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Hello I am 35 yrs old , mother of 2 girls 15 and 3...

Hello I am 35 yrs old , mother of 2 girls 15 and 3.I have lost around 75lbs the last 2 years and now is time to make the change complete by removing the excess skin,etc..
I have been researching this for a long while and finally found an affordable option at NYEE since I am a single mother and the sole provider for my girls.I will be having surgery with Dr Polavarapu and Dr Perkins at the NYEE fellowship clinic in Manhattan .My total cost for the procedure is $4600 . Surgery is in a week ,I will post pics of my journey soon.Any questions please message me,thanks.

One day to go..god willing!

So tomorrow is the big day and needless to say I am beyond nervous.Wish me luck gals ;)
I will post pics soon as I can get a decent before and after..

Done...Flat side ville it is

So had my TT early this morning I was first case.I have nothing but good things to say regarding this entire experience.NYEE has really treated very well.Today I met Dr Perkins not only is he awesome doctor he is also eye candy lol...loved his entire persona. Now Dr Polavarapu takes the cake words can't describe how excellent she has been . She has my vote. Soon as I am able to I'm getting me a set of boobs which I must do before she's gone ..I am so glad to have met her. Pics soon as I get home n settle in..

my before

Ughhhh need I say more!

Amazed ...

So one day after I look like this ..I'm loving it!

Post op Day 3

So I went in for my follow up today,let me just say that I believe now that Dr Polavarapu is not only a surgeon but also a therapist.I went in hunched over unable to walk and I swear I walked out straight as a ruler,thanks to her! she said yes you can stand up straight and I did!
I have to say I feel good and look even better I am one happy camper.I will post a pic tonight after my shower.

Swollen Day 3 Post Op

Swollen but still happy with what I am seeing..

TMI but here it goes..

So I've been reading on the bowel movement situation and I must admit I was extremely scared to go...I was hoping to never have the urge to poop for at least six weeks . well let me tell you I did this morning and it was business as usual ..non eventful nothing to report.Maybe I lucked out ..either way I'm glad!

sleep drains and vicodene..

So last night I was able to somehow sleep a lot better than I have the last few days..don't get me wrong I am a belly sleeper so sleeping on my butt on a reclyner isn't exactly the thing for me..but I do what I must ! Also drains are starting to put out less each day I can't wait until those things are gone. I am only taking one vicodene twice a day as I find the pain is also becoming a thing of the past ...except in the evenings lol..also still swollen but happy.

OMG..I hate constipation

I guess I spoke too soon regarding my no constipation! today I almost called 911 due to severe constipation! This has been the worst part of this journey..Thankfully my Doctor is god send I cant stress enough how important it is to have your surgeon care about your aftercare like she does.She advised me to drink lots of water,walk more and take colace..So I will do just that!

Today was a good day!

DRAINS ARE OUT..I REPEAT DRAINS ARE OUT..I am so happy these annoying things are gone.I kid you not when I tell you I didnt feel em coming out at all! I was worried for no reason whatsoever,I asked the Doctor to let me know when she would pull em so I could brace myself and she says "huh the second ones out already!"...
I walked a whole lot today and I am now home swell hell but I know this too shall pass! Today I met a fellow tummy tucker who also had surgery with Dr Polavarapu it was very exciting to see her and her results as she is a few weeks ahead of me.She looks FANTANSTIC! I will upload pics later on...

Swell Hell and Cucumbers

So ever since I had the procedure my diet had consisted of mainly cucumbers and fresh pineapples since my mom said it helps with water loss and swelling..I gotta say I stopped doing it for 2 days and swelled with a vengeance! Well yesterday I started up again and volia swelling is diminishing now I can't say if it is mental or what but its working ..so I vouch to eat a cucumber a day as I do believe it keeps the swelling at bay!

Comparison PIC


I cant believe I switched to an XS stage 2 Marena compression garment today! Swollen and all! I have to confess it feels a lot better than the medium I was sporting cause you know the medium made me feel secure..Anywho stitches out tomorrow god willing..Nothing else new to report other than my energy isnt still where it needs to be.


So I had my two week follow up and doc thinks I should walk more in order to reduce the amount if swelling. Other than that alls well...except I'm still in swell hell lol..here's a PIC.BTW even swollen I feel I look a whole lot better than pre tummy tuck ;)


I am beginning to think I might have one or a few...This swelling isnt feeling right! Lets see ill see Dr Polavarapu soon and we shall find out.I am not worried since I know a seroma has a solution!

Nothing to see here still swollen!

Just a formality ..I am still very swollen no matter what I do...I walk.Drink gallons of water. Eat cucumber and Pineapples. Take bromalein and Arnica. Pray.Get mad. Cry... Etc.. And the Swell Sorceress still shows up..WTF shall I do.. I'll take any and all suggestions...a witch doctor maybe!?;)

The Seroma that isn't

Turns out I do not have a Seroma as per my Doctor what I have is simply muscle swelling that just needs time to relax...too bad no muscle relaxers given..;/

Trick or Treat

I went out to take my 3 year old trick or treating today..I have to say it wasn't as bad as I had pictured it to be.We walked and had lots of candy ;) later on went to dinner celebrate my 15 year olds birthday at place called sugar factory which I looooove..had salad and a sip of my sisters drink ;) the day went well..a bit of the normal swelling but I enjoyed myself which I was worried I wouldn't.

Faja vs Other compression garment's

So I go back to work soon ...waaaaaa waaaa waaaaaa...I wannna stay home until I am swell free.OK so back to reality. I switched compression garment because I felt Marena was not compressing enough even though I was wearing XS..now that I wear a faja by Zaray I feel much more held together and helps more with the swelling. This faja is a size M...fits better .wish I would have worn this straight out the O.R..

1 month 11/08/13 update

So yesterday I went for my one month follow up. My wonderful doctor says everything is looking like it's supposed to. She showed me how to massage my scar n belly button area. Says I can start exercising lightly and resume normal activity with the exception of heavy lifting like over 20 lbs.Swelling is going down not as quickly as I would like but its going down and not up which is a good thing. She took pics.I will see her again in another month. I go back to work next week booooooooo! Other than that I also feel more energetic and my darn appetite is back !! Here are pics of my one month update.

Can I?

Quick update

Hi gals I went back to work last week and I have to say it was all I pictured it to be...tiring lol. Swelling is going down some more although there are days better than others.I have more energy and can basically do everything I did prior to tummy tuck of course in moderation and listening to my body. Now that I've had the tuck I am looking at other body parts that need fixing! Boobs and a lil lipo of the derrier won't hurt..let's see.lol

Update cause RS told me so...lol

Hello ladies.I am almost 7 weeks Post op and not much has changed. I do feel a whole lot more like my old self. I am still super swollen but have noticeable improvement. However I do think I am going to go for some lipo of the lower back and thighs since I feel fatttttt there..


side view

Scar pics

As requested by a few ladies here is my scar at 7 weeks..I have been only using bio oil whenever I remember to do so. I swear I'll do it more often...

New obsession

BTW I am now loving shopping for swim wear lol..


Hi gals I have been M I A but will be uploading and posting pics later on when I update my review.Hope everyone's well...

Hi there

So everything has been progressing really well. I have days where I still swell and days where I am amazed on how flat I am. I still experience numbness at times but that is also decreasing. I wear my compression garment to bed most nights and during the day when I feel a swelling spell coming on. I will see the Doc this week for my 3,months check up and I will post pics soon. I haven't been updating much due to personal family matters etc. Not due to this procedure. I couldn't be happier with my results and choice of Doctor!

Dec 30

Then and Now

Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Best Doctor ever ..hands down.She is great at what she does. Has a personality to match her skills . I love her for life. If I had to have any type of surgery shes my pick. She is at NYEE in Manhattan and will be there until Summer 2014.

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