19 Years Old, Unilateral Labiaplasty, Virgin, Alone - New York, NY

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Ever since I was seven, my left labia has always...

Ever since I was seven, my left labia has always been a bit bigger than the right side, and to be honest, I was going to perform labiaplasty on myself because it bothered me too much. And I didn't even know that this existed until I spontaneously search for other women with the same problem. I was hesitant on paying $2K+ on this surgery because I am only 19, full-time college student, and working part-time at a cafe, and I didn't have time to allow healing. But with the many other things I have done that included a healing process I went for it. I went to one plastic surgeon for a consultation, everyone was really nice there but the price was a bit higher than the other reviews I read, $2900; other women had gotten a bilateral procedure for $2000 but that was in Texas; I reside in NYC so I do assume everything is raised. This was back in March 2016. I waited until the end of my semester to decide and ended up going to another surgeon for a consultation, Dr. Richard Wellington Swift, after Memorial Day, and now, a week after, I done it. I'm not sure if this is worth it yet because it is quite early to tell.

Additionally, I done this procedure in secret without my family whom I lived with or my close friends knowing. I know my mother wouldn't allow me to receive such procedure and reason that everyone's vagina is the same. My friends probably wouldn't think otherwise but maybe in the future I would tell tell them I had plastic surgery. So I paid everything with my own savings, and went to the office, back home, and the pharmacy on my own. It wasn't so bad as long as you don't take the bus on a bumpy road; and hide your medications from your family.

After the procedure, I went to CVS to purchase some Aquaphor and then took the bus from the upper east side down to Chinatown to pick up my medications. The back of the bus's seats were very high so it was too uncomfortable to sit on as were the desks in my class because as soon as I got up there was a sharp pain. I picked up my medications and headed to the train station, this was about maybe 7 blocks, and usually I walk pretty fast but I had to waddle my way there because it was just painful. I got home and attempted to sit in a chair but just ended up plopping myself onto the seat and getting up was hard because you have to use your arms to stand up. Afterwards, I went to class which meant walking up flights of stairs at the train station and at school. It was the same but it wasn't terrible pain it was like little pinches but if you move too much it's sharp. I came home, ate dinner and my medications. I was told not to take a shower, but I can't sleep unless I do so I interpreted as "I just can't get the area wet" so I wiped myself clean and washed my hair in the sink. My pelvic area is still "unclean" but I already changed my pad about three times. (I also have my period but since the surgery involved a lot of blood, it didn't matter, although I was told first to use a tampon, but I wouldn't know how to take it out through the swollenness.

Anyways, this is day 1, hopefully all goes well and it'll heal fine.

Day 2- Up and walking already

I got a full night of sleep, which was nice considering the fact that I felt unclean because of my sponge bath. I checked my pad, it was normal with blood but not too much, similar to the period spotting. I reapplied my Aquaphor and checked up with the doctor on the phone. It was still difficult to sit down, I had to raise one leg onto my chair to prop my pelvic area up, but it gotten easier throughout the day. Although I was instructed to stay home and rest for 3-4 days, I actually went out and travelled 8 miles to hangout with a friend. I live in NYC so I have a lot of errands to run. It was easier to walk now but I was worried every time I walked too fast or walked with my legs to closely. I travelled about 15 blocks today, went to my friend's house, and went to class. Throughout the whole day there wasn't a lot of pain, just sensitivity if I accidentally brushed the area.

I returned home after class, and took a shower. I was advised to take a sitz bath but i only soaked my butt for about a minute when I saw no results of "debris". I was also advised to clean off the dried blood but I didn't want to touch the area just yet, and it still looked awful. I attempted to shower without having too much of the water pressure on me. I just allowed the water to trickle down instead. I put on another pad with Aquaphor and finished off the day.

Day 2.

Day 3- No pain, but Discomfort

It's day 3 since my procedure. I woke up feeling normal, with just the urgency to urinate. I dabbed afterwards instead of wipe like I had been. There was no pain which was unexpected because usually with all the other things I had done to my body, there were always after pain. My labia and my clitoral hood is less puffy-looking but it hasn't subsidized all the way yet. It is still sensitive to the touch especially when I use toilet paper. It is still hard to sit because the labia is still "big" and I have to position in a way so that there wouldn't be pressure on it. This also goes for walking, I had to raise my butt up more so that my legs don't crush my labias together. I got up and did my usual house routine and went to class again. I took the stairs and everything pretty well but slowly.

After class, I came back and took another sitz bath and that's pretty much it. I can't tell if there are much results but I can feel that it is still swollen it hurts when it touches the pad on my underwear. It is less puffy than day 1, I would say. And I only took one painkiller in the morning just in case.

Day 4 - Work and the Beach

So this is my first day back at work after the surgery. I didn't tell anyone about the surgery but i tried to not walk up and down the stairs too many times. I work at a cafe/bakery so everything is stored in the basement so it was hard not to walk so much and carry anything over 5 pounds. I only work for about six hours and then hurried home to get ready for my friends to pick me up to go to the beach.

The beach was all right just because we mostly laid down and discuss about our lives. And my friends drove me home so I didn't have to walk and transfer so many trains. I just took a shower, my site bath, washed my hair and applied Aquaphor. I was advised to put that on twice a day but I was already late for work so I didn't apply it in the morning. But even so, the clitoral hood wasn't as big as the day before but still a bit sensitive. I don't know, but maybe it's still gonna be big at least until the next week. This was maybe because I also wore shorts to the beach and it might have suffocated the area too much. I just wore leggings when I worked so that I wouldn't be in that much discomfort. I also stopped taking my painkillers because there were no pain except when the labia hits the seat when I'm sitting down or when my legs start to close in when I walk.

and that's it, that's day 4!

Day 5- Sushi and Karaoke

Today I was had already RSVP'd for my high school summer reunion with my friends. That meant I had to go out. My labia is doing great except it's still sensitive and it's doesn't seem to subsidized as fast as the first few days. I didn't apply Aquaphor in the morning but I applied it the night before. I went about my day in a t-shirt and shorts. The shorts were actually very uncomfortable, there were something about that that applied too much pressure and compression on the labia. I had to sit in certain positions so that I'll feel more comfortable. Otherwise it was fine with walking, but walking up and down the stairs were the same. Stairs also feel a bit uncomfortable. So I went to go eat sushi and karaoke and sitting was just horrible.

I came home and took a shower, and applied Aquaphor. But this time, the Aquaphor made my labia itch. I also didn't put a feminine napkin on my underwear tonight but otherwise, I think it's healing because most of my piercings start to heal when it itches. I know they're not the same type of skin but my skin healing processes delays.

Thank you. This post may not be clear because I typed this half asleep.

Day 6- Father's Day

Day 6 was getting better. I had work today, the only placed the hurt were my feet. The surgery area was still itchy but otherwise, it was fine. It is still a bit swollen and I still applied Aquaphor after the shower but I stopped taking sitz baths. I walked a bit too much today but it was okay it didn't hurt or anything.

Day 7 - I made 1 week

So everything is going well. I had my follow up and everything was surprisingly going well considering all the things I did that I wasn't suppose to do. I was told I didn't need to apply Aquaphor anymore and just continue doing everything I usually do. I hope it can heal faster though. It's gradually becoming less swollen but it's taking a long time. But otherwise, I''m doing fine.

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