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I'm a 37 year old Latina who has alway been...

I'm a 37 year old Latina who has alway been insecure about my butt. I have big boobs no hips and a pancake butt. I was always teased by my family and friends when I would wear butt pads they thought it was hysterical, but they have no idea how not having a booty bothered me.

Well anyway I finally decided to have a BBL and I must admit I am excited and petrified at the same time. I really hope that I am not disappointed with the results. I want hips, flat belly, and a big ole booty! It's a lot of money so I hope it is well spent.

Well my surgery is scheduled for March 20, 2012 I will post some before pictures as soon as I can. Wish me luck!

I need help here please. My surgery is all paid...

I need help here please. My surgery is all paid and set up for next week and silly me, I didn't do enough research and ask all the questions I should have asked before. I just found out today that the Max cc's my doc will put in is bet 400 and 450. Why didn't I ask this question before paying. I'm worried that that will not be enough to give me a nice full booty. I don't want a huge but however I do want a noticeable difference. I'm paying a lot of money and I really hope I get my moneys worth. To top things off while reading this forums came across some reviews on my dr saying that he is very conservative and does not like to give big booties. GREAT!!! Just my luck. I finally have the money to pay for the surgery but I think I rushed things and picked the wrong doctor. Does anyone know if 400 to 450 cc's will make a difference. I'm 5'7 160 lbs no hips and a flat bootie. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

Where do I begin, I had my surgery on march 20th...

Where do I begin, I had my surgery on march 20th and the days leading up to my procedure I was a nervous wreck! I was worried that my ps was not going to give me what I wanted due to the fact that we never really sat and discussed shape and size like most people on this site have with their ps. Well I didn't follow my gut, prayed for the best and went in for the surgery. What a mistake!!!!! When I arrived I was greeted by a nurse who took me downstairs told me to get changed and then I was given an I V with some "happy juice" which really relaxed me and made me feel at ease. Then the doctor came in and started making marks all over my abs but never saying anything to me really. No discussion, no I'm gonna due this or that.............. NOTHING!!!! He then left he room and a nurse came in and walked me to the operating room. They had me stand there while another nurse wiped me down she then put a surgical cap on my head and realizes that I had earrings on. ( silly me, I was told to leave all jewelry home but forgot to take my diamond earrings off) she took my earrings put them in a tissue and said she would put them in my pocket book for me. I then laid on the bed and all I remember was the anestigiolist come in and tell me to take three deep breaths. Next thing I know I was being woken up by a nurse who was pretty much trying to get me to stand up. I was still kind of out of it when all of a sudden the pain came crashing down like a ton of bricks. It was the worst pain ever. She kept insisting that I get up and sit on a chair which I did and it felt like I was sitting on knives My stomach felt like it was sliced in half and my throat was so dry. I asked for something to drink and was given the worlds smallest cup of water. I asked them if I could lay down again because it hurt to much to sit and they sAid that it wasn't a good idea but I finally convinced them to let me lay down again. I was told that I should be done with my procedure by 1:30pm so I told my husband to pick me up at that time however I was done by 12:45 and as soon as I was up I could hear the doctor asking his nurse when my ride was coming to get me? To keep calling my husband. I felt as if I was being rushed out. I heard him say that I can't stay there all day.......wtf??? Seriously??? I felt so weak that I didn't want to cause a scene there but I have a follow up on Monday and plan to address this with him. My husband arrived at 1:30 and the ride home was horrible. Once home I took my pain meds and took a nap. When I woke I remembered my diamond earrings. I checked my bag and of course they were not there. What a surprise!!!!! Now onto the pain. I was told by my dr that what you feel is very sore........ LIES!!!!!!! This was the worst pain I have ever felt. I've had a baby, i've had an ectopic pregnancy surgery, I've had back surgery for my sciatica but nothing compares to this pain! It's the worst!! The first two days are a living hell. Day 3 was not much better. Today is day 5 and I actually got out of the house went for a ride sitting on a yoga mat and went to buy a new girdle because my original one hurts to much. Last but not least I'm all bruised up,swollen and my butt looks wide and flat. No roundness to it. I do t see this hour glass figure that everyone talks about. I have been so depressed these past few days. I feel like I paid someone almost $9,000 dollars to beat me up and treat me like crap..........SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I know it's only been 5 days but I see a lot of girls post op pictures and even day 2 you can tell that their waist is smaller and but is bigger. I have pictures I just dont know how to post them. If anyone knows please let me know how. Ladies please think twice before doing this. It's really painfull, stressful, expensive and there is no guarantee that you will get the results you want


So I have not been on this site in a long time. My first surgery was an epic failure. I decided to go for round 2. This time I will travel to Florida. my girlfriend had her surgery at vanities in miami with dr bass and loved it!! I have a consult with Dr. Bass and Dr. Fisher. does anyone know which does a better bbl?

Finally round 2

So 3 years ago I had a BBl in NY and it was a total waste of money. I look exactly the same. It was one of the saddest times of my life. I'm still not happy with my body but I have been so afraid of going through the pain again. It's a pain I will never forget. Well anyway I decided to to hell with it I am gonna do it. So I decided to go with Vanity in Maimi. My surgery is scheduled for Nov 13 2015 with Dr. Fisher. I really like his work and hope can finally give me the body I have been dreaming about. I will try and post my pictures later on.

Before pics

So here's some before pic


So I'm here at Vanity for my pre- op. It's really not what I expected at all. Not sure what I expected to be honest. I feel like a prevent watching all these girls come in and out. All I do is look at booties! Lol

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