24 Y.0 Rhinoplasty,chin Implant and Neck Lipo. New York, NY

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Hey everyone, I am getting closer and closer to my...

Hey everyone, I am getting closer and closer to my surgery date and figured I could help someone out on here. I found an amazing Doctor Doctor Sherrell Aston out of NY,NY. My life I have not been too happy with my profile never wanting photos from my profile I've alwyas been pretty insecure about it. I actually don't even have any to show so I'll update soon with profile photos. My chin is very week so I can't wait to look more feminine and more proportionate.

Profile photos

I told everyone I would update with profile shots.

Exactly one week before surgery

Hello all from Bermuda! It's exactly one week and I have to schedule my doctor visit to get clearance and pick up any medications, food, and vitamins this week! I am so excited I hope the week flys by!!!!

Idea of how I would like to look from the profile

Just to show kind of the look I am wanting . Now I did this on an app nothing fancy or by a doctor !


Ok surgery is tomorrow I am so excited will be staying in New York for two nights before I go back to Delaware! My surgeon called me a few hours ago just to check in and reassure me everything is going to go so well! He is a gem and I cannot wait !!!

After surgey

Feeling swollen and sore but nothing intolerable going to take my meds have some soup and go to sleep

Morning after surgery

Hello everyone and thanks for keeping in touch with me. Dr aston came to visit me at 7am at my hotel located directly across from the Manhattan ent called gardens Ny. Beautiful suite I have for two days beofre going back to Delaware. Dr Aston came today to check me out as of right now no bruising yet my neck is super tight from the swelling so I'm still wearing my head wrap. Nose splint will come off Friday and head wrap tomorrow morning

Mid day update

Feeling ok neck is very tight which is normal. I been sleeping all morning after the doctor came, not taking the pain medication I am taking Tylenol instead. And haven't had to take any nausea or sleep aids. Had some chicken noodle soup at breakfast and now applesauce and cut up strawberries

Two days after surgery

Good morning everyone, dr Aston came and took my head wrap off I am the most swollen I will be from my surgery at this point. I am really looking forward to the swelling going down. My neck feels tight he says to stretch my neck out even though it feels tight and holding my phone high while texting or talking will help!

More pics

Two days after surgery photos

No more nose cast or stitches

So today was the big day!!! Very swollen still but here are some pics !!! I've never been happier :)

After cast removal photos!

AHHH the day finally came!

2 weeks later

Two weeks later still some swelling neck is pretty tight still from the lipo

About a month later

Feeling great still a little tight in my neck but OMG am I happy!!!

More photos

Sorry I hardly take many front facing photos I will when I get home! My nose is still swollen so I always angle it to the side lol!! I'll take a few for the site this evening !

Almost two months later

Just a few updates pics !

7 month update

Wow, so happy with my new "look" I feel great and think I look great :) totally worth it !


NECK LIPO=some slight tightness in the morning still
NOSE= not swollen anymore, wish it were a little more thin in the front but its ok
CHIN=small dimple when i duck face as we say lol, i have complete feeling, if i get a pimple it does feel weird to pop it lol!!!

photos attached ! ;)

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