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A few years ago, I bought a 15% TCA peel from MUAC...

A few years ago, I bought a 15% TCA peel from MUAC. Although they do offer lesser strengths (8% and 12.5%), i know my skin and it's tough. Although for my age (currently 51) my skin is quite good in terms of texture, there are areas of hyperpigmentation that plague me and which I had hoped to eradicate.

That first year, I did two peels at 15%, and found moderate improvement. The next winter (I do the peels in winter only because of less problems with sun exposure), I did it again, with the same level of improvement. So I went up to 18% the following year -- and still, while certain areas lightened quite a bit, others -- like this one spot on my cheek that plagued me to no end -- did not. So this winter, on the heels of a very unsuccessful and expensive round of IPL treatment, I decided to go up to 21%. This time, the improvement was apparent.

I layered the solution twice, and experienced more frosting than I ever had before. However, unfortunately the frosting wasn't overall, but seemed concentrated in areas where perhaps my skin needed it the most. Within a day, those areas that had frosted turned brown and leathery, and those that did not simply got shiny and crinkly. I'm a slow peeler, so it took a good five days before even the smallest amount of peeling began, but when it did, the results were nothing less than dramatic. The new skin underneath was pink and glowing, and best of all, that one troublesome spot that has been irking me these past few years and that even $2000 of IPL treatment didn't resolve, peeled away. Where it was is a bright pink spot that appears to be fading more and more each day. And if it turns out it doesn't completely disappear, I won't be disheartened, because I am confident that another treatment will take care of it completely.

It is now the 13th day, and I still have little flakes here and there along my hairline, temples, and jaw where no frosting took place, but those are always the last areas to peel on me (and I think on most people), and like I said, I'm a slow peeler. Despite the fact that it took a 21% solution to finally do what TCA is supposed to do, I'm not sorry I began with lesser strengths, because I think there's something to be said about working one's way up to the stronger ones. Playing it safe is always a good idea. Anyway, I'm thrilled!

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