Office review: 36 Year Old and 1 Kid. Interested in Dr. Delvecchio - New York, NY

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So far, I've contacted Dr. Delvecchio's office and...

So far, I've contacted Dr. Delvecchio's office and scheduled a consultation for October 31st. I'm super excited because I've been stalking real self, and also been checking out his Instagram. His work looks great and I am very much in need of re-construction. I will definitely write a review on real self after I meet with him.

Met Dr. Del Vecchio Today!

So, today I met with the doctor and I must say how extremely pleasant he is. I will be scheduling my surgery with this doctor sometime in December, as soon as I figure out my time off from work schedule. I'm very excited!

Today is my surgery with Dr. Del Vecchio!

Surgery completed and I'm in recovery phase. Today is exactly 2wks PO

Hi guys, sorry for the delayed updates but it's been a process recovering. It's hard. Point blank. I've had moments where I just felt so terrible with all the pain and what not. Again, please keep in mind that the pain and discomfort is REAL!!! I will give more details as Time goes by. Thanks so much for all of ur concern and prayers. Here are some photos...

4 Weeks Post-op

Feeling much better but now the stiffness is starting up. Started back work but working from home for the next two weeks...thank God. Ladies, you will NEED TIME to recover from this procedure. It is no walk in the park. I'm being honest as to what my experience has been. It has been extremely challenging. 2 weeks Post op I got an infection in my leg and ended up being admitted to the hospital for a couple of days. My hemoglobin dropped all the way down to 7.4, and I was just in discomfort and tired all the time. This is the first wk I can actually say I feel good. I know I have a long way to go still but thankful the worst is over.
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I will return to write a review after I've had the consultation

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