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Hi everyone.Call me jesi.. Now:i am very...

hi everyone.Call me jesi..
Now:i am very happy,because i am schedule to have tummy tuck on new year's eve or a day prior,will relax all new year's january,afterward,but other doctor gave me a date end of january 2014.I just am wanting support as i try to choose the best dr.for me who will flatten my tummy,shape me lovely i call it,and give me back my size 8 to 10 which is fine for me!(i am now size 12)tall love my height,at 5'9 out of heels,i lost ALOT of weight 2013.

i have always wanted a flatter mid-section,to see how i m goin to appear in a bathing suit again,or bikini 2 piece.I had a very bad D.V. relationship,the stress of "the abusive ex" always kept me gettin fat,not physical abuse (emotional/verbal)it kept me overweight,just eating crazy,and that is no more.i left him finally this year.
After raising also my lovely kids,working 2 to 3 jobs at times,this is now my time to look as i used to,fit and healthy as i can be mentally AND physically.
i am now focus on me, since i got RID of the "excess weight"in my life and that
started with the ex boyfriend.I think i got fat prior,from the stress of his mess,
i am more happier now,dropping him,and losing at the same time so much weight.

Now time to fix the outer,since i've fix the inside by ending the un-healthy relationship in 2013.
Please give me honest opine,do you think i should(can save almost $2400 bucks)by going with a mini-tummy tuck with "a powerful type of lipo" as i am using dr.exact wording here today.
However 1 (nyc)manhattan 27 years experience plastic surgeon who has most expertise in TT,said best results,for me,is a complete abdominalplasty,a full tummy tuck,even if it cost naturally 2400 more and he is going to"throw in a lipo procedure"flanks for a better hour-glass looking shape.
i used to weigh,279 i drop almost sixty pounds,so dr.(all agree)i am perfect candidate also because i never smoke,drink,not"fat"they said,but all the weight went to the belly!lol
and had kids.
i have all back rolls almost gone,as side shot,see pix,but all went to the belly,dr.said
i m not even"fat"just the mid-section yep.So i am ready to get this all done now.
i will however,yes have a scar as others,but will eventually fade,but who cares.
Tired of being bloated,fat in the belly,even after weight loss,ya know.
So a scar is fine.
i do not mind,as i had 2 c-sections,kids are now grown 18,almost.
and 21,19. I was born 70s.so not old,but older now,and WILL be finally able to treat ME,after raising the kiddies,sacrifice so much,and i am now ready in 45 to 60 days or so.Look forward to reading comments, and support, on my question,thank you.
From a happy latina of 3,ready for her TT and or tt and lipo,
name is again Jesi.
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