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I am of eurasian descent and this was my first...

I am of eurasian descent and this was my first (and last) rhinoplasty. I thought I had a uniquely problematic nose because of an abrupt hump and wide tip. I was very preoccupied with choosing the right surgeon in New York and dubious of the aggressive marketing campaigns of some well known doctors online. I was recommended Dr Thomas Loeb by a friend with revision experience, and upon googling him I appreciated that he didn't have a lot of fake reviews/an instagram/ a twitter. Because I was flying in from Europe, I had consulted with a surgeon prior who wanted to do an open rhinoplasty. (He said the only way to sculpt my dorsum nicely was for it to be open.) I have always been concerned about this, and I had doubts that my virgin nose was really complex enough to warrant such an invasive procedure. After a consult with Dr. Loeb, this fear was put to rest, and he assured me that it should be done closed. He was very understanding and responsive regarding my risk concerns and explained that nothing bad should happen with a competent surgeon. He is very direct and not a bullshitter. I am naturally anxious and worrisome--it is part of my nature and job, but I felt that I could trust him and his experience. I flew in for a consultation before scheduling surgery and approved of the changes he showed me on 3D imaging. He did not suggest over-narrowing the nose or building a ski slope, and we agreed on removal of the hump and subtle refinement of the tip.

The day of surgery was very smooth. I was nervous on the operating table but the anesthesiologist knocked me out pretty quickly. I don't remember any pain at all when I woke up, and the nurses Lisa and Irina were really nice and took care of me, letting me sleep there for a few hours there before going home. For the week that I wore my cast there was no pain at all, just slight discomfort and numbness. I was surprised how little a broken bone and healing cartilage actually hurt. I could also see right away that the hump was gone and the bulbosity looked very much reduced.

Dr. Loeb removed packing on the third day, and took the cast off the following Monday. My nose looked a bit swollen but the improvement was immediate--hump gone and a much nicer tip. I should mention that when you are swollen you look a bit 'piggy' and upturned, but this goes down in the next week before you can really appreciate what your nose looks like. I must say that less than 2 weeks after surgery, I really love my new nose. Even though I have thick skin, Dr Loeb managed to make the bulbous mass of cartilage on my tip look much more sculpted. The bump is almost completely gone (there is still some swelling) and there are still a few months to go before it looks even better. It is not an over sculpted nose; it matches very well with my face and looks natural. Privacy is important to me so if you want photos please PM.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience (and believe me I am very sensitive to flaws and inefficiencies of doctors. I was scared of surgery and pondered the advantages and disadvantages for a long time before deciding on my rhino.) The nurses were very thorough and compassionate with me, even calling my boyfriend after surgery to tell him I was fine, and Dr Loeb was kind and patient with me before and after the operation. I really appreciate his honesty and integrity. He is not your typical Park Avenue surgeon who only cares about maximizing profit. He also does not carve a Real Housewives™ nose on your face but considers what you started with and what would look best with your features without being unrealistic.

My advice to anyone considering a rhino is to choose very carefully your surgeon. (I have heard great things about Grigoryants and Slupchynskyj for revision patients, and less than stellar testimonials about Rizk and Tabbal, who are extortionately expensive.) Make sure that a doctor who pushes for an open surgery has a very good reason for that choice. It is so important that you can trust this person--after all, the center of your face lies in their hands. Figure out what is a realistic expectation for your nose and voice all your concerns before surgery. From my experience, I can highly recommend Dr Loeb as a great and honest doctor.

some photos

16 days post

3 weeks post op

The mornings are still bad and very swollen, but it goes down later in the day. I notice a few bumps which I hope are swelling.

A quick update

If anyone has any swelling tips it would be appreciated. The other annoying thing is that you cannot exfoliate your nose and end up with a lot of blackheads.

I am so happy I chose Dr Loeb for my rhinoplasty. He was understanding, knowledgeable, and efficient. I am very happy with my nose now.

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