Male Mid 30s Large Applicator on Lower Abs - New York, NY

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33 year old male. ~ 17% bodyfat, 215 lbs and 6'...

33 year old male. ~ 17% bodyfat, 215 lbs and 6' tall.

After reading many reviews, I came across a groupon deal for coolsculpting. I purchased a large application and two smaller applications with the intention of doing the large one on my abs and small ones on my love handles.

Had the first procedure done 12 days ago. The initial suction was a bit uncomfortable, but not bad and I got used to it within a few minutes. The person administering the procedure said if the suction is lost the procedure is over, due to there not being a way to restart the procedure mid way through. So, during it, I tried to minimize moving and took shallow breaths (likely unnecessary). Towards the end of the procedure, you can start to feel the machine easing the suction gradually. WHen it ended, my stomach looked pretty much like the videos on youtube and it was very red. The nurse said it would bruise. Well, it did not bruise and the first few days were a breeze. The area numbed and I felt no pain. After perhaps 4-5 days the pain started and was bareable. It sort of felt like a sunburn with a very sore set of abs underneath, with the occasional stabbing pin pain. Around the 6th day, i took one neurontin and found it way too sedating. It made me feel uncomfortably relaxed. After that I decided to open them and take small amounts as needed for the pain, which I did for the next 4 days. By the 12 day (today) the pain is nearly gone and much of the swelling has subsided. I am still fairly numb, but it seems as though the feeling is coming back. I will report back as the days past and I am able to assess the results of the procedure. Also, the next procedures on my love handles will be in a few weeks. I will be sure to add that to the post as well.

1 year later

The procedure was worth the money and did work. One thing to note, I gained a bit of weight (10 lbs) and notice my upper abdomen tends to be the recipient of more fat than it had in the past. It is still more desirable than going to my lower abs/flanks.

The experience makes me wonder the consequence of having lipo on my abs/flanks and then down the road gaining 10 lbs. Would there be areas where fat gain is most significant have a strange appearance? I will have to look around, I am sure there are quite a few people on Realself that have gained a modest amount of weight post lipo.
New York Dermatologist

Never met doctor. Nurse that administered the procedure was very nice and answered all of my questions.

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