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I had lipo almost a year ago and I still am...

I had lipo almost a year ago and I still am grappling with how badly it looks. While I'm sure the procedure itself was fine and normal, my recommendation is to really make sure you find a doctor you trust and who is not going to mislead or lie to you about your results.

Going into my consultation, I was pretty sure I needed a tummy tuck. I was heavily overweight as a teen - 170 lbs at 5'1 - and lost a lot of weight in a quick period. I have thus had a saggy stomach since I was sixteen. I've maintained the weight loss, but I had a pouch of fat that I really wanted to get rid of so I looked better in clothes (and without) and didn't have a roll of fat hanging over my jeans.

I went to see Dr. Nardini for a consultation and he talked me into getting liposuction. He kept saying how he truly believed my skin would shrink back because I'm still young and that he really recommends I just get liposuction, that way we don't "burn any bridges." That should have been my first clue that he was already setting me up to pay for a second surgery. I was originally going to get breast implants at the same time (due, again, to sagging caused by my weight loss), and after I left the consultation, I emailed him to cancel the implants and just do the lipo because I was, again, worried about loose skin and not wanting to clean out my whole savings account on these two procedures and end up needing a tummy tuck that I couldn't afford. Again, and I still have this email, Dr. Nardini assured me that he "truly believed" my stomach would shrink back and I should still get the breast implants for "uniformity." Thankfully, this time I did not listen to him and asked to only receive the lipo.

The procedure went fine, but it was evident after my three month visit that my fears of loose skin were very justified. He tried to brush it off and assure me final results wouldn't be seen until six months and we could "discuss my options" then. I knew then that this was going to be as good as it gets and that he also probably knew my skin was never going to shrink back to normal. Now, we're nine months out of my surgery and I am more ashamed of my body than when I had the fat pouch. I'm embarrassed to let anyone see me naked, as my stomach is lumpy and uneven and my fat pouch? Now a pouch of loose skin. If you look at my stomach from the side, you see all the bumps and valleys from my loose skin. There is nothing flat about my stomach. It's shameful and embarrassing. I try to not even look in the mirror or at my body if I'm not dressed because I hate what I see.

I never did go back for my six month visit. I have no need or desire to see someone who lied and mislead me about my realistic results, and now I have to find a new surgeon to fix the mess he left on me. Their office is also a disaster. Post surgery, a nurse gave me a packet with a day to come back from my post op written and circled on it. This date was wrong, which I only knew because I took it upon myself to confirm with dr. Nardini. Then, we scheduled an appointment to remove my stitches and when I got to the office, no one was there. The hospital had to track down dr. Nardini, and I was then informed they were all out at a conference all day. How lovely! Perhaps you shouldn't have scheduled me for that day, or maybe if your office assistant did her job, she would have called to confirm my appointment and we would have realized we had the wrong day. My three month check up, dr. Nardini was there and on time, probably because of the fit I threw over the stitches situation, and we made an appointment for the six month check up - of course, no one called to confirm and the appointment was missed. Then his office assistant sent out a mass email to his patients requesting that he wanted to see us for follow up visits before the end of July. All of our emails, I might add, were cc'd and not bcc'd, so my email, which is my full name, was blasted out to strangers in connection to a plastic surgery follow up appointment. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and it was MY choice and it's completely unprofessional for them to email me with my name and email visible to other people whom I do not know.

Overall, I really regret choosing this hospital and dr. Nardini to do this surgery. I save for a long time and now don't have the money for the tummy tuck, so I'm stuck with my lumpy, disgusting belly until I can save up the cash to get it fixed. Please be sure you do your research on Doctor's and find one who will be honest and frank with you, not someone who is just trying to milk extra surgeries and money out of you. Thanks dr. Nardini for nothing - I will discuss my options going forward, but with a doctor who I trust and who won't lie to me and give me false hopes about my procedure. I've actually gone to a couple of consultations to start seeing costs, and when I've showed them my before pictures, they all shook their head and said they would have recommended the tummy tuck from the start. I'm sorry I didn't visit one of them from the get go.

And no, I will not upload pictures because I don't want anyone to see what my stomach looks like.
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Lied to me about what I could realistically expect from my procedure. Assured me he "truly believed" that my stomach would shrink back, although it has barely done so and I have a lumpy, loose, and shameful belly. His office is a mess, scheduled appointments and no one was there when I showed up, never called to confirm appointments, never followed up on anything. Horrible experience.

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