Butt Augmentation Fat Graft Implants - New York

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Hey Ladies Right now Im looking for a doctor who...

Hey Ladies Right now Im looking for a doctor who not only is an expert on liposuction but also butt augmentation. Ive been going back and forth about deciding whether i want fat grafting or implants. Ive asked other women for doctor information ( which we all know is a pain.) It seems like no one who has had a surgery are very stingy with the information. The women who have shared their information have sent me out side the country which of course makes me hesitation. I worry of course of something going wrong and being infected. In May I am going to Miami to have a few consultations to see what is out there. I have seen some doctors who are "specialist" but from the pictures that I saw I am NOT impressed. I want something that looks great especially if I am paying 6-10k. I received information about a doctor in Colombia as well but have not had a consultation as of yet. I will update as much as I can and have no problem exchanging information about doctors.

Some of you ladies need to practice discrection...

Some of you ladies need to practice discrection and if someone doesnt want to give u information NO need to have an attitude. I have my share of experience that many ladies want information handed to them while they have nothing to offer in return. My advice *DO THE LEG WORK* Read Read Read!!!!

Happy hunting
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