Green Herbal Peel - New York

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Let me just say for me, the herbal peel did...

let me just say for me, the herbal peel did wonders. i am actually in the midst of peeling right now, just got my second peel 3 days ago and i cant wait to get this layer removed. i got my very first herbal peel done about a month ago and was really impressed. Now, i never had any skin issues as far as pimples or scaring but my problems started to develop after seeing how smoking, tanning(even in the winter) and partying had taken a toll on my face and i'm only 23!. i wasnt going to be that 23 year old that had that "worn out look", no sir. oh and by the way, i hope everyone is applying there herbal lotion, vitamin cream and spf( yes even at home, the light in your home can darken your unhealed skin). im not sure when by the hour you're suppose to keep applying but i was told my face should never be dry, as in the skin should not peel as much therefore i would keep putting thick layers of the cream up until the 5th day. oh and if this helps ive been using the Alex cosmetic herbal peel and there creams...and PLEASE do not peel them off yourself!!!!!

mom the esthician

i would not advise you to do it yourself unless you are a licensed doctor or esthician, though it may look easy please don't. i was lucky enough to have my esthician care so much, constantly reminding me to apply my vitamin cream/ bb cream and to stay away from the light, but then again she's my mother! i think i would be mad if she didnt!! so yea make sure you trust your dr or whoever and that there not just out there to take your money!

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