38H to (a tentative) D - New York, NY

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Hello ladies, I am 27 year old hispanic woman...

Hello ladies,

I am 27 year old hispanic woman from Brooklyn, NY. My breast are a size 38H and only seem to keep growing no matter how much weight I lose. With that being said I am currently at 218 which is way above what I would like to be ideally but it's been fluctuating for a few reasons I won't detour into. In any case, I have had a large rack since I was about 14 (36 C) and then quickly jumped to 38DDD by the time I was graduating Highschool and then with more weight gain and hormones, post college I am not at a 38H. I am known in my group of friends and amongst collegues or at least describeed as "you know Liz, the one with the big boobs!" and sure enough they always remember. So besides their novelty size, they are not just unsightly and "in the way" but they are also hightly uncomfortable and I am Soooo ready to do something about it! QUE my long awaited approval for the operation through my work insurance!! (Probably one the best things this job has allowed me...ever!)
This Friday I get my wish and I pray that it is not going to be something I regreat (although anyone I've spoken to who has done it has praised their surgeons and the outcome so I believe I will be in that group soon!)
BUT OF COURSE... just as I approach the coming date of my transformation... I get what, according to the ER doctor, "Might be" the beginning of a UTI. so I make sure they give me the antibiotics RIGHT AWAY and though I will be finished with them two days before my surgery I am no worried that when I call my surgeon she will tell me I need to reschedule. Geez.. isn't it always something? Doesnt help that my boss is hoping they reschedule it because it is inconvenient for her despite the many times I have sacrificed for the company. (Can you tell I am not happy about her comments?) So we'll see in the next few days what comes of it. I have to call tomorrow and speak to my primary care and my surgeons office to make sure we are still on for this FRIDAY!

Hello all (I realize not all of you readers are...

Hello all (I realize not all of you readers are women!)

So it's been a week since my surgery. On Friday the 30th At 7:30am promptly, I was walked into my OR, and three hours later I was waking up in recovery. Initially I didn't feel a thing (lots of happy juices flowing through the IV). My sister was called up to see me about a half hour later and shortly after I was wheeled to the elevator and down to have the IV removed and do my first test walk, use the bathroom, etc. not too lint after I was in a cab home with my sister. I literally held my arms across my chest the whole ride home. Bumpy rides are not funny!
The doctor prescribed Vicodin which my sister picked up while I was in recovery. I didn't feel the need to take it really but did because I knew that the morphin and whatnot would wear off and I was afraid to feel too much pain from the stitches and bruises. The first few days I took two every four hours and by the third day was only taking one when I felt discomfort and by the fit day I felt like Tylenol would be enough for the discomfort.
For three days I had tubes in which drained int a bulb on each side. My sister measured the fluid twice a day until we went to my appt. Monday and documented the amount in a log the hospital gave me.
I visited with my surgeon Dr. Z the Monday and she took me out of the bandages and removed my tubes then put me into a open front wire free bra which felt amazing!
Overall even by the fifth day I felt as if nothing. Some tension here and there some pinches and discomfort but really a great relief on my back and shoulders (pause: I should say that my back initially felt so relieved but within the first week I felt a lot of stress and discomfort throughout my back. I attribute this to how I was holding myself in my sleep and throughout the day while I tried not to hurt my chest.)
I did find that I was tired and needed extra rest which I was fortunate enough to allow myself.
Just yesterday I watched a video on YouTube of a breast reduction and it was really uncomfortable for me. But it helped put into perspective the amount of stress my body went through. So I am taking it easy, taking care of me, and making sure not to forget that I am the priority right now no matter what anyone says (cough cough ::work::)

Tomorrow is my third follow up and I've just...

Tomorrow is my third follow up and I've just noticed a medium size area on my breast by my right arm that is a little hard. I remember the doctor saying she needed to know if that happend. I think she said if it did it would most likely be due to fluid, but I could be wrong, I've been given so much information lately. I'm a little concerned and eager to see her tomorrow morning. I went back and retread some of my post op paper work and there was something about expected hardening during the first three weeks so I hope this is normal and not something that will make her have to reopen the incision or anything!

Feeling a little distressed right now and trying to go to bed. Hope your journeys are going well!


It's been two weeks and a couple of days since the...

It's been two weeks and a couple of days since the surgery. I feel a lot of nerves tingling often sometimes a cold feeling rushes through them. The sides are tender and thereis till some hardening under the sutras that I'm told is the swelling. I recently upset myself because they seem so big. As much as I am trying to be patient they just seem huge and it really has begun to upset me. I'm going to bring it up to my PS tomorrow but I knows he'll just say what my girls did "you're being ridiculous there's a huge difference they look perfect. Give them time for the swelling to go down." ...we'll see.
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Word of mouth. A friend who was researching was told Dr. Z. is the best! and though she didn't get to work with her, because of my friends insurance, she has heard nothing but positive comments! I trust her.

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