34 and Ready to Finally Get my Teen Boobies Back - New York, NY

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This is my first post. I am looking to get a lift...

This is my first post. I am looking to get a lift with possible implants done. Ever since I had my first baby at the age of 21 my boobs were never the same. They are deflated and not as perky. For years I've been wanting to get them done because I feel so embarrassed even around my husband to be naked. Some call me crazy but you can't tell a person how to feel about their own body.
Tomorrow I finally go for my first consult with Dr. Michael Fiorillo. I'm really excited. A friend of mine recommended him and loved her results. I am really interested in the gummy bear implants because I don't want to look fake. All I want is to look natural and lifted but I think lifting them will cause me to be smaller so I might need the implants so I don't lose what I had. So maybe a full B or small C.
Soooooo, there's a twist. I went from only wanting my boobs done to now wanting a Brazilian buttlift. Which to me I feel like holy crap am I crazy to do this. I already have a big butt. Nothing insane but I just want a tinge of a fill or fat transfer I guess they say on the top part of my hips. I have fat in my back which I haaaate and even when I work out I still feel like I can never get the waist I want to get the shape I truly love and admire in a woman. So here I am having gone from just thinking of one procedure to two. But when I look at all these before and afters of women with back fat like me and being transformed I'm just amazed by the results. My biggest fear though is that I will look fake. I do like my bottom I don't want it really messed with but I want a nice looking body. So what to do what to do.
Dr Fiorillo will do the consult with me on both things but I keep getting pulled to wanting to go to Dr. Schulman for the buttlift and Dr.Fiorillo for the breasts. They are my top two. I haven't seen many pics of Dr. Fiorillo's work for bbl.
Dr. Schulman has tons and I love them but it just sucks cause if I go separately I pay more than going to one doc who will discount for doing both procedures.
Either way, I'm worried, scared and excited all at the same time. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Pics coming soon. I'm feeling a bit shy right now.

First consultation here we go

At the docs office getting anxious. Got here about 30 min ago. So far the appointment is 5 minutes behind. Staff very friendly and welcoming. But let's go doc my stomach is in knots take me in already lol.
Dr. Fiorillo and Dr. Schulman

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