36 Year-old, Mom of One, New York, NY

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Hello everyone. I've been lurking on the board for...

Hello everyone. I've been lurking on the board for about a month now and I've finally decided a reduction is what I want to do. I like many others have experienced self-consciousness concerning my breasts. When I was about twelve, I cried because a lot of my peers had buds, I myself had none and always wished to have some. When I turned 15, I shot -up like you wouldn't believe. Of course at this time, I had all sorts of attention. So again, I became self-conscious. I experienced a lot of jealousy from girls and unwanted male attention. Twenty - something odd years later, an extra 15lbs, and one child later... the girls have gotten out of control. I've finally decided to have a reduction. I'm not sure how big I am, but using a measuring tape I'd say about 44DDD. I really want a new "Mommy makeover". My goal is lose 15lbs by the time of my scheduled surgery in January and have great looking girls. I'm very excited, but also extremely nervous. I haven't told anyone yet because they'll tell me I don't need one, but I do. My breast are very heavy, I have shoulder grooving, extra breast tissue under my armpit that looks horrible and when I lay on my back the weight of my girls falling to the side causing chest pain. I'm so so ready. I'd like a few buddies to walk with me through this journey :-)!

More boobie shots

Here's a few pictures.

Finally made a decision after 2 years!

Just a brief update after not being able to make up my mind for the last two years...I've finally am scheduled for my reduction on Dec 7th! Nothing has really changed from my last photos except maybe growing breasts! I'll post an updated before picture and then after picture! Wish me luck N best to all . Thanks

Current Picture

The only thing I'm not excited about is my insurance will not cover the underarm boobage. I have to pay out of pocket so I'm going to return for that at later date
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