Consultation review: Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair

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After 2 kids and being sick and tired of being the...

After 2 kids and being sick and tired of being the skinny girl with the pouch of stretched skin and no visible belly button, I decided to take the plunge and have a tummy tuck. Before having children, my stomach and abs were my favorite body area. I was also very proud to show them off in a bikini or tight clothing. Now I won't wear anything like that. To me it is a huge embarrassment to be 130 lbs and 5'8 and have a pouch of skin that shows through everything. I know a big part of it is also the fact that my muscles are not even connected anymore. No matter how many exercises I do or how many trainers I hired, nothing worked. I even went as far to do physical therapy which is total bs for this condition. You can't loose skin and you can't re-connect tissue and muscle with exercise. I have been on many consultations in the past year and finally decided on Dr. Thomas Sterry in New York City. I know that people fly in from other states as well as countries to have this surgeon do their tummy tuck. I feel luck enough to be from and live in NYC so he is close to where I live. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff during my consultation and his before and afters were all I needed to see to know that I wanted him and only him to perform this procedure on me. His biggest plus over others I consulted with is his super low incision, which most of the other surgeons I met with told me they could never make happen and I'd have to accept the fact that I'd be wearing high waisted everything for the rest of my life. There was no way in hell I was ok with that. Being the age I am, I know I still definitely have a lot of good years in front of me. Another big thing for me is a realistic belly button. To me there is nothing worse than someone being able to tell I had work done because they can tell by looking at a fake looking belly button! All of his belly buttons looks better than my belly button before I even had kids. So I have great confidence that he will give me the end result I am looking for, I know it's far off from now, but I cannot wait to have my old stomach and abs back. I am having my muslces corrected with lots of skin removal. No lipo is necessary. My muscles are so split that I can fit almost my whole hand in there lol. I'm waiting till the winter so I can cover up in sweats and also not have to worry about staying out of the sun. I'll be back later to update. Anyone with any pointers or suggestions to me is welcome to comment. Thanks.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Upon meeting Dr. Sterry and his staff I felt very comfortable and confident. He is super professional and answered every question I had. Showed me lots of before and afters and made sure he knew what all of my major concerns were; like how I wanted a low enough incision so I can wear the clothing I want and to make sure my belly button is as natural looking as possible. His staff is also very accommodating in answering all of my emails and giving me pointers about what I can do to make sure my recovery is a speedy one. I am super excited to get rid of my excess skin and have my core strength back. Can't wait for December!

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