42 Year Old, No Kids, 30 Lb Weight Loss Several Years Ago. New York City, NY

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I lost 30 lbs about three years ago and am in good...

I lost 30 lbs about three years ago and am in good shape with a few stubborn areas: my stomach and arms. After reading about CoolSculpting many years ago, I decided that there was no time like the present since these areas would not improve without an outside intervention. I will have a total of six treatments: On 07/01, I had my flanks and lower abdomen done and on 07/11, I will have my arms and upper abdomen done. My doctor's office has newer technology and cuts the small applicator time (what was used for the flanks and will be used on the arms) to around 30 minutes. I wish I had taken my own before photos but didn't think to do that until a day after my treatment so I can't tell if what my stomach looks like now is an accurate representation of my starting point or swelling. It looks swollen to me but that's just based on my memory.
I was really nervous about the pain given what others have written but honestly, it was a piece of cake. The flanks weren't painful at all and the suction of the applicator on my lower abdomen was slightly uncomfortable but maybe for a few minutes at most. Even the massaging after the applicator was removed wasn't that bad. I was also extremely concerned about bruising since I bruise easily but again, nothing on my lower abdomen and only slightly on my flanks, more towards the back.
Today is day 3 post-procedure and my stomach is still very numb. The flanks are slightly numb but not as noticeable as my stomach is. I would liken it to getting novacaine during a dental procedure. I am experiencing a slight burning today but the clothes I wore today wore more fitted than I've worn over the last two days.

1 day post Cool Sculpting

I didn't remember to take my own photos before the procedure so these were the day after (less than 24 hours). No bruising.

6 Days Later

My abdomen is still very numb. It actually feels strange to touch it and to have such limited sensation. My flanks feel almost normal again. I think I look more bloated than I do in my photos but based on what I've read, it seems normal to have some swelling. I've also had some strange sensations when going to sleep which I wouldn't say are stabbing pains but definitely annoying enough to make it harder to fall asleep than normal. In addition, I had a stomach ache yesterday and part of today which is abnormal for me but I'm not sure if it's related to the Cool Sculpting. It could just be holiday weekend eating and drinking!

11 Days Post Procedure + Additional Areas Done

I went back in yesterday to have my upper abdomen and arms done. I thought that they would be able to use the quicker 35 minute applicator for my arms like they used on my flanks but unfortunately not. Whatever works! I have some minor bruising on my abdomen but my arms are badly bruised. I was actually surprised because other than having to have my arms in an awkward position with some numbness in my fingers (which I was warned about), the process wasn't any more difficult than the others. I'm wondering if the blood flow might be more restricted to the arms. I wouldn't have even known about the bruising except that the nurse mentioned it when she removed the applicator. Bummer for me that the bruising occurred in of all places on my arms since I spend most days in sleeveless tops. Oh well, I knew it was a possibility. I wore a long sleeve top to work today but that's going to seem a bit weird if I keep that up in this heat so I made my way to the department store to pick-up some Dermablend. Let's hope it will cover up enough to get me through until the bruising subsides.

14 / 5 Days Post Procedure

14 Days Post for lower abdomen + flanks: My lower abdomen is still numb and I don't feel as bloated as I did earlier on. Took these pics this morning and don't think there is any discernible difference from my original photos.

5 Days Post for upper abdomen + arms: The bruising has calmed down from my original photos and I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly my skin is returning to normal. I was concerned because I do bruise easily and it usually takes a very long time for the bruising to go away. Perhaps just by the nature of what's happening (freezing fat cells vs. trauma like bumping into something), it's just different.

Feeling optimistic!
New York Dermatologist

Dr. Green is super nice and easy-going. I actually decided to get some Botox during my initial consultation for CS since the creases in my forehead were bugging me. She did the Botox that day and I'm loving the results. Too bad Botox isn't permanent but based on the results, it would be hard for me not to keep up with it. Dita has been the primary person caring for me during the CS and she's fantastic. She's pleasant, funny and was happy to answer all of my curious questions throughout.

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