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Hello My name is CB and I am getting a BA in Nov...

My name is CB and I am getting a BA in Nov 2013 I know it's pretty far away from now but I have to save some money. I am currently putting some down payments as the months go by. I am 29. 5"3 and 120 pounds. I am currently a 36c. I know I know most people would say its a good size :) but when they start to sag its not so cute.

I will say this .... I always loved my breast. But in the last few year they have become a little saggy. I was always fascinated by breast augmentations I gawk at other women who have them. I am now finally realizing that I am 100% sure I want them. I do want to say that I do not have kids and I don't plan on having them for another 3 to 5 years. Any advice on how they will look after child birth?

I am having such a heard time finding people my height age and breast size to compare my self. Anyone here is similar to me ? My PS told me that I have pretty good tissue and not to go too big since I am already a C and I will go up to a D or DD. I think I may go with 375. I am so scared that my beast will look the same or not much of a difference. Am I crazy? Lol.

I would like the Mentor silicone gel medium profile. I don't consider myself a flashy person so I don't need to be have them hanging out all the time. I think I am mostly afraid of being able to hide them at work. I work in a office. Any advice on how to cover them up?

I am really relying on this website because my family doesn't know and they Are going to freak when they find out. I don't plan to tell them at all. They will see it for them selves. I really don't need any naysayers since this will be coming out of my pocket my saving ... My wonderful bf will be helping out too.

I would appreciate anyone's who's gone through this advice. Thanks

Got my girls

I always had pretty big breast but they sagged and it made me sad. My sagging problem made me decide to get breast implants and I saved for them. Now here is what I didn't know. Since I have saggy breast b4 I expected them to be higher once I got my BA. But this is not the case it's an illusion that they are higher, this is not my surgeons fault as in my mind I thought it would change. I was not prepared to have them somewhat still saggy. My surgeon told me this b4 the surgery but my options were to get a lift and I didn't want to get a lift. I'm pretty young still with no kids so maybe down the line. Plus the lifts seems so painful!

I am one week out of surgery. The whole process wasn't as bad as I thought. My info, before 36c. 120 lbs. 5"3. 30 years old no kids. Now 36 D or DD not sure yet got silicone mentor mod profile 340 cc overs. I wanted to go bigger but my breast were too saggy to go up to the 375cc. My doc told me that he did try 375cc to 400cc but it didn't look right on me since my nipple position was low and my peck muscle are high and could not put them under the muscle (muscles were high) Makes senses. He told me he spent 2 and a half on me to make them look right. So all in all that was a big surprise. So ladies if you have a lot of breast tissue and are saggy this is something you should know. I do worry about breast feeding in the future with overs.

I do love them and I am happy but I guess I got caught up in photos of women with high nipple positions. I did find it difficult to compare other women to me because I had lots of breast tissue and some sagging. Please let me know if you have had a similar issues as I did.

Great ! PS took his time with me and was very patient in answering my questions.

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