5'5 125 Lbs 23 Year Old 385cc Moderate or 415cc Hp Silicone Implants - New York

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So I'm on the fence with the sizing..I have a...

So I'm on the fence with the sizing..I have a wider chest wall but know I would like more projection. I know there is not much difference between the 385 and 415 in terms of cup size. I am already a small C. I had a reduction surgery and was not happy with the outcome as I lacked upper volume and placement.
I've read that it doesn't matter what you have as far as sizing prior to surgery esp if undergoing a BA that is under the muscle? Also, I'm hesitant with my scarring and know I also need a revision. My doctor has informed me we will have to do two separate procedures because after the augmentation the skin will stretch anyways so there is no point in doing the revision and augmentation in one procedure. As I just had this done last year, should I wait to have this done? My other hesitation is having this procedure done and then later having children my breast will then again change and will need another augmentation.

125lb 5'5 Nervous and excited! 5/26 BA!

So I'm happy to say we're coming up close to my BA! Honestly, I am a little bit nervous. having gone through a previous breast reduction, I'm really crossing my fingers that this surgery corrects my breasts. I'm so conscious about my breasts right now and am quite nervous with sizing! dr. Reccomeded 350cc HP. I'm not sure where that will leave me in terms of sizing. I've looked at picture after picture as I'm sure most women do. It seems like I keep bouncing back and forth!? I am between the 350cc and 415 hp (now I know that isn't quite a difference at all) but I am afraid of being too big!! But then again I don't want to be as small as I am now!! I've got curves so I want the implants to match how my hips are and not look too top heavy. Prior to my surgery I thought my breasts were big and baggy. At the time, being only 22 this was concerning to me that at such a young age my breasts could sit so low and sag. I was about a 32DD and the sizing was not a problem it was just the positioning. Wish I had done more research before the reduction. Lift with implants would have been the way to go considering the first dr only took out 200g of breast tissue (which my second dr said was very little for a reduction!) now my breasts are just deflated. well, here we are..a year later and I'm ready to FINALLY fix my breasts the way I've always wanted them.. Can't wait :)

3 days Post Op

Had my surgery Thursday @9am and I ended up with 415 hp. I'm 3 days post op. Feeling pretty good! Day 1 felt like a breeze until I went to bed. Had a tough time sleeping. Day 2 definitely more pressure and tightness. Now day 3, I'm off my pain meds and just taking the muscle relaxer and Tylenol. Very manageable. They still feel quite heavy and large. I hope they are just swollen and go down some :)
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