Lipotherme Lower Abs/back/flanks/inner Thighs

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Pros: none so far since I haven't really seen...

Pros: none so far since I haven't really seen results and it's been 1mo 1week post op. Guess a pro is that the procedure itself really does not hurt other than the tugging around the abdomen area.

I was told 200cc was taken from my back, 400cc from the abdomen, and 100cc from inner thighs.

Cons: I feel like they don't tell you what to really expect. I was swollen as if I was 3 1/2 mos pregnant. Still swollen. Apparently getting lymphatic drainage massages is important but in NYC they cost about 135/session. After spending a fortune on the surgery who has $ for that!

Wearing the compression garment is annoying only bc you don't fit in your normal clothes. I was out of work for 1 week. You have to be extremely patient to see your progress as the swelling takes it sweet time to go AWAY and everyone simply heals differently.

Why did I do it? I am 31yrs old and have a 15yr old son and bc of my son I got stretchmarks and I was flacid around my lower abdomen and while I look good in clothes w out clothes I feel very insecure and hate the flacidness around the stomach n needless to say my stretchmarks! so I thought this procedure would help w skin tightening and improve the appearance of the stretchmarks.

So far I look like a MESS! Worst than before. Again trying to be patient and doing a lot of research as to what to do post op but so far I have learned that LDM massages, epsom bathes, and wearing the compression garment faithfully ONLY speeds up the swelling process DOES NOT do any improvement to your body. Only the procedure does. Hope I did not waste my $!

Well its now been 3 full months and while I...

Well its now been 3 full months and while I won't say I have not seen any results because I have but I must point out that only a little bit of difference and by little I mean like an inch of results. So am still frustrated and wondering how many months until I see drastic results. I am so discouraged I really expected that after a full 3 months I would have at least been able to wear a pencil skirt and have no fat in the abdomen area or a flat tummy. I am still at the same weight as I was before the surgery! I barely eat and been doing abs every day. I did not have much fat to begin with... oh! and forget about thinking that I am still at the same weight but I am still wearing the same exact clothes I wore before the surgery so haven't lost any inches off my waist either! did I just blew my $ out the window?

2yrs post op tummy tuck pics

Thought to share a few pics. On Jan 20, 2014 it will be 2yrs from my tummy tuck surgery. Confidence up to the stars. Body healed beautifully. Couldn't had asked for a better surgeon. Amazing as time goes on your body continues to change. Just when you think it doesn't get any better. It does!
Steven Victor

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