Count Down Begins! 3 Days. NY - Boston

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Hey Dolls! I'm 26 YRS young. I'm writing this...

Hey Dolls! I'm 26 YRS young. I'm writing this because reviews were so helpful, in making my decisions and find the doctor that's best for me. So I hope this helps all the beauty's looking for self improvement and restored confidence like I am.

Originally, I chose Dr. William Bruno in CA. It was based on a referral. My friends results were EXTREMEMLY DISERABLE! So I jumped at the chance. However, as time drew closer to my desired date (Jan 13th), I started browsing through local options (due to the cost of stay in CA / and discomfort of flying 5HRS on my return trip).

That's when I ran across the results and work of Dr. Daniel Delvecchio ! Local, rated highly, and his results (as per Real Self & Peg) ARE AMAZING. I immediately fell in love with his technique. I stalked the SH********** out of his office.

Finally got my virtual consult on Dec 13th! Everything went well - I'm sure he says this to all his potential dolls, however "TOP 3% ideal body for a BBL!" MADE MY HEART FLUTTER A LITTLE! :-) - Dr. D - you say all the right things! The following day, JaVonica sent me my quote.

Then the hard part came. I called, emailed, called..... I'm not sure how many times. I understand it was during the holidays, business is booming & im the one with the short schedule - but getting in contact with the office again for his next availability so that I could secure a date ASAP, was HARD. A friend of mine was interested in breast augmentation, so I directed her to his Philly website, she spoke with a coordinator (Peg), and discussed my situation, so Peg advised her that I could reach out to her instead. AND THANK GOD FOR PEG! PEG IF YOU READ THIS, know that I LOVE YOU! Your communication is on point, you're personable, you're available, you're attentive and SUPER SWEET!

I'll admit, I was beyond frustrated - on one hand I felt like I was harassing the office just so I could give up my hard earned cash. But the reality is, I ONLY WANTED TO WORK WITH DR. D and I had a timeline I needed to work within (because of my original dates for California, or I would have to wait until March - and I wanted this done before March, because that's my BDay month - LONG STORY SHORT). So it wasn't the office to blame, it was completely my own fault with last minute changes. But Peggy - she worked with me. She worked with me more than I thought would be possible, because I no longer thought two weeks before surgery to get everything situated was realistic at all. Turns out, it was and she did everything she could to help me through it. PEG YOURE AMAZING! - Peg also explained that JaVonica had been out sick, so that in itself is understandable.

Okay enough rambling on. Deposit paid, surgery scheduled for Jan 20th (Boston), preop Jan 18 in NYC. I'm so excited!

- 5'6
- 171 LBS

Attached are some before pics & I'll let you know how Pre-Op goes!

BBL DREAMING! 2 Days until -

Okay! So pre-op scheduled today! 2 more days until GO TIME! Going through my wish pics & consulting with hubby about ideal butts.

As you can see, in the pics posted prior. There's more than enough fat to volumize my booty just right, but hubby is scared it's going to be too big. Wish pics are his way of keeping me grounded I guess.

About me;
I've had two preterm deliveries, due to undiagnosed IC*. Over the past 2 years my body has been through it with weight gain & weight loss & now I'm ready to for a renewed self! Life goes on & since being a parent is not the path for me right now, it's time to be a little selfish with my future years!

Supply Check?!?

Okay, so Peg helped to guide me through most of what is expected. She recommended;
- Boppy Pillow
- Pool Tubes
- Lipo Foams
- I ordered 2 other compression garments / stage 2 ( 24HRS Post Op - arrives tomorrow)
- Stool softener/ herbal laxatives
- Dial/ Antibacterial body soap

- Books

She suggested that everything else (arnica, gel pads etc.,) Wait/ consult with Dr. D.

Ladies, am I missing anything? I'm 1 day and change away. PLEASE HELP

Pre-OP a success! 1 Day to go!

I arrived at 128 Central Park S. Greeted by a doorman and directed straight ahead to Body Contourings' office. Finally met Peg the Beauty & Bodacious JaVonica! Filled out a few forms, disclaimers and medical history etc. JoVonica assisted me with my scripts and showed me to my consult room. I undressed, covered up & sat back with my latest book while I waited to be seen by Doctor D.

You can tell he is a busy man. Very percise, but welcoming. We discussed the procedure, went over my expectations, covered my post op questions and he provided clarity for all the grey areas.

He brought back the excitement of "why" I'm getting this kind of procedure done, because I can tell you, all that's been on my mind is the amount of discomfort I'm about to experience over the course of the next 4 weeks and counting & if it was truly worth it. . . Dr. D, helped to put things back into perspective. :-)

Jan 20th, 2016 is almost here !

- Natural drop
- volume
- slightly enhanced hips
- reduced muffin top
- less dimpling

Last Minute to do:
- Lipo / Epi foam boards
- Compression stockings/ socks
- grocery (Coconut water, protein supplement, green smoothie ingredients, pineapples, herbal lax, water)


Good morning ladies! Today is the day of surgery & we are off to an early start. I know hubby is going to be knocked out while I'm under because of this. We are driving from NY to Boston. Hospital check in for 9AM. I'm already dreaming about the seared salmon, mashd' & garlic greens I made the night before that I didn't get to eat :-(

I am a morning person - when I atleast have a cup of tea or coffee ! *its the little things*** lol! Ahhhhh can't wait for something warm in my tummy later. Anywho UP & OUT!

Garment Update:
The leonisa garments came in yesterday. L & XL. The XL isn't that snug and the L is comfortable, so these should fit wonderfully post OP with options depending on my levels of pain etc. Pics will be up soon - POST OP of course! Still waiting on my Epi/Lipo foam boards.

Day of - Update!

Hola dolls! Here's the scoop;
- Checked in around 9am
- Admitted at about 10:30
- Changed, met with the the surgical team, the anesthesiologist team, the nurse hooked up my IV then met with Dr. D to discuss what I wanted and get marked up.
- Entered the OR around 12 something
- Dr. D was extremely attentive and reassured me that everything was going to be alright - then I was knocked out!
- Woke up in the OR around 2 maybe 3. The surgery itselfish was about 1HR 30 Minutes
- Taken to the recovery room & finally given something to drink, I probably had about 6 cups of cranberry juice and a ginger ale as well as like 8 graham crackers - it was EVERYTHING! I was starving and my throat was so dry (breathing tube)
- I was in and out of sleep until about 6pm
- after all that liquid I still didn't pee but I was ready to go home (driving back to NY) and asked to be discharged.
- Dr. D came back to check in on me and show me before and after shots. He is so hospitable! While I was knocked out, hem spent some time with my husband reassuring him and getting to aquatinted with a little bit more. This really helped my husband become more comfortable.
- I was discharged at about 7. I'm not sure if it was the percs or the garment sneezing the life out of me, but I quickly became light headed. This happened everytime I stood up. So the three stops we made on the way back to NY was a little difficult. I'm super swollen so walking is hard and peeing in a straight line is nearly impossible. But I got it done.
- My first week of recovery is at my bestfriends house. There will be help throughout the day & my best friend is an FN God sent! Then the following week will be at home with hubby because I should be able to move around more and he'll be working during the day.
- Percs helped me sleep, coconut water kept me hydrated but I literally used the bathroom every hour. Positive note - keeps the circulation going and keeps me limber.

Soreness on 8/10
Pee control on 10/10
Throat dryness 9/10
Getting out of bed - the most difficult process. I swear I'm going to do some weight training on my arms daily.

This was the easy part. Now recovery is the hard part!

Post Op - Day 1

Sore / stiff / my incision sites hurt.
It looks amazing! I know I'm swollen, but I do hope the size reduces about 30-40%.
Woke up at about 6am.
In and out of sleep throughout the day.
Toast and coffee for breakfast with an antibiotic.
Protein shake for lunch
Green smoothie with spinach mango, pineapple And ginger while eating cashews and walnuts.
Popped about 3 percs throughout the day.
Salmon, kale salad and roasted potatoes will be for dinner. MY BESTFRIEND IS THE BEST!
Changed my garment at the 24HR mark. Here are some pics.

Quick Tips!

Get ready for TMI; I took a couple stocking panties from the hospital because my panties aren't going to fit and I was in the final day of my cycle on the day of my sx. It actually came in handy because now I line it with a panty liner/ pad - Since it sometimes takes me so long to get out of bed when I need to urinate, it's def been extremely useful.

Post Op - Day 2

Today I'm def. a lot more mobile than I expected. Yesterday's smoothies must be working its benefits + today's!
- Green smoothie had a good amount of fresh ginger (which helps with inflammation)
- Protein shake is Vegan and veggie based with 2 servings of vegetables with every scoop!

Idk if that's really the culprit, all I know is I've been downstairs 3x and counting for the day. Now I'm not saying I've been able hop, skip and jump. It's still difficult to stand up straight initially, but I take everything slow and stretch it out every chance I get.

Changing into the other garment that I purchased was a nightmare and in the end, I ended up putting on the one I wore from the hospital (it was washed & I had to cut the butt portion more, so it would fit better). Peg suggested that I wore it around the house prior to the surgery to stretch it out a bit & I completely missed that step. I'll have my BESTFRIEND put it on herself, for a few hours, to help me stretch it out. All in all day 2 is "okay". Like I said I expected a lot more pain but 3 percs throughout the day thus far, is keeping a lot of the discomfort in check.

Antibiotics every 4 hours, and it's about that time.

Please read!

Ladies! Idk why I haven't found any information on this before but I think it's something worth knowing. In the long run, you will def. thank me. SERIOUSLY TAKE HEED!

Work your arms! Weight train - resistance train- push ups- SOMETHING! Once you've had this procedure done, your arms will be the most important part of your body when getting on and off your bed, chair, knees, toilet, any and everything! Little by little I'm getting stronger, but if I were prep'd prior, things would be much easier!
You'll see what I mean, once you cross this bridge ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? - you're welcome!

Post Op - Day 3

So! Last night I was completely out of it. A headache came on around 6PM, took an Oxy and it made it worse. Then I got a fever of 101.3 around 9PM and it was downhill from there. No clue what prompted any of it, but I def. wasn't taking any more oxy. I used a cold compress & wrapped up in order to sweat that fever out. Last night was awfully uncomfortable. I expected discomfort during my recovery, hopefully that was the worst of it.

Spoke to Dr. D & Peg around 10AM. They recommended Motrin, aspirin and aleve. Luckily***** I had aspirin, because this snow in NYC is no joke and no one was going to be going outside for me. Words of advice, have NSAIDs on hand, just in case. Apparently, too much oxy can cause migraines.

Took a nap after I had the aspirin while applying a cold compress to my head and woke up 3 hours later - ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!! That's the longest I've slept in one sitting since my SX. My morning overall was eventful. I drank IASO herbal cleanse the night before which helped me with 3 bowel movements for the day! ????????????????. Once the migraine went away and the last bowel movement past - I felt better.

- Grilled Brie sandwich for breakfast
- protein shake and walnuts for a snack
- steamed veggie dumplings for lunch
- lots of water throughout the day
- antibiotic 2x so far
- up and about a few times today - stuck my toes in the snow (fresh snow fall I so gorgeous!!!!)

Side note: I may have to order another high waisted compression garment. The one that my BESTFRIEND is wearing in order to stretch it out for me, still doesn't seem like it's going to fit.

Today started on a negative note, but it's moving along smoothly now.

Post Op - Day 4

It's been a decent day. Still on my high protein with green smoothie regime. To help with the headaches I've been drinking "Green Tea w/ lemon & honey" - it might be all in my head, but it works. Chamomile and Ginger root tea are also herbal alternative for headaches. (aspirin wasn't working anymore and Oxy is off the table for me right now).

Finally changed into the tighter garment that my best friend has been trying to stretch out for me, YEZUS I HATE IT! Super tight, and since I'm not taking any pain killers - sigh*** Anywho! Recovery moving along. Haven't gotten bored, taking it easy with books, sleep, movies, walking about, talking with my bestfriend, more sleep! Follow up appointment is tomorrow!

Post Op - Day 6

Catch Up - Day 5
- Had my post op follow up with Dr. D
- he removed the formed foam on the triangle of my back (Ouch*)
- bruises are healing
- Incisions are healing
- everything looked well according to his assessment
- Follow up in another month
- he suggested I needed to take it a little easier, and keep drinking electrolytes to help with my dizziness and headaches

Day 6: Other than that, everything has been very routine, from day to day. Little by little I'm more mobile, but I'm going to focus on relaxing going forward, instead of how quickly I recover, because these headaches are no joke!!!!!! And I need them gone! Made a mistake and didn't put my compression stockings back on, once I got back to my bestfriends house ---- woke up to swollen cankles LOL! Won't be doing that again.

- Electrolytes are your best friend! DO NOT LET THEM RUN DRY! It's basically life or death!
- change garments daily, allow your body to breathe
- Wear your compression stockings ladies!

Back to relaxing beauties! Enjoy your night!

Post Op - Day 8

Hola ladies!

Day 2 of being back home! And it's been good. The pain is def. more manageable (6/7). Again things are still pretty routine, other than being able to SHOWER :-D !
That's probably the highlight of my days. I've been using a little jelly ice pack on my boobs, to help with the bruising, and they've reduced significantly.

Hmmmm.... What's new? I ordered another high waisted slimming garment from Leonisa, with longer leg coverage - it's SUPER TIGHT & bestie isn't here to help me stretch this one out.
When getting out of bed, my lower back is where I feel most of the discomfort... I want to compare it to "ripping" . But everyday it hurts less, so doing better and better daily.
- Stretching
- Relaxing
- headaches gone BTW! (Herbal tea, 2x daily)

Anywho - so far so good!

Post Op - Day 11

Hola Dolls!

I update when there are changes, like I said in my last post, everything has been pretty routine. I had my first lymphatic drainage massage on Friday; GIRRRR DID IT HURT, but defiently helped with the stiffness in my back. She only worked my back because I wasn't at the 2 week mark and I didn't want to lay on my back, causing any pressure to my buttocks as yet. Since then, that ripping feeling in my lower back has gone down to a solid 4/10 discomfort wise. Next massage is scheduled for the 2nd, to work my stomach. I'll let you know how that goes.

Last night my skin felt like it was on fire. Peg said that when my nerves start to heal it'll feel like severe sunburn, so I want to say that's the feeling of last night shenanigans - popped a Perc. & had a cup of lemon-ginger Green tea.

Woke up this morning with less stiffness in my thighs & I will be stretching throughout the day. I'm suppose to return to work on the 4th, so I'm hoping that my recovery is going to allow that or I might need another week.

16 Days already!?!?

Good evening ladies!!!!

Majority of the pain has diminished. This is the part where my mid section and back feel like i had a really good workout but didn't stretch after so it's really stiff in the morning and sore depending on the movements.

I've had 3 lymphatic drainage massages so far with HOUR GLASS DIVA, in Union NJ. It's def. helped with reducing swelling and helping my muscles loosen up, in some way.

Today was my first day back to work. I stand majority of the day, so I was advised to wear 2 compression socks. Overall not being able to really sit, is difficult. At a point I locked my office door and laid tummy first on the desk to relax all the tension in my legs. But I made it through the day & will be at work again tomorrow.

I love my body !

Updated Pics!


P.S. @ 16 days most of my stitches have dissolved!

Before & after - Look at this artwork!

Thank you Dr. D!

POST OP - 21 Days!

Hola Dolls!

Every week is better, but recovery is def still in full motion. I've been back to work just about a week now. Haven't been sitting, either taking a knee in a chair to rest each leg or literally laying on my office desk on a pillow for 5-15 minutes at a time. My results look too bomb for me to jeopardize it.

- Stay true to that protein shake !
- Citrus = Pineapples, Orange juice, Grapefruit
- The morning is the hardest. That's when my body is sore, my arms are weak and my midsection is stiff. I drink camomile or green tea with lemon and honey to start the day. Then I stretch, arms in the air, then lean over as far as I can, as if trying to touch my toes - all of this helps (me atleast)
- The lymphatic massages have helped with my swelling significantly (ultrasound, massages, suction & a drainage lotion aftercare). I've had 4 so far, 5th tomorrow!
- I've been having a lot of shocking sensations, itchiness on my buttocks, tingling and more shocking sharp pains - I'm told that's a sign that my nerves are regenerating.
- Overall I believe I'm on track with my recovery. My daily diet has been clean - except for the Mrs. Field ice cream sandwich day before yesterday ??. My goal is to feed my body what it needs, weight train once I'm able to and look the best I've ever looked in my life!



Hola dolls! I'm two months post op & sharing some pics. A couple things to add;
- Lymphatic massages are a must!
- Protein shakes/ bars etc., are mandatory.
- I'm 2 months post op with 4 months more to go, 6 months for absolute recovery right?!? Stay calm ladies & take care of your bodies!

My skin is finally relaxing - in a sense. Everything was super tight, stiff etc. after my massages I'm finally feeling a little relaxation in my mid section. My left cheek is sore and tender, must be the areas where the fat was transplanted / cannula injected. Idk - but it gets sore. Butt massages help!

Almost 3 Months In!

Hola dolls! So I just got back from my birthday vacation. Sitting for 3 hours on a flight wasn't absolute death, but still not business as usual as yet. The trip was fun but rough. No pool, swim, jacuzzi action for me because I start to get tight/ swollen when I'm in the shower too long, so I was worried about that happening on my trip. I def wore my seamless compression garment whenever I could and flaunted my work of art just as well.

I'm still scared to sleep on my back, so I sleep on my sides and stomach still. The most discomfort is my lower back. It still feels stiff and there are burning sensations whenever I lay on my stomach for more that 5 minutes. So when I sleep and wake up, before I get out of bed, I have to rub my sides and lower back to relax or wake up my muscles before getting out of bed, or it feels like I've ripped something when I get up. Idk how else to explain it. I use a heating pad 2-3 times a week to help with my lower back issue. But I am calling the Dr. Today to schedule another follow up appointment. The lines in my side (cannula lines) are less noticible, but my stomach is still a little bumpy and uneven. I still get these shocking pains in my back, sides and stomach as well, probably nerve regeneration. #Prayingforprogress

All in all I love my shape, the size of my ass and my hips. I hate that I'm still in pain, sex isn't without its repercussions, and the appearance of my stomach is bumpy/ lumpy/ uneven. (I'm told it's part of the process so I'm not stressing it as yet, just updating you all on my recovery!)

1 Year Post OP!

Hey this is a 1 year post OP pic for those who are curious!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Del Vecchio is a true artist and a professional. He is a confident man, and he has all right to be. His technique and results are much to be desired. My overall experience has been positive. Now, phone / email responsiveness might not be your idea of excellent, but in a prominent and popular practice as Uptown Body Contouring/ Back Bay Plastic, expect busy! His staff is very attentive, personable, and caring - PEGGY you're amazing. Dr. D made an excellent impression on my husband, mind you, my husband wasn't very fond of my decision. I am confident in his work, I will say that I truly believe he worked his magic on me. My waist is snatched, my arch is clean, my stomach is non existent, however, I didn't expect 3100 CC in each cheek nor such wide and high hips, my ideal look was much more subtle with a more natural drop. We discussed my wants & I know he worked towards my expectations. Dr. D explained the survival rate (30%-40% will not last) and timing expected in order for everything to fall into place (6 months to 1 YR) so I have a few months before my expected results come to life. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. D & am looking forward to all that he has blessed me with.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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