Tumescent liposuction on upper and lower stomach , upper back, bra lines and love handles

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Ive been wanting to get liposuction for awhile now...

Ive been wanting to get liposuction for awhile now. I've gained 30 pounds in the past two years and it's been real difficult for me to drop the weight. I feel if I already have a flat stomach it will motivate me to eat better and workout more. Just a little nervous of the recovery of the liposuction and the pain. I know there's a lot of swollen and bruises. Also I don't want to find the cheapest doctor but I don't want to spend over 3500 but doctors in New York want 6000 or more

Friday is the big day ????

I decided to go with Doctor Sergery Voskin because of his views and because he is also located in Brooklyn where I live. I'm so excited but I'm also a little nervous about the pain. I also get bloated really easy so I'm hoping all that I'm not bloated all through my recovery. I posted some more recent before pictures

Today was my Surgery :)

I'm a lil shaky but I'm calm and relaxed now. My surgery was Successful and Dr Voskin took over 5 liters of fat out of me. I can't really see much of a difference now being that my surgery was only a couple of hours ago but I can see good results slightly. The medical office was very clean and the staff were kind and professional. During the Surgery I was fully awake with local anesthesia. The doctor tried his best to keep me calm and pain free but I'm not gonna lie and beat around the bush the procedure was very painful and uncomfortable. Getting the anesthesia filled in me was by far the worst part of the surgery. Dr Voskin was great though if I was feeling too much pain he would give me more meds. But overall it was tolerable pain but it was still painful and I probably will never get liposuction again lol. Even thou I was in lots of pain I still recommend the Doctor he was great I think I'm just a big baby lol. Tomorrow when the fluids release I'll post a pic for you guys.

Day one

Day one

Can't really see a difference yet but I want you guys to follow my journey

Day 2

My stomach went down a little bit but I hope I see more of an improvement. I gained 3 pounds but I guess that's just bloating and water. Still very sore just hoping for improvement and smaller waist :)

Day 3

Still sore!!!! My stomach is black bruised and ugly lol. Also my vagina is so sore and puffy, I'm
not sure why nothing when on down there lol

One week Post

Omg I'm so bloated!!!! I've been going through extreme bloating for the past 3 days. I'm so uncomfortable in all these garments and I'm going crazy. My period came on Tuesday but I'm usually bloated before my period and goes down during but I'm nearly finished with my menstrul and I'm so bloated. Also I feel like my incisions are not healing properly. The only good thing is that my weight is going down which idk how because I'm
So damn bloared, sore, ache and miserable.

10 days post extreme bloating

I'm 10 days post my surgery and my stomach is extremely swollen and hard. I can barely eat I'm
So bloated. Has this happened to anyone ? I'm freaking out. I seen my results 3 days after now this. The pain has gone down but the swollen is crazy. People at job think I'm pregnant. I Have been wearing the medical garment but it's not all that great. The one I bought is extremely uncomfortable because of the bloating and I bought an XL

10 days post op

Brooklyn Physician

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