36G at 5'0" - Wish I Had Done It a Decade Ago - NYC

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I finally made the decision after bad back and...

I finally made the decision after bad back and neck pain became a daily hindrance. I scarred poorly from a previous surgery and was concerned about the aesthetics, but that washed away after the pain became intolerable. I was a 36G at 5'0" (that was where I was properly fitted at a boutique; I usually purchased 36DD bras and wasn't spilling over or anything).

I am now 12 days post-op and wearing a 36C and couldn't be happier. I asked the surgeon for a C because it was around where I remembered being happy at that size. I realize the swelling will probably take me down a bit more, but I doubt to a B, because it's a pretty full C right now. I have full sensation in my right breast and nipple, but not the left yet. It cuts off about half way down the breast. I'm hoping it improves in time but had already accepted this might happen before I had surgery.

Insurance covered the procedure, thank heavens, because I would have paid far more than most, it seems based on estimates here. My surgeon was the only thing out of network, but we negotiated her fee.

I am so happy I did this, I just wish I hadn't waited so long, even though I'm only 32. I spent far too long feeling uncomfortable in my own body. You have to be ready, but my advice is get as much info as you can and don't delay!

One question for anyone out there- one of my breasts is pretty much yellow at this point, bruising reducing by the day, the other breat is still pretty purple. What's the longest anyone has seen bruising? My surgeon says it's nothing to worry about but it's ugly. I'll post pics once it heals up more.

Please help- everything was fine until two weeks...

Please help- everything was fine until two weeks post-op and parts of my incisions are not healing. Some are beautiful, and others will not heal no matter what. We have tried silverdine and santyl and exudate keeps forming. Can anyone recommend a wound care clinic in Manhattan that could have some answers. I trust my Doctor, and this was beyond her foresight or control, but nothing is working and I am scared. I am not a smoker, not immunosuppressed or diabetic. Any answers appreciated.

I need HELP for non-healing wounds. Yes,...

I need HELP for non-healing wounds. Yes, they're as scary as they look. I am not a smoker, not immunosuppressed or diabetic. Nothing is working. I trust my surgeon but I need another head working on this to suggest something.

Update- I am doing much, much better these days....

Update- I am doing much, much better these days. the wounds have been slow to heal, but are a million times off from where they were a month ago. It's taken a lot of rest, supplements, and a lot of collagenase, but I am getting there. I will eventually need some revision work, but I think it's important for those reading to know I would still do this surgery again. The problems I have experienced are rare, and I still have to be grateful for not having any back pain and fitting into clothes normally these days.

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I did a lot of Doctor research to find one I was happy with in terms of experience, education, bedside manner, etc...She is fantastic. I'm happy to provide her name privately if interested.

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