That B**** dont have NO ass at all! The struggle is real ladies

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I have looked into each doctor and dr schulman in...

I have looked into each doctor and dr schulman in New York & dr salzhauer in Florida are the two that I feel give the best results and are two that I feel safest / comfortable with. I have a consultation coming up with dr schulman in September. Salzhauer is further away so I'm going to have to do a phone call consultation. (Haven't scheduled that yet because I emailed them and they haven't replied back) Anyways I had a Tt 7 weeks ago and now I feel like with my flat tummy I want a bigger shapier butt! I want an upside down heart with a big bubble!

Well looks like Salzhauers staff made my decision for me!

I emailed them back and forth on the 1st and my email with a question in it and trying to schedule my consultation has gone unanswered. I waited all day yesterday thinking maybe they were busy but today still nothing! I will not go somewhere where customer service is not top notch!

Bbl ladies! How many weeks off work did you take?

I have a desk job and am really curious how much time y'all took off work because I don't want to be gone long.

Consultation Wednesday!!

My consultation with dr schulman is approaching! I can't wait I have so many questions! I hope he can give me what I want! & I hope I can afford it lol. I'd really love to have my surgery In the beginning of November ! Wish me luck and il let you ladies know how my consultation goes!

Tomorrow I come face to face with Dr Schulmam!

I have a 4 hour drive to New York tomorrow! (I have never been on a plane & can't bring myself too) I really hope he tells me what I want to hear and can help me. Idk how I'm going to afford him though because he is expensive. Wish me luck!


I made it here! Barely! Let's just say NEw Yorkers are the rudest ppl I have ever come across! & they can not drive for shit! It took all I had not to turn around and go home! My blood pressure is prolly through the roof! These ppl driving junk ass cars will run u off the road to get infront of you! All you hear in New York is horns blaring! I can't believe I made it here at all. And honestly I'm dreading getting back in the car & driving out of here! Dr schulman is great! Unfortunately he wants me to wait a year since I just had a Tt and as of right now I don't have enough fat :(

Wow Dr Fisher

After my swelling goes down I might have to go see dr fisher he has really been giving these girls ass!!!! My only worry is dealing with Vanity & flying :(

The best surgeon!

I can not decide who to go with! At this point I don't care how much I just want someone who is going to give me the best and that I can trust to keep me safe!

Fingers crossed!!

So after being told I don't have a lot of fat I started to dig deeper! I sent my pics to dr fisher! His girls look amazing!! So fingers are crossed and I'm hoping that he can help! I def have a lot of fat!

I'm going to cry!!!

Dr fisher said I'm a perfect candidate!!! Woo hoo! Now fingers crossed he can do my surgery in November!!

Dr fisher dolls to be!!!

Hit me up ladies? I need a bbl friend? Any of you going around November?

Bye bye realself!!!

First of all.. When you make a post asking a question NOBODY answers. And lately the stuff isn't even updating. So bye bye realself you have been a whole lot of no help!!

Dr Salzhauer

I just had a phone consult with Dr Salzhauer! He is super sweet guy! Even noticed a Minnie Mouse soap container and little kid tooth paste & asked about my daughter! He told me I definitely have enough fat and he can give my boxy self some shape! I need curves damn it!! I'm waiting on my quote! He even said he might be able to get me in for November! Fingers crossed !

Getting my booty November 4th!!

Today I spoke with Arianny, she is very sweet & down to earth, I scheduled my surgery for November 4th and I paid my deposit! I'm so excited to be happy with my body and how I look in clothes! I will be having another consultation with dr salzhauer because I have some last minute questions and I want to be sure he knos I want big! And I want hips!

Pre op pics

I have plenty of pre op pics & when I look at them I become horrified! My body has become so embarassing & looking at pics of it just depresses me. Thank goodness I only have a month and il be fixing this body!! I'm actually have a brazillian butt lift and a bra line back lift. My skin is very loose! I've always stressed weird id go months eating junk & then months being a gym rat. And then pregnancy dropped my ass completely off the radar. Anyways everytime I go to post a pre op pic on here I feel so embarassed so here's the deal I've made with myself. The day before surgery on my long ride down to Miami I will post my pics. Today I told my job I need off from November 3rd til the 10th. I'm sure they will have a fit but hopefully it works out. My wonderful bf called today & secured a hotel. So ... Hotel.. Check! ... Deposit & date set... Check! Now just to have the time off work & to let my mom know!!

It just got real!

My work already ACCEPTED my time off! I can't believe it they have a fit every time I'm sick and need a day off and here they are giving me 6 days! I'm so excited Hopefully having surgery on the 4th and back to work on the 11th will be enough time. Il have to make it through just 9 days of work & then I'm off another week for thanksgiving break woo hoo!!! So now all that is left to do is tell my mama! Yikes

25 days left & I've hit a huge problem!!

So now I'm having swelling below my belly button!!! Wth! & I'm afraid if I have my bbl he won't be able to get the fat from my belly because of the swelling in that area! Should I cancel my surgery ?! :(

3. Wks left left!!

I can't believe my surgery date is so soon! I'm so nervous about coming out and not being pleased! 12000 is a lot to spend and not be satisfied so I plan on calling dr salzhauer Monday with even more questions! Specially since I'm still having some swelling from my Tt and I really need my belly lipod

Pre op!! 2 wks until surgery !!

So first of all I finally sucked it up & told my mom. I said I'm going to a dr in Florida for surgery and she said okay! I'm like really?!? I've rehearsed over and over every arguement she was going to throw at me and how I was going to reply and that's all she said! Well that was easy!! So they called and I had my pre op. Was told the dos and donts and I paid! Ouch! I'm officially broke! Now my worries about surgery are here!! Ugh I probably won't sleep for the next two wks!!

Ughhh fat face fat arms fat fat fat!!

So after dr schulman telling me I don't have enough fat I went and gained weight. And now my face and arms are big!! Idk what to do! Now I have enough fat for the bbl but I dnt want a fat face and fat arms. Will losing weight after bbl make me lose weight?

Blood drawn & physical yesterday

Yesterday it really hit me that I'm doing this. Second thoughts have kicked in. I looked at pics of me when I was skinny and I looked great! No butt but from the front I looked amazing. Now I have a chunkier face and arms. That I hate! Why can't I be the skinny me with an ass ugh. Idk I'm really down about it. I have enough fat for my ass now but wtf do I do about my calves and arms and face now :( anyone else feel this way?

3 days!!

In three days I will have booty!! Yay! I can't wait to have this over with & be healed! Stress is at a max! We are driving from Md to Florida! I have lost my mind lol

Surgery Tomorrow!!

My surgery is tomorrow and I am having major 2nd thoughts!!! Ugh too late now! I'm mostly hating leaving my daughter. :( I just want to cry!! In a few hours I will be headed on a 17 hour drive! I hate car rides!!!!!!!!!! I pray I have an early surgery with no complications & maybe just maybe he will let me leave early! I'd love to leave Friday morning!!

I'm in Miami bitch!!!!

After a very very very long 17 hour drive I am finally in Miami! It's almost 4 am and I have surgery at 7am. Time to try to sleep before the big day I pray everything goes well! Il be updating shortly

And I forgot to mention

I'm scared to death!!! I just want to be home with my daughter

Surgery was yesterday!

I'm going to try to post very detailed and I will post before and after pics once I'm not so swollen my eyes look like I'm Asian from all the facial swelling! Well my surgery was at 7 am yesterday! I was scared to death almost backed out even though I had paid all that money! Dr Salzhauer and his staff are hilarious and keep you very calm though. I didn't have any of my prescriptions so I hadn't had a Xanax to calm my nerves! The anastegiologist came in and asked me questions about my health. He said do you smoke, drink, do any drugs I said no he said well your freaking boring! Lol Chelsea came in and took pics! Super sweet lady!! Then dr salzhauer came in and marked me up! Asked me what kind of ass I want, upside down heart apple etc. even asked if I could think of a famous persons ass I was going for. I said heart shaped and I didn want a huge shelf I didn't want ppl thinking they could sit their drinks on my ass lol. After surgery is the worst part because your in pain and shivering and can't stop or get warm. I drank tons of Gatorade and then my bf and I headed back to the hotel. I've been taking my pain meds religiously and I'm having hardly any pain at all!! The worst part is being nauseous! I think that's from the pain meds though ugh! I've been eating low sodium chicken soup yuck! & unsalted crackers! Gatorade, water and oj with my iron pills. Today my nurse came!! Loves her! She said do you want a shower I said hell yes! My garment was covered in blood and so were my clothes! Showering felt great! My ass is huge and wide and on my back. She said it looks great and swelling will go down and il drop! I can't wait right now my Bfs face looks panicked lol. Lots of belly swelling too! Feeling very fat! She took pics to show the dr but other than being naseous and impatient I feel pretty good. My TT was much worse! I've been trying to walk frequently which is hard cause I feel like ima puke! Laying on my belly is killing my neck!! Well that's it for now I will be seeing dr salz either Monday or this Friday because I told him I really want to leave early I miss my daughter! Thanks ladies

Day 3 and I feel awful!

I'm not in pain really. Stopped taking pain meds early this morning and switched to Tylenol but I am so nauseous that if I could take this surgery back I would! I feel so sick and Laying down is hurting my neck. Today I really feel like this surgery isn't worth it

I can't wait to work out and get rid of this big ass mistake!

I'm going to lose this weight as soon as my 6wks is up and pray that I get my pre op butt back!! Before I gained any of this shit! I'm so depressed! I wasted so much money and now I'm so damn uncomfortable and ugly too!
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