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I had been interested in Cool Sculpting after...

I had been interested in Cool Sculpting after reviewing it on several web sites, including that of a local medical center known for excellence in dermatology. After submitting a consult request online, the office called and scheduled me in before Christmas. I had the procedure the next day! I watched the You Tube clips beforehand and was aware of the "discomfort" during and after. I had my lower abs (spare tire) done in one hour-long session and the "love handles" in the next hour. After both procedures, there was nothing but PAIN when the Dr. massaged the frozen skin back into form; same intensity for both procedures. However, the pain subsided within 10 minutes after each. Fast forward 6 days after the procedure, I'm now in STABBING pain that woke me out of a dead sleep this morning! The ice pack does offer immediate help. Ibuprofen does NOTHING. However, I do have Gabapentin on hand from a previous Rx, so I'm hoping this works (just started that tonight!) I am more concerned with this pain ending than I am with the results right now! Too early to know if the money was worth it. Cost was $750 * 4 = $3,000. They considered this four steps since the entire "spare tire" required one large suction thing, counting as a "double"?

Day 12 post Cool Sculpt

Update: Day 12 after the procedure, I've had zero discomfort since this morning! I did have some cramping while laying in bed this morning, but none after I got out of bed. This is the first day I haven't had the stabbing pains as I did last week, so I'm thankful that they're gone. Also, I notice when I sit in my desk chair (like right now), that I don't feel the "bulge" that I had felt before the procedure ... that alone is letting me know that there's "something" right going on! I will take another picture tomorrow, but since the results are supposed to be very gradual, I'm not sure what I will actually be able to see in terms of progress. All I know for right now is that I'm not in any pain (or even minor discomfort) and feel as though I've lost the bulgy feeling when sitting down! So far so good!

3 months later!

So, three months later ..... NO results. Even the Dr. was disappointed as there was very little change noticed on my after pictures. Therefore, I received another treatment. This time, using the two smaller suctions on the abs instead of the one big one. I had the flanks done again, too. This time, the stabbing pains started on day 3 instead of 6. And I mean PAIN. It hurts as bad as it did the first time. However, I still went to the gym, swam, and ran outside today - all of this HELPED! No pain during the run or swim ... just when sitting idle. The ice pack still works INSTANTLY. So, there is a way to alleviate the pain, but the problem is when the pain hits overnight. It's difficult to sleep with an ice pack on your stomach! So, now we're just hoping for results! We'll see. If my body wants to keep these pesky fat cells, then so be it ;)

3 months after the 2nd treatment

Was it worth the money and the pain? No, but that's not to say that I'm totally disappointed. There is a slightly noticeable difference that I can see, albeit the differences being "divots" on the spare tire. They're not prevalent, only I notice them, but the "fat melt" is not as contoured as I hoped it would be. Hopefully the Dr.'s pictures will show a vast difference when reviewed next week. I've been training for triathlons alongside both treatments, so it's not like I've been indulging. After reading all of the reviews, it seems that this procedure is a total crap shoot ... for some people it works great, for others (like me) it works "ok," then for others ... notta. That said, I would highly recommend spending your money on a different treatment, unless you have a lot of extra cash to gamble with. (My final rating: 2 stars out of 5)
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