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Hey Ladies Right now Im looking for a doctor who...

Hey Ladies Right now Im looking for a doctor who not only is an expert on liposuction but also butt augmentation. Ive been going back and forth about deciding whether i want fat grafting or implants. Ive asked other women for doctor information ( which we all know is a pain.) It seems like no one who has had a surgery are very stingy with the information. The women who have shared their information have sent me out side the country which of course makes me hesitation. I worry of course of something going wrong and being infected. In May I am going to Miami to have a few consultations to see what is out there. I have seen some doctors who are "specialist" but from the pictures that I saw I am NOT impressed. I want something that looks great especially if I am paying 6-10k. I received information about a doctor in Colombia as well but have not had a consultation as of yet. I will update as much as I can and have no problem exchanging information about doctors.

I am actually researching doctors to do a BBL and...

I am actually researching doctors to do a BBL and lipo/TT. I keep hearing DR Salama name and also DR Pazimo but I jusrt read he doesnt injcect too much.

And to be honest I want ALOT of cc's, I wouldnt mind a small video vixen butt. Im freaking out because i am still thinking about how much weight should i lose before the surgey and which doctor

Ive been losing weigh. I started off with 174...

Ive been losing weigh. I started off with 174 pounds and im down to 167 pounds. I see a difference already and I was contemplating on getting a Tummy Tuck but I dont want to lose so much since I am also interested in a Brazlian Butt Lift. Im looking to put anywhere 1200cc to 1700cc in eac cheek. Im not sure if its possible if i lose weight. I read that surgeons are only legally able to take out 8 pounds of fat per session. I am scared I wont have enough fat if I go down to 150 pounds. If any surgeons or anyone who has additional suggestions please feel free to comment or reach me

Hi Ladies I just wanted to update on whats been...

Hi Ladies I just wanted to update on whats been going on. First off all I didn't know that just getting a simple quote was so time consuming. I received my 1st quote from DR Salama and it was around 6499 but!! including my arms, legs (thighs) and chin it was about 8000K (400$ extra for each area)

I would plan to go around August 2012.

Now doing the math including the massages which are $75 each and you need 10 at least that is another $750. including tickets from NYC to miami it would be $130 going and coming back which will be a pain I would like to come back first class which would be around $500. We also have to think about the hotel stay. I always hear horror stories about leaving too soon so I would like to stay at least 10 days. A rate for an inexpensive hotel would be $139 a night so that would be $1390. I dont know if there are any recovery houses nearby but these are the numbers I am working with.


Brazilian Butt lift with Lipo $ 6499
(which include 2 massages and 2 garments)

Areas extra like arms, legs (inner thighs) = 400 x 2= 800

Chin = $ 250 since there is not that much.

10 Massages $ 75 each = $750

Hotel stay $139 x 10nights = $1390

Flights going to Miami (plus I am taking someone with me so Its only right that I pay for their tickets) $114 x 2= $228

Coming back! from Miami first class $602 x 2 = $1204

Now we still have to think of all the shirts and shorts I need to buy in order to be comfortable over there in Miami and I havent even included the food

so throw in another $100 in vitamins and 10 days w/food for me and my mom
$50 x 10 days= $500

garments $ 70 each

= TOO MUCH!! or $11,721

Then I went with my second choice with doctor that was recommended to me in Colombia.

It took weeks for me to hear from him so I finally I spoke with his assistant and today he wrote back.

He quoted me 700'000 pesos = $3990 for liposuction for ALL areas and fat graft. I dont know if it includes blood work or any garments or even massages. I asked him how much are nurses for the day and he quoted me almost 100 a day. My mom said he is ripping me off with the nurses and my other buddy from colombia says that 4k sounds alot just for lipo and fat graft.

What do u guys think ??

Hey Ladies, So its been a slippery road...

Hey Ladies,

So its been a slippery road especially with all the numbers being thrown around. I sent my pictures around to many many many doctors.

I sent my pictures to a few doctors in Miami, Dominican Republic and Colombia. Recieving different quotes and different suggestions on what exactly I should do and where I should go. The main advice I am hearing is 1 LOSE WEIGHT 2 TUMMY TUCK.

The weight loss was obvious but the tummy tuck isnt something I am so sure of because I havent had childern and I hate hate the scar I will have. Im not sold on the idea.

The main doctor I wanted to go to was a doctor in colombia who quoted me 4k for full body lipo and FG to my butt.
EVERYONE is telling me thats too much . Usually women get breast aug, lipo and FG for 3K. That turned me off completely. Another thing was I asked how much nurses would be and he responded $100 a day.

NO NO NO nurses dont even make $100 a week let alone a day. Another ripoff. So I spoke with the coordinator and I even had my mom get on the phone because it seemed like they were taking advantage.

Coordinator changed her tune very quick and said there was a mix up with that. Ok so another question I had was what exactly did the 4k included. she responded " price gave Dr includes consumption and supplies at the clinic the day of surgery, the anesthesiologist's fees, fees for surgical assistants, and fees from Him"

which means NOTHING!! Thats still alot. Another thing was the hotels around the area and the coordinator had reccomended a hotel that was almost $100 a night!! no no no

I feel like every time I turn I am getting ripped off.

ANOTHER CONCERN FOR ME!! I was being told to lost weight and I was 5'2 170 pounds which I understand thats overweight BUT at the same time I am being told to go down to 145 pounds. FINE My PROBLEM is if the patient is charged by body type and will be probably need more fat taken out then I understand. But if the doctor is telling you to lose weight so that you could be a smaller patient then the doctor should charge you at your NEW weight.

Im thinking about getting another quote. I wish and wish I would of known better and sent my pics once I had lost the weight. These doctors try to be slick!

Ohh and the doc isnt even guranteeing me alot of...

Ohh and the doc isnt even guranteeing me alot of CC's of fat injected into my butt. SO why the hell am i going to him for. And the clinic isnt even providing transportation

Hey Ladies Ive decided to go to Cali Colombia...

Hey Ladies

Ive decided to go to Cali Colombia by the end of November. Im having a breast lift, breast aug, full body lipo and butt aug (fat grafting ) I see alot of you ladies have gone to colombia as well or are traveling soon. Feel free to drop a personal message so we can help each other and exchange info
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