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Plastic Surgeons are clearly stuffing oversized,...

Plastic Surgeons are clearly stuffing oversized, in my case underfilled and lumpy, implants in a midaged woman whose breasts have begun to sag, not telling them about mastopexy or informing them of how much bigger of a saggy mess they will have on their hands fairly soon after the implants have "dropped" and heavens forbid your bad back hasn't been diagnosed yet.

Breast lifts is probably more the route women my age want to go.  A word to the wise, "Breast Implants are apparently subject to gravity too."  After stretching and dropping (and spent 50% of every waking hour of every day breastfeeding) they go concave in missionary.  Get ready to never let your man see you laying down.

My only issue was sagging breasts.  Now I have huge sagging breasts and terrible back pain as well as other joint pain from lagging the implants around, as well as, making breastfeeding nearly impossible, although I was told that I would definitely be able to breastfeed.

For a mid-aged woman who is clearly concerned with sagging breasts the advice should be mastopexy after child bearing years are definitely over. Eight years later, even if I got them reduced my original breast tissue is so stretched out I'd have to find a miracle worker to make them into anything that I would not be humiliated by my partner seeing or in fear of them being a putoff.

Having been an athelete since age 7, I didn't...

Having been an athelete since age 7, I didn't realize that all I needed to do was just get back into the gym and build up my pectorals.

All my life I've had relative ease with getting a man.

Since the implants nearly 8 years ago, I can't get a date to save my life and if I do he just want sex and to be on his way.

As far as physical endeavors like running to the bus, taking dance classes, etc, They have caused a serious strain.

When I exert myself, the breast implants bounce of my torso, up and down. I can still phyically do stuff, but every man around seeing my breast going up and down. That actually leads to negative, bad attention. The huge things flop everywhere and time I make the slighted physical endeavor which is something I do often.

I can't get them downsized until menopause. They are so disgusting I will probably never get a man to have another child.

In missionary position, they care concave and disgusting. On my back the implants fall off to the side. Where I once had muscle, I have stretched sagging breast tisses that can't form a line to the top of the breast implants which have fallen off to the side. I could put and orange or a plum there and it would stay in place sitting on top of the tissue that used to form my original breaks.

The implants are wrinkled and underinflated. So for a man to touch my breasts he gets a hand full of wrinkled implant. Sexy, huh?

I told doctor Klapper I wasn't Cs from Bs, thinking they would defy gravity. I now have large Ds. Dr. Klapper couldn't believe that I didn't want D's and gave them to me anyway. It's impossible to find a bra or shirt that fit. He never even ask "Why?"

He said he wanted to even me out. Before the implants guys noticed my backside. But, the breasts are so big all anyone seems to notice is these big, disgusting cumbersome bags putting too much weight on my thoracic herniated spinal discs. So, daily I have constant back pain from the implants.

Even when I'm just disco dancing. No one can see what I'm doing. All the subletities of my movements are blocked by the huge breasts.

The fix with be much more that the implansts, which I do not have money for currently. And, with my other health problems, spending $10k will have to sit somewhere on the back burned tending to more immediate health problems, If I have them removed, I can't breastfeed. It was nearly impossible with the nipple inserted implants. I spent 2 of every 4 hours awake for the first 9 months, breastfeeding and pumping trying to get enough milk out my breasts. Removal would surely be the end of my breastfeeding.

On the otherhand, they are so disgusting and out-of-place, that I will never have to worry about getting another man to have another child.

And, they make me terribly self-conscience during sex.

Someone that knew me before asked why I got them saying there was nothing wrong with me before. I was the largest busted woman in my immediate family. At age 37, my breasts started sagging. I was kind of panicing, but seriously concerned about implants.

For some reason, I jumped in hook line and sinker with Dr. Klapper who didn't actually bother to find out why I was inquiring about implants when I was only there for botox. And, yes, when he asked how I wanted inserted after saying I could breastfeed, I should have known that maybe this was not the right doctor for me or possible procedure.

For 17 years, I had a severe sleepiness disorder, similar to narcolepsy. I've been in partial remission just over a year now. At the time sleepiness prevented me for starting up or walking away from the doctor.

The photos Dr. Klapper had me take positioned me with my hands behind my back so they could make my breasts look grotesque. When I put my hands behind my back for the after, they insisted that I put my arms along my side.

Not only was a ruined by the breasts implants. They made the only pre-breast implant photos I have of my breast making me look awful, which wasn't how I looked.

I simply needed to go to the gym. After menopause, we could have explored the mastopexy.

I still need things like botox, fillers, brazillian straightening, lip surgery/tattoos and eye tattoos touch-up, not to mention an occasional face peel.

But, I blew a good percentage of my Social Security Settlement money with Dr. Klapper, making it to where I couldn't get more of the things that would have a totally positive effect on myself.

When I say I'm angry and unhappy I mean it.

Years ago, like in '07 , I did start to try to figure out have to kill Dr. Klapper and my old dentist. I didn't have a plan but I was fantasizing and thinking about how to working on a plan. I had a religious dream that night which helped to calm me down.

According to my dream, people will pay for what they do if not in this life time, then in the next. However, it's better to pay now than later, but later is for a very long time.

If it's not broke don't fix it.

And, it's not like I wasn't going to spend plenty of money in his office. Unfortunately, I dropped $5k on a unwanted, unnecessary procedure and could not be less happy.

And the big problem here is that I can't even imagine a reducation surgery being successful in keeping me from being disgusting. I would rather go down to large B or small C. But, what I have of my original breast tisse not longer has any elasticity or shape to it.

Initially, I had large nipples, which my husband referred to as strawberries. The implants stregthed my nipples out so much that even using the largest glass breastshield with Medela's breastpump my stregthed out nipples would eventually completely fill the breastshield causing the milk to be blocked by the glass up.

After my surgery my repeated calls worked disregarded when I express some of the same concerns that stand today. Only going on 8 years later, there are even more problems.

The only positive things I can say is that it wasn't very painful after the surgery and my nipples have not lost any sensitivity.

Also, growing up my mom's boyfriend was a pedofile...

Also, growing up my mom's boyfriend was a pedofile and committed incest about his biological and adopted child.

The girl who was the object of the most abuse had size D breasts.

She was pudgy and had less of an attractive face, but because of the breasts she was so badly abused by age 13 she was unreachable.

I've always thanked my lucky stars that I was not overendowed.

Thank you doctor Klapper for making my nightmares come true. I am now a pair of walking breasts.

You'd think when I started to bring a lawsuit against him he would have found out what I need to make the situation better.

I'm seeing some of the before and after shots of these woman. In my opinion, all of the breast implants are being made "too" big. Slightly smaller, the women would look more shapely, more natural and physically be more comfortable.

Bigger is NOT ALWAYS better!

If I had been born with a D, I would have been going in for a reduction.

Correction from above: I was fanatisizing about killing Dr. Klapper and my orthodontist, not dentist.

However, I made no attempts beyond thinking about where they might park their cars. And, on occasion killing them comes into mind, but goes away pretty quickly. With a high degree of probability I will never let my mind wander on the topic again.

When I say I'm dissatisfied, I really mean it.

After menopause, I will have to come up with the money to get these reduced to Cs. I would have them taken out all together, if it wouldn't leave me deformed, but I guarantee you my original breasts are beyond salvaging.

I would have much rather paid to fix my nose that became deviated and deformed from a vaulting accident in gym class when I was 13 and hit the weights at the gym.

Also, recently after over 20 years of going to the gym and over 30 years of exercises like situps, I devised a workout that can get my stomach completely flat in no time flat.

Unfortunately, I have to wear really baggy, big shirts to fit over the breasts without making them stick out. So, you can't even see my stomach.

Before the implants, I always wore spagetti tops and pants to the night clubs.

Spagetti tops are absolutely out of the question since the implants. It's difficult for me to find something cute to wear. Most clothes are not made to accomodate such large breasts. So, I never really look cute. On a lighter note, I typically look very dumpy. Most of the shirts I wear are like tents that go down almost to my tush. My tush too has gotten fairly small from not going to the gym regularly. Because of my bad back, I can't do squats, I have to use the leg press, which the gym where i have perfected stomach exercises does not have.

If I known what Dr. Klapper had in mind for me despite what I told him, I would have run the other way.

My grandmother, mother and sister all had a cups and smaller and much, much bigger hips than mine. My mother only had nipples. For my grandmother and mother, implants were their answer to deformity. Both of them got large implants and would have gone larger if their skin would have accomodated it.

For them, implants were the solution to life times of feeling deformed and inadequate as women.

I'm not saying implants are bad for everyone.

But, before the doctors turn us all into working boobs, make sure the doctor understands where you are coming from and if they don't want to work with you and are trying to convince you that you want something other than what you want, walk away.

Like I said I was the largest breasted woman in my family and I never recieved complaint one before. I had no complex about having small breasts. Sure I consider a mid-C to be the perfect size and I was a small B. But, before I consented to a large D, I would rather have my front tooth twisted again.

Cs are big enough breasts to call attention but not so big that they are a deterrent from exercise and sports or modern dance.

If I can't strap them down in a sports bra, it's a problem.

One of my co-workers had an F. She said some guys were giving her a hard time when she was wearing a sports bra on a playing field. And, it was something to the effect of put them away or something. I was so glad that I was not her.

My suit against the doctor was in part to get the money to fix these things and for the damages they caused me in my life.

Again, I'm looking at these women with new implants. Almost all of them, I would reduce by half a cup size. When they buldge too much they look unnatural. And unnatural is unsexy. Sorry.

Here's a case where it's the right idea, if a lift had been done, too:

Here's a case of what the hell:

Dr. Klapper gave me 425cc in one and 450cc in the other because I thought I might be lop-sided.

If he had given me 200-250, I probably wouldn't be complaining publically today.

A reduction at this point is simply for damage controll. I can never get back the elasticity I once had.

Dr. Klapper could have helped me improve myself so I would be gorgeous instead of attractive. Now, I'm in the damaged goods department.

Dr. Klapper will justify putting implants on me...

Dr. Klapper will justify putting implants on me causing strain to the thoracic herniated discs in my spine by saying no doctors check for thoracic spinal injuries because they are so rare that doctors assume they don't exist.

Well, they do exist. And, my herniated discs would probably be a case for a doctor to never put implants on me or anything that would strain my middle upper spine.

Also, even though I scratched out the consent on the form I signed, Dr. Klapper used my before and after photos, which he made me pay for, on his website. I was pretty upset to find them publically accessible.

For those who consent, that is fine. But, I am so uncomfortable with public nudity, I couldn't even breast feed in public.

And, because I had breast before and the sensitivity is the same, I feel about these breasts as far as privacy goes the same way about my old breasts. They are still my private body parts.

Before you ruin your life think twice. It could be one of the best or worst decisions you've ever made.

And, don't let the doctor sale you or ignore what you really want. Stand your ground with the doctor. I swear my doctor could have sold use cars. I had a severe sleepiness disorder for 17 years similar to narcolepsy, so engaging in conversation for longer than 5 minutes was insufferable in those days. I never had a chance against the doctor.

Like I've said most of these implants are just a little two big to where they are bulding and look unnatural. I didn't do any homework and had never honestly considered them before. Make sure you know what you want and that they may slow you down physically.

And, if you need a lift and are past childbearing years, get that too.

Finally, if you are going to breast feed, by all means do not get them through the nipples like I did. My doctor knew breast feeding was a priority for me because one of the first questions out of my mouth was "Can I breastfeed?" Now, maybe, at 37, he figured there was no chance of my having my first child. But, like the thoracic herniated discs and all women want large breasts, his guesses were wrong.

By other surgeons, Dr. Klapper's work has been praised as looking natural.

And that they do. My breasts look totally like natural large Ds.

The problem with his technique is that they go concave when laying on the back.

If he could have implanted me with mid-Cs that didn't go concave on my back, had finished all the cosmetic stuff I wanted and kept up with the gym, I'd be on out-of-control temptress. Seriously.

Implanting a woman that already has breasts the nipples do not point down like I see in some of these photos.

He goes 1/2 in the muscle and 1/2 out. The problem I'm having is that he used something like partially filled 600cc implants. They are very wrinkly and it can be felt.

If he used the right implant for the size I wanted and given me the size I wanted this review would read very differently.

Now, they probably still would have bounced back when poked, but that would have been the worst of my worries if he didn't have this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going on. I can see him out of control with scapel in hand in the OR as I am under "MMMMWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH. She will have monsterous breasts!" How you like artistic license now, Dr. Klapper?

Had he just considered what I wanted since I was the one paying, we would have all been happy campers.

Also, I don't like wearing bras at home...

Also, I don't like wearing bras at home.

Between were my breasts and my torso, I'm always sweaty. I wipe handfuls of sweat away.

I did not have this problem before.

One other downside is that I have very visible...

One other downside is that I have very visible dark blue veins and stretch marks on breasts.

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