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New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. Kahn is a once-in-a -lifetime Dr. who really brought me out of a very dark place. To do this review justice, it's important for you to know my timeline and background. I first made the mistake of having a Smart Lipo procedure in August of '15 to address one trouble spot in my stomach that wasn't responding to diet and exercise. The NJ surgeon who had informed that there were no risks other than the burden of wearing a compression garment for 1 month completely butchered me. He then did a skin tightening procedure 6 months later that solved nothing, and then another Smart lipo one year later that seemed to worsen the deformity even more. To his credit, he did try to fix it and to his detriment, rather than take responsibility for damaging me, he instead blamed my age for having loose skin. He then offered me a series of some bogus skin tightening procedure that could no way do enough to ever fix the massive deformity he created above my belly button. Further, the radio frequency skin treatment caused discoloration to my skin by burning it during the treatment. Realizing that this was going nowhere, I stopped going for any more treatments that were offered to me at no cost and subsequently never heard back from the Dr. who legitimately butchered me. While I'm sure whatever documents I signed protect him from a legal standpoint, he left me on an island with nowhere to turn. I was devastated and spiraled into a significant depression wishing I could just have my original stomach back with just a small trouble spot containing a little bit of excess fat. It was through my state of depression and desperation that I came across Dr. Kahn while searching "fat transfer" on the internet. Upon meeting her, I soon learned that not only is she a kind-hearted and sweet woman who truly cares about her patients, she is also brilliant beyond words. While she is an incredibly skilled surgeon, she also has the eye of an exceptional artist as she sees things you could not know were even there until she draws them on you and then explains them in detail. When I first went to see her my stomach was in disastrous shape (see photo below in November 2016). I didn't even know where to start but somehow she did and devised a specific plan. This would not be an overnight process as she first needed to remove the scar and all the bad blood and fat left over from 2 smart lipo procedures, a skin tightening procedure, and a radio frequency treatment. I also required a significant amount of fat to be transferred and the body can only take on so much at one time while accepting it. This scar removal and first fat transfer was all done during my first procedure. The second procedure focused on just adding more fat as not all of it could have been transferred during the first procedure. In my third visit, my stomach was almost back to normal where it was before any surgery had taken place. There was one small spot where the fat didn't completely take likely due to excess scarring from all of my surgeries. She then injected 1 ml of a filler which was quick, painless, and involved only a minute quantity of filler. My photos are marked below. The first one is after having been butchered, the next two are before my two fat transfers procedures were done, and the last one is moments after the filler was injected. My stomach is not perfect. It never will be and wasn't prior to my first ever smart lipo procedure. What Dr. Kahn has done is fixed me and in so doing has taken me out of a depressed state amd restored a positive feeling about myself and my fitness. If there were to be a Michael Jordan of the fat transfer industry, then she would be the equivalent of that in her own line of work. She is the best person to see and care for you in this area and frankly after my experiences, I would never do any form of plastic surgery again, unless it were to be done by her. She has earned my faith and trust and I greatly admire her as a person and a professional.

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