Scared but Skin Gotta Go.. HELP! New York City, NY

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HI ALL!! First off let me show love to all the...

HI ALL!! First off let me show love to all the brave women and man on here who have found the courage to make a difference in their lives by going thru with surgery. I admire u guys. So, I'm 36yrs old 5'7" and 177lbs. My weight has gone up to 200 to as low as 160lbs. I have diet, juice, fast, joined the gym, had a personal trainer and tried bootcamps. Although they have all help me with the weight and inches, my gut, pouch, apron, butt gut just doesn't budge. I been battling the bulge for 10 yrs now. Believe it or not I have let it stop me from having a social life because of the insucurities and low self esteem. Because clothes are no longer my friend I have chosen to not participate in social events. I have allowed my image to put me into depression. It's hard to admit but it's true. I wear long shirts to hide my stomach and I'm tired of hiding. I'm not saying I wanna walk naked in the street but I wanna at least be able to wear my shirt tuck in or wear a nice fitted dress without having to wear a blazer or something over it. I JUST WANNA FEEL SEXY! I'm just really scared that the turn out may not be what I expect it to be or that I might get sick, lose too much blood or get blood clots. I knew two people that had PS and both died from blood clots. I'm currently suffering from pain in my calfs due to varicose veins and wonder if that will cause post op problems. I been Looking for reviews for nyc teaching hospitals like Lenox Hill and Mount Sinai. Also Dr Michael Salzhauer from miami or any other reviews from NYC. Seems like everybody is going to DR for their PS. For me that's not an option. Any recommendations would help big time. THANK YOU!

Thank You to REAL SELF!

Not much on an update but I wanna thank u guys for teaching me and sharing ur stories with me. I hate to sound like a loser but I honestly have no one to express how this thing hanging on my belly makes me feel. My so called friends look at me like I'm crazy when I mention the word tummy tuck. They tell me "work out more" like really? What part how loose skin ain't going nowhere don't they understand!!! If there's any workouts or any other way I can get rid of this loose skin, PLEASE guys share with me. Cause I so far haven't come across anything. So it feels good to finally show my fanny pack to u guys and how ya can relate to my feelings. Anyhow, I called my vascular doctor up and made an appointment 2/3/15 to express to him my concerns of the pain I been feeling in my right calf and also to talk about how and if my varicose veins will effect me in anyway during and after tummy tuck surgery. Posting more pics of the Fanny Pack!

Appt Monday 2/9/15 With Mount Sinai

I met with my vascular Dr and explained to him my concerned. He said my varicose veins will not effect my post op healing in anyway and that blood clots can happen to anyone who's been in the same position for a long period of time. I'm currently waiting approval to laser my painful veins. In the meantime, I have been told to wear compression knee-hi. Compression knee-hi with a fanny pack (my hanging stomach) might as well just start calling me grandma!! I have been spending my days reading RS reviews from all across the states. Still searching for a PS. I know for a fact iam not going to consider going to D.R. I really want to stay in NYC for my procedure but love the work Dr Salzhuer in Miami does. It's been a struggle. So I reached out to Dr Salzhuers office and still haven't recieved a call back so I will try again next week. I also called Lenox Hill teaching hospital and left a message with them and so far no call back. I called Mount Sinai and someone actually answered. I explained to her that I was interested in a tummy tuck and she ask me my weight, height, if I smoke, drink and if I have any health issues. I do not smoke or drink and have no health issues. I'm 5'7 my weight is 177. I ask if there is a consultation fee and she said the magic word "NO". So my appointment is Monday at 3pm. I honestly don't know what to expect, who I'm gonna speak too and what exactly they are gonna tell me. I haven't come across any teaching hospital reviews which is kind of discouraging. I'll keep u guys posted.

Been over a year..

It's been over a year since I been on here. I switched jobs and been so busy with my hectic schedule. Anyway, here's my update. Still no TT.. I stop researching PS but I'm back looking into it. I been watching my food intake and hitting the gym when I can. I was 177lbs now down to 160 and of course that skin is still there. I wear a latex corset more then 8 hours a day to hide my fanny pack. Now with it being the summer time I can't really hide my corset under certain tank tops and dresses. Iam really unhappy with my body and I'm done living like this. So I'm back at it.. Looking into PS. I would appreciate it if anyone can share or refer me to a PS that does great TT work and butt lift. Thank you!!
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