Dr. Khan EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS - Highly recommended

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New York Dermatologic Surgeon

I don't have enough kind words and positive reviews for Dr. Khan. My entire experience with her has exceeded my expectations. For those who don't have the time to read my entire experience, bottom line is that Dr. Kahn is amazing, my revision results came out perfectly and I could not be happier. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of liposuction revision surgery, or first-time liposuction procedures. For the complete story please see below: Approximately six months ago I had abdominal liposuction on an area that had minimal fat but that I could never get to go away completely through exercise. Seven years prior I had been to the same surgeon for breast augmentation which came out wonderfully, so I assumed he would be perfect for the liposuction procedure as well. I could not have been more incorrect, as the surgery was botched and it left me with a dent in the left side of my stomach. During each of my follow up visits with the surgeon he acted as if he couldn't see the dent and just kept telling me to massage whatever area I was seeing. I could tell by his avoidance, and by the look pm the face of his nurse who was in the room with us, that something was seriously wrong. After 6 months of complete misery I found Dr. Khan on Real Self and decided to make an appointment. I immediately felt a connection to her warm and welcoming demeanor. As opposed to the 15 minutes my initial doctor spent talking to me about the liposuction procedure, Dr. Khan spent over an hour with me discussing every possible outcome of the revision procedure and also why I had experienced the dent in my stomach from the previous surgeon. She was open, honest and kind and I felt an instant sense of trust in her. She also prepared me far in advance for the procedure by outlining every logistic. While I was initially a bit nervous about local anesthesia, in the end it proved to be the best solution. My previous surgeon treated me like I was on a conveyor belt -inject me with anesthesia to knock me out -perform surgery for an hour and 15 minutes and push me out the door to get on with his next surgery-and basically, watch the dollar signs add up. On the contrary, Dr. Khan takes the entire day to singularly focus on your surgery. She uses local anesthesia so you are awake during the surgery, yet I felt no real pain and there was only a slight pressure at times. Her nurse was fantastic, made me feel very comfortable and was accommodating to all of my needs. I also had virtually no pain post-surgery with Dr. Khan, unlike my first surgery where I was out of commission for a week, bruised over my entire stomach and on painkillers for over a week and a half. I had to take six days off from work just to get back to health. While at first I had realistic expectations going into the revision surgery that I was not going to come out perfect I can't explain how amazing my results have been. My stomach is entirely back to normal! If anyone reading this post needs a revision or a trusted professional for your first procedure, PLEASE go see Dr. Khan. She is undoubtedly among the most skilled professionals in this field. Thank you Dr. Khan!

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