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So far I have 1 consult down with 4 to go....

So far I have 1 consult down with 4 to go. Appointments for Dr. Schumer, Dr. Yager, Dr. Roland, and Dr. Sadeh. Have a tentative date of July with NYEE, most likely won't wait that long. Want my body well before the summer. Can't seem to get enough of this site. TT the last thing I think of when I go to bed and the 1st when I get up. Smh I know I'm obsessed but what can I say you all understand my plight.

So who's HotNurse?

A little bit about myself. I am a very young 50. Wife and mother of 2. A daughter 27 and a son 24. I am a Registered Nurse and work in a high level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Luv my babies! As a kid I was extremely thin and I'm tall, 5'9. When I am out with my kids, no one believes I'm their mom. Anywho. I've been obsessing over this site since I stumbled upon in my quest to research body treatments available to me. I currently weigh 187lbs. Down from 200 after the holidays. I've been battling the bulge for about 5 years. About 6 years ago successfully slimmed down to a svelte 178lbs. Ahh sookey sookey did I look great! Fit into a size 10/12 and was smokin :) But lo and behold my peri menopausal depression kicked in and unlike many who can't eat when depressed, thats all I seemed to want to do. Have never been more than 210 though. So over the last couple of years I have endeavored to refine my eating habits and those of my family. Buying organic, grass fed, no antibiotic foods. Once I got my nutri bullet it was on and poppin! Who would've thunk that I'd be drinking green smoothies. Well drink them I have and those smoothies have done wonders for me.
While I do have a tummy, I can mange to bring it down when I cut my carbs. I am currently drinking 2-3 smoothies a day and having 1 midday meal.
At first I thought I would just do lipo, but after reading my sisters' journals here on RS, I know I can and will get a tummy tuck with lipo. Hoping I can afford Doc Schulmans' smooth tuck so that I can get back to work ASAP.
Husband's on board, so is my daughter. Not telling my son, he'd never co-sign that shit. He'd be like, "just go to the gym and work out, yada, yada, yada".
I have always had a somewhat large derriere, so no BBL for me although I will require some contouring. Will upload pics soon. As an aside, I currently work full time at 1 hospital and part time at another to save for this sx. I am also in school my last semester will be done in May. On top of all that, my husband recently opened a business which I am the co-owner of and often must be on site to assist. This leaves me absolutely NO time to go to the gym. I do however own a jawbone UP band which monitors my daily activity, steps, calories burned and sleep patterns. (don't really sleep well). Try to get in at least 10K steps a day.
I am one who enjoys her TV shows. Scandal, Grey's Anatomy,Modern Family, Bones,The Following. I have absolutely not watched ANY TV in the last 2 weeks since stumbling upon this panacea of cosmetic sx. Talk about obsessed! I work a 12 hour day a literally get home at 9PM, shower and get my laptop out, NO TV. Every chance I get at work, I'm on my phone getting updates from RS and reading my sisters' blogs. Just can't wait to peel off these layers and reveal the real me!

Consult #1 Dr. Sadeh NYC

So, I had my consult with Dr. Sadeh 3/29. Felt good vibes the moment I stepped into his offices. From the greeting I received from the receptionist and assistant to my introduction to Dr. S, it was all good. Dr. Sadeh was unpretentious, down to earth, and sincere. His gaze captivated me, I love people that give me eye contact and can maintain it, never breaking it and still managing to be non-threatening. In my opinion, he's quite handsome :) I really felt the urge to book on the spot, but I promised myself and my husband that I would consult several Dr.s before making my decision. If you have read my previous posts, you know that I plan on seeing at least 3 more NYC PS. I only chose physicians based on the highest number and best reviews as well as educational background, board certification, awards, recognition. Back to Dr. Sadeh, he is so humble, genuine, and credible. He in no way came across as a used car salesman. I am a Registered Nurse and he explained to me exactly what his modified TT entailed. He showed me before and after photos of previous patients, performed a physical examination, and took photos of me as well. You know what, as bad as you think you look, when you see a pic of yourself, you realize that you look MUCH worse than you thought! FML! Anywho, Dr. S does not charge for consult as many PS on RS. I do however have to pay a fee for Schafer ($200)

Consult #2 Dr. Roland, NYC

Dr. Roland review

Had a consult with Dr. Roland, the 3rd consult I’ve had thus far (1st was a lipo consult). He is located on the upper East side of Manhattan between Park and Madison Avenues (high rent district). Upon entering the office, which was nicely appointed, I was struck at how small a space it was. The receptionist counter area was no more than 3 feet from the sitting area. I arrived about 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment time, another patient arrived at the very same time. When we opened the door to the office, one of the assistants was conversing with a patient in spanish. When she saw the woman that came in with me, she greeted her in spanish as well. (all this time I’m wondering what time her appt. was for, is she late or early) Anywho, I was given the typical information form and completed then returned it to the young lady who gave it to me. The other patient returned hers just after I did. The 2 office assistants proceeded to converse in spanish with both the woman I arrived with, as well as the one found seated in the waiting area. Call me crazy but I believe it is socially unacceptable to converse in a language other than English when all parties clearly speak and understand English and there are English only speaking people in attendance. It’s just common courtesy. STRIKE #1. Behind the reception counter, a flat screen TV plays video of past patients before and after images as well as interviews with the patients and their families. All in spanish, The Dr. speaks some spanish as well STRIKE #2. The woman I arrived with was seen before me. After 30 minutes I was led by the nurse to Dr. Rolands' office, one flight up. He is very personable, likable and warm. We talked about what I did for a living, did I have previous surgeries, any meds, yada, yada, yada. He briefly talked about what I was looking for, required medical clearance from PCP, and eventually, he and his nurse left his office and instructed me to undress and put on the gown I was left. Just as they left, the patient coordinator came into the office and briefly chatted with me. Hmmm, I don’t know about this, no examination room? It is possible that there isn't one in this building as he performs surgery at another facility. Eventually they came back in, Dr. Roland examined me, told me what he would do, full TT, lipo of the “lower back” (note the lack of detail). Oh better I should lose some weight. The patient coordinator (his wife) would follow and talk money. I was quoted 15,800.00 and an offer of 1,000.00 off if I book within the next 3 months this was offered to me only after I inquired about a discount since I was in the medical profession. I went back and looked at Dr. Rolands reviews here on RS, absolutely no pics, primarily 1 post members. Very little detail about procedures noted in reviews, vague, ambiguous (shady). I mean come on, we have an anonymous forum here which encourages free expressions of our feelings. We post pics without head shots if we so choose. No one knows who we are unless we choose to let them know.
Hey if it quacks like a duck…that makes STRIKE#3. I don't know, vibe just wasn't right in there. At the end of the day, even with a discount, I know that I would not choose Dr. Roland to perform my surgery.

Consult #3 Dr. Yager, NYC

Had my consult with Dr. Yager this past weekend. Offices upper Manhattan, Washington Heights near Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center . Area primarily hispanic population. Offices nicely appointed. Spa services also offered on premises. Flat screen in waiting area advertised spa and PS procedures in BOTH Spanish and English unlike Dr. Roland's offices. It was very busy and I found out later that it's typical for a Saturday. Dr. Yager was very professional, cordial, and confident. He has the presentation down pat. The examination rooms come equipped with a large flat screen TV/monitor that the Dr. uses to show before and after photos. Very impressive results. He talked about his education, credentials and experience. He boasted that he performed more than 200 TT last year. The procedure takes him approximately 1 hour (wow, shortest time I've heard thus far) and he had done 4 in one day just last week. When I commented on these numbers he responded that when you perform certain procedures routinely for many years, you become good at it and it takes less time.
When he examined me, he touched my body much more than all previous Dr.'s did, very hands on not creepy. He was the 1st Dr. who suggested that I inject fat into my hips for a more curved appearance. I liked him. He suggested full back lipo with injection to hips followed by TT in 2 separate surgeries 1 week apart. Said he could get me real flat. Following the consult, I was ushered into another waiting area for the patient coordinator to give me a price quote for the procedures. I impatiently waited 30 minutes for 5 minutes with her. Numbers were on par with Dr. Sadeh and about the same as Dr. Roland although for more work. Overall, I really liked Dr. Yager but I am uncomfortable with the amount of surgeries he performs. Lets put it this way, I would'nt want to be patient 4 getting a TT on a day when he has that many scheduled. Up next Drs. Schulman and Shafer.

Consult #4 Dr. Schulman

Had my consult with Dr. Schulman and absolutely loved him. So personable, confidant without being cocky. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. At the end of the consult I found myself wanting to have him perform my sx. He thoroughly explained his technique. How he sutures, doubling. He uses a quilting technique following MR. He uses a special tape to dress the scar that has silicon in it and actually stays on for 2 weeks and you can shower with it. Post surgery he keeps you in recovery for 2-3 hours. Man I loved this guy! I told him that I'd had a Dr. tell me he could do a TT in an hour and he proceeded to describe his process and how it takes him 2 ½ hours. So, sat down with the patient coordinator ( she was lovely, Amy I think) and got a quote. It was a little steep but if I tried I knew I could swing it. He even gave me a professional discount because I am a nurse. She told me he liked nurses and had great respect for us. Awesome. So he had an opening during my time off. So I applied for and was approved for a loan the next day. Thing is I call to speak to Tracy and ask if the date is still available. She tells me that someone else possibly has it but she only had until the end of the day to make payment and if she didn't the date was mine. She promised she'd call me first thing in the AM. Well to make a long story short, she never called. I called her and she forgot what she told me. She claimed that she was trying to get the other person to switch dates but I corrected her and explained what she really said. I was disappointed but couldn't help feeling that it just wasn't meant to be. At the end of the day, I really, really liked Dr. Sadeh and he is definitely going to be my man. Stay tuned...

The Countdown Continues

So now that I've definitively chosen my surgeon, scheduled my TT, and paid for it in full, there is nothing left for me to do but peruse RS day in and day out! I have been indulging in the experiences of my RS sistas and might I add, living vicariously through them. This is such an exciting journey we are on. It's a beautiful thing to read the journals of so many women who have one thing in common, a body image/self esteem issue. We come from all walks of life, all ages, sizes, nationalities. But we are all united in one goal. And that is to take back our bodies. I was very thin as a prepubescent and adolescent girl. I married young but even in my early 20's I was quite slim. My best friend and I attended high school together and we were both tall and slim. We often joke today that we absolutely did not appreciate our long lithe bodies when we were young. All that 'skinny is beautiful' stuff hadn't quite taken hold of our generation. And now in the true spirit of my RS sistas I will post my heinous before pictures.

13 Days To A Flat Belly

So just a quick update. Went to my PCP got my EKG and labs. Hemoglobin is nearly 15 thanks to my green smoothies! Awesome. I can't wait. Been immersed in all my sisters' experiences here on RS. Alternately inspiring and terrifying LOL. Well good luck to all scheduled next week, Happy healing!

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

I am alternately nervous, anxiety ridden, and exited I felt like I was having a panic attack the other morning, had to do my deep breathing! Since I've changed my eating habits and started juicing I've lost 20 pounds, weighing 180 down from 200 in March. I wasn't asked by my PS to loose weight but 2 others suggested that I do. Just wanted to maximize my results. Planning to post more before pics later on. Thinking of all my sx buddies sending out positive vibes. Latas ^_^

I Made It!! Officially a Member of the Flat Club!

So yesterday 5/30, I became a member of the flat club. Thanks to Dr. Sadeh. I was the first patient of the day. arriving just after 7:00 AM. I was greeted by Dr. S himself. He was very energetic and excited even. Made me feel really comfortable, not nervous in the least. Went over the procedure, signed consent and took photos. Lol he commented on my nice choice of underwear and I told him I wanted to make it onto the web site ^_^ He then marked me up and also took photos with markings. Met with his awesome nurse followed by his anesthesiologist. Walked to the surgical suite, got on the table, was blanketed, had anti embolism boots applied, anesthesiologist placed an IV in my arm, said he would give me something for "a little nap" next thing I remember I was awakened in the recovery room. Cared for by an awesome nurse (meds have me fuzzy can't remember her name right now smh). I was told the surgery took approximately 3 hours. Spent about 2 hours in recovery during which time the anesthesiologist gave me pain meds twice, once when I woke up and just before I left. Hubby has been taking excellent care of me. Haven't seen my tummy but looks pretty flat in the binder. That's all for now, will update again.

PO Day 2

I've been keeping hydrated, drinking tons of water, although there may be some abdominal swelling there is no peripheral swelling to my extremities. I have 1 drain which is pretty productive. I'm making frequent trips to the bathroom which is on the 1st floor, my rooms on the 2nd. The trip there and back takes about 15minutes all while I walk like the zombies in Michael Jacksons Thriller video LOL ^_^ I just had to take a peek and I am uploading pics along with befores. Dr.'s office called to check on me yesterday and today. That's all for now, will update again soon.

PO Day 5

Hi all. So far so good. Feeling better but still on my pain meds. My tummy feels uber tight. Got a little stir crazy today and drove to the supermarket. Won't be doing that again anytime soon. One of my neighbors asked me why I was walking like an old lady lol. Told him I had back pain. Still drinking lots of H20. Eating light, not much appetite, Have some updated pics. Peace and blessings, til next time guys, stay healthy.

Post Op Visit

Was today, Dr. S was very impressed by the look of my incision site. For 1 week PO he said it was really awesome looking. Decided not to remove the drain today, I'm ok with that as its less risk for seroma developing. He changed the dressing, which I myself had change a couple days ago because I didn't like the way it looked. Used a different type of tape which I can shower with. Going back next Wednesday which is when the drain will most likely be removed and I will get my CG. All in all its going pretty well except I'm still using my pain meds, needed a new Rx too. I'm walking nearly straight now but after sitting for a while I'm pretty stiff and sore. I only slept in the chair for 2 nights then I moved to the bed with lots of pillows. Much rather be closer to hubby anyway. My meals have been pretty light. I pre mad some smoothies before sx and made some more Thursday morning. Still drinking tons of water and having some home made soup. Swelling is limited to my abdominal area and inner thighs which got lipo. Have some updated pics which I will upload later. Unitil then thanx for all the good wishes, Happy healing to all!

Just tried to update

and add new pics and I have no idea wth happened but I lost everything. It's late so I'll try again tomorrow. Just know that I'm feeling well, have some abdominal swelling, still on pain meds and my surgical scar is looking good. TTYL. Deuces.

New pics

Drain, Drain, Go Away!

FML! I've still got thin f*n drain in. Only had the one po. Was giving my Dr. daily updates unfortunately I was putting out a significant amount of drainage. 50cc's Wednesday & Thursday Friday 40, Saturday 35, Sunday & Monday 30. So it comes out Tuesday or Wednesday.
So ladies, I had a function to attend Saturday afternoon, it was pretty warm that day so I wore a really cute halter jumpsuit. Couldn't figure out what to do with that frigging drain so guess what? I took the container off! Cleaned the tops with alcohol pad, removed the stopper, cleaned that too, placed the stopper at the end of the tubing and Boom! Just circled the tubing and tucked in my panties and problem solved. And I looked great! Came home 3 hours later and reconnected it. Then Sunday night I decided to take this new body for a spin and hung out. This time I wore a fitted dress with halter that I'd gotten from Cach? a couple of years ago and boy oh boy did I look good. Lol my gf who I didn't tell about the sx, nor do I plan to kept telling me how great I looked, and I felt great too, wore my heels, I was fly ladies, dam skippy. When my husband saw me he was positively speechless. Ahh, to think, it only gets better. Until next time sistas, latas.

Went back to work

after 3 weeks recuperating. Boy am I glad I took off for 3 weeks instead of 2. I’m sure I could’ve done the 2 but I’m sure I would’ve really felt worn out. Having the 3 gave me enough time to feel more like myself. I made it through each day without getting tired sleepy or in any pain. I did notice that I started retaining water and of course swelling. I’m used to drinking plenty water daily I did forget my water bottle home the 1st day and wasn't able to reach my minimum of 72 oz (not counting what I have at home), So the first day I chalked it up to that. Now on days 2 and 3 I drank plenty of water and while I typically use the bathroom 8-10 times a day I found myself only going 2 or 3 and nearly forcing it at that. So, I started using my hand held massager, Its pretty big with double heads, variable speeds and heat. Felt great after my hot shower, tummy became softer and I made sure to drink least 40 oz of water before bedtime. But unfortunately the same thing happened over the next couple of days. I don't know what to do, I rarely eat carbs and I’m still juicing so I’ll call my Dr. Monday. Other than that I feel great, walking a lot and feeling pretty good for the most part. BTW my Dr. didn't recommend a CG but I already got one online before sx and started using it after my 1st day back at work, I think it helped. New pic for you!

Back to reality

that's what life has been for me thus far. I've been working like crazy, doing OT and agency work to pay off this loan quick fast and in a hurry! I'm sure many of my sistas out there understand my hustle. Well I've been really happy since I had my sx. I told my husband just the other day that I am happier now then I can remember being in years. It's not so much that I was unhappy, It's just that I am enjoying life every single day. For example, I went out last weekend to a party my son gave, all his college friends and their friends were there. And while they remembered my face and couldn't quite place where the knew me from, they were floored when I told them who I was. They absolutely could not believe I was my kids' mother. My son told me that 2 of his acquaintances came to him to say how surprised they were when they met his mother and he simply could not handle their praise. (LOL) He literally told them to please stop, just stop talking. (He's a boy and I'm his mom) I was on fire that day. I wore a simple black halter dress and a pair of banging gladiator sandals. Couldn't tell me nothin'! I had an awesome time. Since I had my sx, my breasts seem much larger, they are however, the same size they've always been D cups. Only now instead of a 36, I need a 34 (at least with VS bras). I wear shades all the time when I'm out, when I work in the city, I wear them on the train and it is absolutely amazing what a pair of nice boobs can do. For example, I was coming up the stairs at a subway station, there was a train in that was just closing, I wasn't going to make a run for it not wanting to be embarrassed if the doors closed. Would you believe the conductor saw me as he was closing the doors, motioned to me if I wanted to get on, and literally opened the doors back up for me. Well goddam I was on top of the world after that ish. I am having fun! I love wearing my shades and peeping guys reaction to me. I'm loving it!
On another note my Dr. is on vacation and his office cxld my last appt. which pissed me off since I can't see him tip August. But I will be getting my lymphatic massages in the mean time. His office sells a cream and silicone strips called New Gel. I did my research and found them cheaper on amazon. My mons is still a little swollen and I can't go more than 3 hours without some sort of binder or CG. I still sleep with my binder but its actually too big so I'm ordering a new one as well as a stage 2 Isavella stage 2. I got a large stage 1 but its getting too big so I'll order a medium. BTW I went to a spa last week for a scrub and massage and it was awesome! I've lost about 5 lbs since the sx. still juicing and of course eating smaller portions after the MR. Keeping up with my water intake. I drink nothing else (unless its alcohol LOL).
Wanted to keep my peoples updated so I will include new pic. Hope everyone is feeling as good as I am and if not do what you have to do to get there. Until next time...

It's Been A While

Since I posted an update. I hate when members just leave us flat post sx and I never want to be one of those people. So... its been a fabulous summer. I can't remember when I've felt this happy, fulfilled and content, consistently. Not just for a day, a week, or a moment. I've been feeling "like giving away a million bucks" since the day I got over the post surgical pain of my TT. It has little to do with the many compliments I receive. I can never receive another compliment and it wouldn't make a difference. I can't help but stop and stare when I look into the mirror. I have cried more times than I can count after receiving clothes ordered online and having them actually fit me and look Great!. I am in awe so much of the time. I still think like a fat girl. I'm amazed when I fit into a size 10 dress or a medium blouse. While I never considered my marriage as mundane, boring, lacking, or in trouble, it is literally brand new. My husband has never been neglectful, I've never felt ignored. But I feel like a newlywed. He cannot keep his hands off me. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass. My son's friends are so amazed that it embarrasses him. (lol) Just like Dr. S told me, after having a TT, women are motivated to loose, or maintain. And it's not just a money thing. Fortunately for me I had already begun to loose weight while making smoothies with my nutribullet and have now graduated to a vitamix. I'v lost about 13 pounds post sx. I have spent way too much money on new clothes but you only live once. updated pics to come!

It's been forever

since I posted. Sorry guys, but I've been working my ass off trying to: A) pay off this sx. And B) buying all these effin clothes now that I'm smaller! Jesus help me! Between Haute Look, Bluefly, Gilt, and Nordstrom, I am so out of control. But enough about that. I've been happy for the most part but recently I've noticed a remarkable abdominal 'pouch' as well as consistent muscle spasms in my abs. My weight has not gone up but my belly has? Wtf. At the same time I noticed my abs being consistently tight. I'm thinking my muscles are beginning to contract because I am so used to holding them in and they haven't been stretched. Just raising my arms upwards creates a pulling in my abs so before I panic, I will incorporate stretching to my routine. Other than that I'm happy. No regrets guys. Happy healing.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

I really vibed with Dr. Sadeh. He's very sincere. He actually seemed excited by the possibilities of my procedure! He explained his technique to me and showed me the surgical suite. Before and afters, recovery etc. He and his staff are great. Feeling really good about my decision.

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