23 Yrs Old, 135 Lbs, 34DDD, No Kids - New York City, NY

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I guess I've pretty much had the same experience...

I guess I've pretty much had the same experience as everyone else on here: oversized boobies; back/shoulder/neck pain; absurd floppy soreness and rashes from exercising; difficulty finding well-fitting clothes; general discomfort; droop droop droooooop. (although the droop is mostly attributed to losing 25 pounds over the past few years)

I've wanted to get rid of these things forever so I did research for about a year, started a new job with great benefits, met with PS, applied to the insurance company to pay for the reduction, got approved pretty quickly, then had the surgery this morning!

and they are SO MUCH SMALLER IT IS AMAZING. My shoulders feel so great and I didn't know how easy it was gonna be just standing up straight. Boyfriend is a little sad, but is happy that I am happy.
I'm in very little pain and only took one oxy about 7 hours ago, so things are lookin good. I'm gonna start working from home tomorrow and go back to work this coming Monday.

Will update when I get to see more of them.

Fun fact:

I was in so little pain after the surgery yesterday that my boyfriend and I just took the subway home.

Recovery is tiring.

Yesterday was pretty rough pain/discomfort-wise. It feels as if my tissues have just figured out that they're not where they normally are and have decided to reject their situation. I've been really tired and sleeping a ton, and for some reason do not have much of an appetite at all. I've been forcing myself to eat, and after every small meal, I get so tired and often just fall asleep where I'm sitting.

I've definitely not been eating enough so today I went to a Korean bbq restaurant for dinner and consumed as many calories as I could in one sitting. Besides tiring, I also get stomach aches after every meal, and I've had exclusively diarrhea since the surgery. BUT, I had digestive issues prior; they just seem to have worsened since the operation (could have something to do with antibiotic...or the anesthesia...who knows. I'm seeing my gastroenterologist soon and hopefully she'll give me some insight)

Anyways, I've attached some photos from today. I'm really happy with how my breasts have turned out so far. I look like a whole different person!!! And I've thrown away so many of my clothes that are now way too baggy for my new frame. I am hoping though that I get more sensitivity as I recover.

I talked to my PS yesterday...

...and he said that he took out 400 grams from the right side and a little bit less from the left. That's almost a pound each! I keep forgetting how big and annoying my old breasts were.

2 weeks post

I'm feeling much better, but I'm a little worried about nipple shape (they look like sad eyes) and about the vertical stitches under my left breast. It's very soft in that area, and as you can see in the photo, it's a little misshapen.

Other than that, overall very happy and in much less pain/discomfort!

Currently just rubbing Vaseline on the wounds twice a day and wearing sports bras nonstop.

6 weeks post

Everything is beautiful and amazing!!

I tried running for the first time in almost two months; I was totally out of shape but I cut 20 seconds off my average mile time. Because no boobs! The next day, I cut off an additional 30 seconds! I already signed up for a half marathon in the spring. I tried push-ups today and they've never been so easy. Working out is a total breeze (as long as I have a supportive sports bra) and I couldn't be happier!!

Unfortunately I still don't really have feeling in either nipple, but I'm hoping it comes back with time.

I'm so happy the old buggers are gone.

9 months post op

Nipple sensation is about 60% back on the right and 30% on the left so that's a little disappointing. But I'm still very very happy with this surgery and everything has softened up nicely.
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