Teosyal - Bump After Three Years Still Here

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Hi guys, I've seen realself was asking for more...

Hi guys, I've seen realself was asking for more reviews on teosyal so here we go. I injected this product first in june 2007 five times and again in september 2008 two or three times.

So I notice a bump after the first session in 2007 which is still here today. I made a biopsie to find out what it was and my dermatologist confirmed that it was hyaluronic acid. I don't know what to do, I don't know if my doctor injected it wrongly or if it is the product in itself.

Second thing is that I can still feel the product in the lips eventhough it's been a while I haven't done injections. My lips got sensitive, for example when I eat an apple, I have to be careful if not it hurts. I just want that thing to go away, I read that you can take it away with hyaluronase but one of the girls here said that her lips would look worse after this. I'm just wondering as the product is still here if there is still a possibility of a reaction. Could any doctor answer this? thank you!

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Dr Benouaisch

well I came back to him and he didn't try to understand what it was and said everything was going to be fine, he doesn't care.

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