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After much consideration, I decided to try cool...

After much consideration, I decided to try cool sculpting today. I previously explored a tummy tuck and Lipo. Several friends have had both procedures and everyone has been happy with the results but they all spoke of extreme pain. In addition to it being quite costly. After doing my research I decided to go with cool sculpting.

Unfortunately, I kept reading all of the reviews on here and got anxiety abut my appointment today. I realize that everyone is different but my experience was really good. I didn't have any pain. It feels weird but no pain.

Once you go in they take photos and mark the area. They apply a gel pad to the area and the weird part is the vacuum of the machine sucking in and locking on to the fat. They turn on the cooling part and the machine does its job. I sat there for 60 minutes and there wasn't any pain only the weird feeling of my fat being in this machine. When the time was up they pull the machine off and my stomach looked like frozen lard. The area was massaged and still no pain it just felt weird. That's my best description. After that the second area was done and I was out of there.

I left took the subway home without feeling a thing. I have swelling and a little tingling but I am out and about. My worries of pain were for nothing but based on today I would recommend the procedure.

I will give weekly updates!

48 Hours later

I haven't had any pain at all. My stomach is really swollen, more than I anticipated. I don't have any bruising either. So aside from the swelling, which is normal I am happy with everything so far. I am patient and understand it will take weeks before I see anything.

Day 4

It is day 4 and I am still really swollen and my stomach feels hard. I called the Dr.'s office today to make sure that was normal and she said it was and the swelling would go down soon. I haven't had any pain until this evening. It just feels like cramps but nothing major or anything that I can't deal with. I haven't taken any meds at all. I am not having any regrets about the procedure but I am definitely looking for the swelling to go down to at least fit in my clothes. I will update on day 7 with photos.

Day 7 - After Coolsculpting

Today marks a week since coolscuplting and to be honest the swelling is the worst part to me. I didn't think it would last this long and I didn't think it would be so bad. At this point I look pregnant and I have limited clothing to wear.

I do have some pain and it's not unbearable but it is uncomfortable. When it comes it is a shooting, sharp pain. Yesterday someone bumped into my stomach and it felt like they punched me because the pain was severe for a couple of minutes. It's also hard to sleep because I wake up in pain.

I am working out daily, no core just cardio and eating right.

Day 10

It's day 10 and the swelling has started to go down and the pain has subsided some. I experience more pain at night. My stomach still feels numb. I workout daily but haven't don't any crunches because I want to wait for the swelling and pain to end. I was doing the whole 30 prior to cool sculpting and plan to start again. My goal is to drop 10 in the next 6 weeks. I will be at my right weight and hopefully see the results of cool sculpting.

Day 14

I am 2 weeks in and feeling back to normal. Every now and then I do feel some pain but I stopped taking Tylenol around day 9. So the pain is nothing. The swelling is 95% gone! My stomach feels funny when you touch it. It's not numb and it's hard to describe but there is a different feel when it's touched.

I am excited because I feel like now I will start seeing progress from here. I am working out daily and will start focusing on core this week. Also focused on my eating with the exception of today (Thanksgiving)

Day 21

Yesterday marks 3 weeks and I feel really good. I got a little cocky and wore jeans today and couldn't wait to get home to take them off. It was a little to much pressure. Most of the swelling has gone down but I still have a little tenderness and lose clothing is preferred at this point. I can see a difference in my stomach before cool sculpting event with the slight swelling that remains and it makes me pretty excited. Every now and then I have some tingling but no pain at all. I am still working out a minimum of 30 minutes a day and watching my diet.

30 days In

Today marks 30 days. Absolutely no pain at this point. Every now and then tingling but that's it. I feel like my stomach is changing daily. It's not flat but I do notice a difference in the shape. So, I think things are going well and I look forward to continued progress.

6 weeks and happy!

I am 6 weeks in on Thursday and I can see a difference in my clothes. Friends have noticed a difference as well. I still have 8-10 pounds that I would like to lose but I am working out daily and eating better. I do with I had done my upper stomach as well because I can now see what the dr meant but I wanted to see how it worked on my problem area. I might do the upper area of my stomach but I am really happy with the process I have so far and it was definitely worth the money!
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