350cc HP Silicone unders

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This forum is great! I have finally made the...

This forum is great! I have finally made the ultimate decision to get breast implants after years of desiring larger breasts. As a teenager I would stuff my bra to make them look bigger, and into my 20's I spent too much money on Victoria's Secret "add 2 cup size" bras. Well now I'm literally adding 2 cup sizes :). I am getting silicone implants sub muscular with 24-hour rapid recovery procedure. Hoping to be a full C but we'll see what the doctor suggests. My mammogram is this week, pre-op next Wednesday march 16th, and surgery on the 28th! My boyfriend is very supportive and just as excited as I am. I will post some current picture of my girls at a later time. Cheers!

Before photos

As promised, here is my current situation. Surgery in 18 days!!!

First post-op pic!

Just got home s little while ago. Surgery went great! Icing these bad boys at the moment, very achy and painful. But so worth it!

2 Days Post Op

Here they are with the dreaded band. They seem far apart. Will they get closer and they fall and fluff?

More from day 2

So tight and sore!

Another day 2 pic

Soft hanes (?) front closure sports bra...bought on Amazon for $20!

5 days post op

Boy are these babies tight!! I've been using coconut oil to help with itching and dryness. The incisions are also itchy due to healing. Here are some pics...can't wait for them to drop!!

The band...

How do I hide this under my clothing? Thinking big sweaters and scarves...

Day 6 post op

Going back to work today. Went shopping yesterday to find some spring scarves and loose shirts to conceal the band. I became very weak after trying on clothing and almost felt like fainting. I only take pain meds at night so I'm not sure if they are the reason I was feeling that way. Overall my energy levels have decreased (which is probably normal after surgery?). Every morning the boobs are tight so I massage them with coconut oil and give the band a break. My right boob is still more tender than the left. It feels bruised on the inside and I actually experienced what feels like air bubbles while massaging. Is this normal? Hopefully work isn't too painful today....I primarily sit at a desk so it shouldn't be too taxing. We shall see!!

11 days post op

Still high and hard!

17 days post op!

Feeling great, incisions are a bit sore and I'm still feeling a small round "bubble" (pretty sure that's what it is) on the lower outside of my right boob. Still high but they are definitely starting to feel softer. I'm loving them, and so is my boyfriend :). Still wearing the band, not my favorite but it's not as bothersome as it was in the beginning

22 days post op

Can't believe how time flew by! 22 days post op and my boobs are starting to feel softer. No more sharp pain in the left, but I do feel it when I sneeze. Started the scar cream yesterday. My incisions are quite bumpy :( and they are not precisely placed in the crease. They are just above it. I'm still wearing the band and I really cannot wait until my next appointment so I can ask if I can throw it away! My back/neck is a disaster and I'm having headaches often as a result. I've been able to sleep on my side but very carefully as certain positions are irritating for my boobs. My boyfriend loves them and can't wait to "play" with them lol, but for now they don't feel natural so I'm keeping them under wraps. Doing the massaging as much as I can. Still feeling a weird "bubble" in my right outside lower breast. This review may sound a bit negative but I LOVE my boobies and I'm very happy with them! I do get boob greed but I'm telling myself they will appear bigger once they fall and fluff.

25 days post op

Each day gets better and better! Really cannot wait to get back to the gym.
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