with Dr. Ahn expect a disciplinary education but he means well. And most importantly tell him what you want and ask him what he thinks. And the result is, you will be much more happy than the initial expectations. I showed him photos of noses I like and not to brag but my nose turned out a million times better than those photos :-) Dr. Ahn gave me a beautiful profile and a cute tip- like a model! This is the best nose job I've ever gotten.

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