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So, I'm hoping I can edit and add to this because...

So, I'm hoping I can edit and add to this because I'm sure I won't want to write out my whole life story tonight. I've looked this way for as long as I can remember. I have not had any kids but, as you can see, my body is in pretty bad shape! I've dreamed of this surgery since I was about 16 and the show "Extreme Makeover" was still around. The best thing I see people say is that they wish they had done it sooner. I'm planning for May.

I've been seriously exercising and eating healthy since about June 2012. Really, I've been a very healthy eater since I was 15 and did Weight Watchers for the first time. I have lost very little weight even after going gluten-free, low-(processed) carb, and hitting the gym for over an hour a day 6 days a week! I stopped drinking alcohol as well. So, basically, my body is broken. Did I mention that I bought the bodymedia armband in November and that I have been hitting my daily goal of 750-900 (sometimes more) calorie deficient and still not losing? So basically, I'm at a hault. Not only do I need to lose around 5 lbs to have the surgery but, more importantly, I want to be at or close to my goal weight before the surgery for optimal results. I've been convinced to start HCG diet, I am by no means a fad dieter, or a dieter at all for that matter. I've always just changed my eating long-term, and I've done fine. Because of this slump, I'm desperate, so I'm trying this HCG thing, another reason why I took the photos. I would be thrilled to even lose 10-15 lbs. but I won't complain if it's more!

I'm having a full tummy tuck (muscle repair will be determined by the doctor once he's in), and a breast lift. I've done a lot of research and believe that I've chosen the absolute best surgeon in the Tri-state area. Gotta love Park Ave. I haven't included the photos of my breasts cause... I dunno, it's kind of weird for me right now!!! But I am posting these photos that I took in the (thank you) Target dressing room the other day. I really wanted to write this because there is not a lot of information for women who have not had children but who want to have this surgery. And I've found that the people giving the opinions are people who have had kids. Listen, you don't know what it's like to look like this while trying to date, when women of your age look like, hell, have you seen what 24 year olds look like?! I don't look like that!!

Please feel free to post, write, etc. Please keep it positive as these subjects are so very sensitive. Thanks and I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you!

Updated my photos, after hcg. Lost 15 lbs in 50...

Updated my photos, after hcg. Lost 15 lbs in 50 days. Usually the diet works better, or so I am told by my personal trainer, but it seems my metabolism is extra out of sorts. I plan to do it again to lose 10 lbs at least. Decided to continue to postpone my surgery as I can't figure out how to tell my family, so waiting until a point in time where I can distance myself for a couple months for recovery.
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Googled all the surgeons in my area and visited each of their sites, reviewed before and after photos..

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