4 Months Post op with Salzhauer and loving it!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Ladies!!!!!! I am "new" to this board (I...

Hello Ladies!!!!!! I am "new" to this board (I have been lurking for months) and I'm very excited about starting the journey to getting my BBL.

About me:
Age - 29 (30 in August)
Height - 5'6' 1/2
Weight - 184 lbs
Bra size - 38 D
Waist 35 inches
Hips 46 inches (wtf!!!)

So I have decided that I definitely want to get the surgery done....but I only have a small window available because I am a full time student. So I definitely want to get the procedure done between July 6th-July 10, that way I can have a full month to recover before I have to sit in class again. I know that I won't be completely healed in a month...but I'm hoping I will be able to sit down.

I still haven't chosen my Surgeon but I do have it narrowed down to 3. I live in NY but I will be in FLA in July so either state is an option. My top 3 Dr's are:

1. Dr. Salzhauer in Florida (He can do it during July but he wan't $9,000 which is more than I wanted to pay. However he seems to have a great reputation so I may bite the bullet and just give up the extra money)
2. Dr. Salama (He wants $6800 which I think is reasonable....but he is super booked.....so there's is no guarantee I can get an appt in July....unless someone cancels)
3. Dr. Francis in New York (He has a great reputation from what I've read, and I he is in NY where I live so that's a plus...still waiting for a price quote).

I have a feeling that I'm going to end up going with Dr. Salzhauer because they have the perfect day available. But I really really really don't want to spend 9k. What do you guys think?

I got the price back from Dr. Francis. He is...

I got the price back from Dr. Francis. He is willing to do it for $7500 on July 11th. Although I wanted to get the procedure done in Miami....because I think the change in scenery would be good.....If I do it in NY I won't have to worry about flying back on my new butt and can go for follow ups as needed.

@ topshelf - Yes we are in this together :-)......

@ topshelf - Yes we are in this together :-)....and I will be praying for amazing results for you as well :-).

(Tried to post the pic for you at the bottom)

Good News: Finally found out where I am staying...

Good News: Finally found out where I am staying after surgery!!!!! My bestie was nice enough to let me stay in his room in the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach for two weeks!!!!!!!!

Bad News: The person that is traveling with me can only stay for 3 days. I really hope that I am able to manage on my own with my kids. They are 10 and 7....so maybe it won't be that bad.....but I have a home health aid on call just in case. They charge $200 for 24 hours....I think it's pricey.....but if I need that held I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay.

I've also started taking iron pills and a multi vitamin to prepare for my blood work in two weeks. I was also going to start working out.....but I'm scared to lose valuable fat lol.

Going to get my pre-op clearance from my PCP...

Going to get my pre-op clearance from my PCP tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get cleared for surgery. My iron is usually low, so I hope all these iron pills and multi-vitamins do the trick. I can't believe my sx is 22 days away!!!!! I'm getting very nervous and excited!!!!! I still have a ton of stuff to pack. Not to mention I'm going on a cruise with the kids the week before surgery...so I have to pack for for myself and the kids for the vacation...in addition to what I need for sx. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

Just got cleared for surgery by Dr. Salzhauer's...

Just got cleared for surgery by Dr. Salzhauer's office!!!! My pre-op phone appointment is tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Surgery is just 2 weeks away!!! OMG. I received the vitamedica multi-vitamins in the mail and I start them tomorrow as well. Here we go!!!!

Hey everyone. Finally back from my cruise and I...

Hey everyone. Finally back from my cruise and I definitely missed my MMH sisters :o . I can't believe the time went by soooooo fast but my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!' I have been super nervous the past few days. I have kept up with the vitamedica program so I hope that helps my recovery. I am still on the boat and we just docked in Miami. I am waiting to hear from the dr's office to confirm what time I will be meeting with Dr. Salzhauer today and to get my surgery time for tomorrow. For some reason I'm nervous about finally meeting him.

Oh yeah...before I left for the cruise I forgot my boppy pillow in the hotel room and it doesn't seem like the staff held on to it for me which means I have to go hunt down another one :-(.

July 6, 2012 Hey everyone. Surgery was today...

July 6, 2012
Hey everyone. Surgery was today everything went well. I got to Bal Harbour around 745am. I filled out some forms. They took some before pictures then I met the anesthesiologist. About ten minutes later I met Dr. Salzhauer. Just like everyone said he was so freaking cute lol. I showed him my wish pics and told him I did not want a shelf but a slope effect with more volume on the bottom. He said he could get about 1000ccs (i'm still not sure how much I got). I also inquired about implants and decided to get them too. I figured might as well get it done in one shot. So I went from a D to a DD with silicone implants. I'm not in any pain just feel super stiff. MY butt is hard as a rock though. And I am bleeding through my garment. They said this was normal and I can change it when the nurse comes tomorrow. I have no idea how anything looks yet but you guys will see it as soon as I do. I feel like the compression garment is pressing down my butt....but it's not...my butt is just that hard and tight. Hope it softens soon.

Hello ladies. I am five days post op now and not...

Hello ladies. I am five days post op now and not much has changed so this update will be short (I thought I was going to be lol).

1. I have been using the bathroom regularly since day 2.
2. I have lost 4 inches from my waist.
3. my butt is still hard but softening in some areas. I'm sure it's going to take weeks to soften completely.
4. I have completely stopped taking pain medication. Aside from soreness I don't feel much pain. My butt is starting to ache a bit though. I try to massage it but because I got my boobs done too, it's hard to reach back there.
5. I finally got my new waist cincher from amazon and I LOVE IT. The brand is "Squeem" and it was about $40. I like it because it stays in place and the material on the inside is so smooth it reminds me of epifoam. I got a large and a medium. I don't know how the doctor is going to feel about me doing away with the stage one garment but I just could not. My butt was oozing out the holes and I was scared it was going to deform it. Then it was tight around the butt and loose around the waist. It was just doing too much. I am way happier with this.
6. I still don't know how many cc's I got, I hope to find out during my 1 week appointment on Friday.
7. I am very happy with the size of my butt and I hope it doesn't go down much. I'm not sure if it's true that it drops....but I wouldn't mind that bc I wanted more volume on the bottom then the top. But from looking at other profiles the shape does change as the days go by.
8. The most difficult thing for me is finding position to sleep in...guess that's the downfall of getting butt and boobs. I think I'm on to something with the pillows though. If I put 4 pillows under my stomach and use the boppy for my head, my boobs don't touch the bed at all. I laid on my sides for 1 or 2 days and I'm hoping that didn't kill any of the fat cells.
9. I am still swollen in my vagina for some reason. Probably because the waist cincher doesn't really compress that part (I'm not mad at that though lol)
10. And it's true...something about the surgery makes your period come. I got mine yesterday and it was about 10 days early.

The one regret that I have is telling anyone (aside from my parents and best male friend) that I was getting the surgery. When you are thinking about doing it it's so exciting that you kinda want to share with everyone, but now that the surgery is over I wish I didn't tell people. Especially female "friends" that pretend to be happy but they are really mad. In retrospect the message boards have been my best support and resource :-).

Hey Ladies. I know I've been MIA for a few days...

Hey Ladies. I know I've been MIA for a few days but I'm back.

Overall I am still feeling really good. I went to my first post op appointment on July 12th and it went well. They took out the few stitches that I had and took more pictures of me. Dr. Salzhauer told me that I had beautiful fat....he went as far as showing me a picture of it. To me it just looked like a bucket of lard...but he seemed to think it was great...and he said because of the quality of the fat he thinks the cells will be more viable. I believe he said he lipo'ed out 3 liters and I'm not sure how much I got put back in. When I go for my second appointment I will definitely find out. I feel like I've asked and didn't get an answer. The only reason I'm not stressing it is because I told him to put in as much as he can, so I'm assuming(hoping) that's what he did.

So far I am very satisfied. I LOVe the implants and I LOVE the lipo. I think he did a great job shaping my butt, however, I wouldn't mind if it were bigger. I feel like my butt is like a kim k butt.....like it's definitely bigger than before....but of course I wanted it to be ridiculous. This may be a little rachet on my part...but hey the heart wants what it wants lol. I wouldn't be mad if it fluffed out and got bigger.

All of the pain is gone. I have some numbness and tingling in the lipo'ed areas. My butt has softened up but my stomach is lumpy. I started wearing my regular compression garment with the waist cincher over it. I think HelllloNurse was right, using the waist cincher was great for my stomach but when I took it off I would be a little swollen just above and under where the cincher couldn't reach. I try to keep the garment on all day except for maybe an hour. I've also started using the triangle epifoam again. I can definitely see why ppl use it because the flatter it is right above the butt the more projection you will have.

Sorry the pics were down I will repost and add more.

I forgot to mention I went through my depression...

I forgot to mention I went through my depression stage of feeling like I wanted my butt to be bigger. It lasted a few hours but I forced myself to snap out of it. I think part of it was that I've been in this hotel room for far too long. And even though my body is looking better I need to get my hair done, I need a pedicure, my eyebrows are growing in.....you know how you feel when you are overdo for you regular maintenance....that's how I felt. I'm looking forward to going back to NY.

So I went for my 2nd post op appointment today. I...

So I went for my 2nd post op appointment today. I asked Dr. Salzhauer how many cc's I got...I told him I needed to know because my BBL sisters were waiting to hear. He said that he would email me the exact amount, and told me to say hi to all you ladies for him. He also told me to tell everyone that he had stopped taking in new patients for the BBL procedure at one point because he was focused on rhinoplasty, but now he is back in full effect and looking forward to putting out the big butts lol.

Anyway, nothing new with me really. I am going back to NY later this morning. My flight is at 945 and I am soooooooooooo happy to be leaving this hotel room. I know I'm gonna regret going back when I get home because home is nothing like this five star hotel :-(. I hope everything goes well with the flight. I am taking my boppy pillow with me and I am prepared to stand whenever it is permitted.

I'm a little nervous about going home because I wonder if ppl are going to know that I got something done. Like I left 3 weeks ago and I'm back with my boobs twice as big, gut gone, and butt poking out. I hope no one suspects anything...but if they do I'm ready to deny deny deny. I'm gonna say I was hitting the gym hard while on vacation lol. I'll keep everyone posted.

Hey ladies. So I'm finally back home and that...

Hey ladies. So I'm finally back home and that flight wore me out!!!!!!!! Between pulling that luggage, the Miami heat, walking through the airport and keeping track of my kids...I was exhausted!!!!! The good news is my butt made it back to NY in tact lol. The flight was only 2hrs and 20mins and I sat on the boppy the whole time. I was very uncomfortable though, I keep fidgeting and trying to find a comfortable position where I didn't feel like I was squishing my butt. Plus I had a middle seat so that didn't help much. My butt is still the same size and I"m wishing it was bigger. If fluffing is real I will be a happy girl. What do you guys think? Think it could be a bit bigger? Or am I over doing it? My legs are pretty big..maybe if I slim them down it will do the job.



Hey ladies. I'm am a few days shy of being 1 month...

Hey ladies. I'm am a few days shy of being 1 month post op. Not really a lot to report.

1. I've kinda stopped wearing my garment. I'm not 100% sure how long I was supposed to wear it...but it was annoying the shit out of me and I couldn't do it anymore. I wouldn't advise anyone to do that same, but in my case most of my swelling was gone and I really didn't see the point.
2. I also removed the steristrips from my nipples a few days ago. I was supposed to wait until 4 weeks post op but I felt like it was doing more harm than good. I was sweating constantly and I didn't think the moist environment was a good look for my nipples. The good news is the scars are looking minimal and it's almost completely healed. I am going to wait the full month before I start using the Mederma.
3. My lower back has been feeling stiff and if I move too suddenly like to bend down, it feels like the skin is ripping. Es no bueno!!!!!
4. I still have some lumps on my stomach, and some parts are still tender. I bought an ultrasonic massager and try to massage twice a day, I heard this helps alot.
5. I also started doing crunches, anbout 100/day. I'm serious about getting that six pack.
6. I'm not sure if my butt fluffed yet....but it is completely soft and jiggly. I still wouldn't mind the fluff though.

That's it for now :-).

OMG I almost forgot something. For those of you...

OMG I almost forgot something. For those of you that remember in one of my updates I expressed some concern about how I was going to explain my new body to those ppl who didn't know I was having surgery so here is the story. I have tenant's that rent a portion of my house. It's this woman, about my age and her 15 year old daughter, I'm kinda sorta cool with her but not really so I didn't tell her about the sx. So my first few days back I kinda avoided her and wore baggy dresses around the house. Then one day I came in the house with these blue shorts on and boy oh boy did she have a reaction. Her, her cousin, and daughter were like got damn wtf is that. Thank God my cousin was there for reinforcment otherwise I definitely would've spilled the beans. I mean they were going as far as squeezing my ass. Really though? So I was like yeah I lost some weight....and I've been doing squats lmao. I think they bought it.

The next day I was getting out of my car and the annoying ass 15 year old saw my boppy pillow. So she's like OMG you sit on a boppy pillow, why. Is that why your butt is so big? Mommy look she's sitting on a boppy pillow. I wanted to punch this little girl in her throat, forgive me Jesus. First of all shut the fu*k up!!!!!!. Second, you have no manners which is why I don't let my kids interact with you. Third, you're very annoying. Keep in mind, there were other ppl outside!!!!! So faced with no choice, and feeling the pressure, I looked at her square in the eyes and said "I have hemorrhoids, things for bringing that to everyone's attention" LMAO!!!! I'm so stupid...but hey it makes sense. She felt like such an asshole, which serves her right. Next time stay out of grown folks bizness!!!!!

Hey Ladies!!! Haven't updated in a while but I'm...

Hey Ladies!!! Haven't updated in a while but I'm still around on the boards. I don't really have anything new to report. I'm still loving my results. I'm completely stopped wearing the garments and sitting on the boppy pillow. I started school last week and people notice that something is different, but they don't know what it is. My butt hasn't gone down at all since I got the surgery. I still have some lumps on my stomach that I'm hoping will go away soon and I still have very sligh
t pain on my lower back. It's usually when I wake up in the morning, but it's very minimal. I will post some pics from this week. Love you!!!!

Hello my beautiful BBL sisters!!!!!! I know I...

Hello my beautiful BBL sisters!!!!!! I know I haven't been on in a while, but between school and the kids I've been super busy. I've definitely missed everyone though and I'm glad to be back.

So it's been about 4 months since my surgery and things are going great. I am very happy with my results and I retained most of the fat that was transferred. Right now my measurements are 38DD, 29/12, and 47 and I weigh about 190lbs. I've put on a few pounds since the surgery but I love it. I'm pretty much back to normal.

I did have a slight issue with Dr. Salzhauer's office though. At one point I felt like he could have taken more fat off of my waist line. Sometimes when I would put jeans on, I would still see slight bulges of fat over the sides. I was especially concerned because I read someone else's review and she said Salzhauer had forgotten to lipo her sides. I have been calling the office and have never gotten a call back. I was really pissed about this because I spend about 15k for my procedure. But then I realized my jeans were just too damn tight lol. Regardless of how small you are if your jeans are too tight you will have some muffin top. I also noticed I have a few dents that I wanted to discuss with them. It's nothing crazy but you can see it in the pics. I would have appreciated a call back from the PS office to address my concerns.

I will say that I definitely fluffed!!!! My butt is much much bigger than it was post op, and even bigger than it was a month ago. I know shit is real when I go out and ppl are like WTF!!!!! I guess I didn't really notice because I got used to it....but the attention I get confirms it. And lately ppl have been trying to call me out lol. Last week I went to a party and my ass was the main attraction ya'll. Chicks were asking if it was real, if they could touch it, if I could I make it clap. To which I would answer: yes, yes, and hell yes. I feel bad lying but shit, ya'll weren't with me shooting in the PS' office, and yal'll didn't put in on this man!!!! When they ask me how I got my body to look like this I tell them I gained about 80 lbs and do a lot of squats. I'm gonna have bishes walking around mad fat with a hard ass. But hey...what can I do? I'm not putting my business out there lol. But seriously the attention has gotten intense. At times it's a bit much, but hey it comes with the territory. I guess that's it for now. I'm going to put up some new pics. Hope everyone is okay. Love y'all. xoxoxoxoxo

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had a great experience with Dr. Salzhauer. His staff was very professional and responded to my emails day and night. It's only been two days and I am very satisfied with my results. The boob job is perfection.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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