50 Year Old, One C Section Looking for Smart Lipo in NYC Area - New York, NY

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So RS community, I've been dreaming of lipo for...

So RS community,
I've been dreaming of lipo for years. I was always scared and intimidated to even go for a consult due to my ignorance about prices, procedures, etc. and then I found RS and the amount of knowledge on this site gave me the strength to take the first steps to go see PS. I've decided to post about my searches and the consultation process as I think it is very scary and intimidating. Once I decide on a doctor and have the procedure, I'll post about too. Giving back to the community I guess.

Dr Lawrence Bass on Park Ave lipo consult

So my first ever consult was with dr Lawrence Bass on Park Ave. By the way, I only want a board certified PS. The consult is $250 which can be applied to the procedure. My main question was whether I would do cool sculpture or smart lipo. I don't want a TT for sure. Dr Bass was absolutely great. Great manners, very very qualified and just a great doctor all around. He said that I would end up spending $6,000 on coolsculpting while not getting the results that I would with smart lipo. He really listened to my concerns and was warm and nice. His price was about $7,000 all in (upper and lower abs, flanks and back) for smart lipo. He said he would throw in a small double chin lipo. He said that I would loose about one inch with coolsculpting while a would loose several inches with smart lipo. He said I could do lipo now and later do a TT if I wanted to. The two are complementary and can be done over time if I wanted to. Explain the recovery process. He convinced me that smart lipo is the way to go for my needs. He's very very high on my list but I have to keep on looking and do my homework. More consults to come.

Also what you've hated your entire life is maybe a good thing

So I have a fatty stomach. No matter if how much weight I loose (at my best at 130 lbs), I always had a fatty jiggly stomach. Well, that's good news in the lipo world. My fat is all above my muscle and can be sucked away. It's not the visceral fat that less noticeable but cannot be lipoed out. So rejoice if you can pinched that fat between your fingers.

Dr. Neil Goldberg in Scarsdale

So my second consultation was with Dr. Goldberg in Scarsdale. I found him in the Best Doctor in Westchester. He's PS board certified as well (only going to board certified PS). The consult was free and I have to say that Dr. Goldberg didn't impress me in that he was somewhat cold and distant. PSs must realize that we go to them for hope and happiness and that for some of us, it took years of courage to get there. The Dr was almost morose. He didn't give me one compliment/encouragement. I'm not one who needs to have my hand held like a teenager. But this is hard to do. You stand almost naked in front of a doctor discussing what you hate most about yourself. Also, he didn't have smart lipo and said that he didn't do it because of the risk of burning. I was surprised. His quote was $7,000 for the same lower and upper abs, flank and back. I don't think I'll keep him on my list. Even though I'm sure he's very qualified, I'm not that comfortable with him and wouldn't really trust his judgment since he didn't make the effort (or maybe just could) establish a trusting relationship. It's almost like he was depressed.

New York City Sticker Shock -- $16,000 for the same Smart Lipo -- double the price

So here I have to keep all the names out of my post as it would hit too close to home. But this post is the reason that RS is so important in that it allows us to be educated consumers. So, I asked a doctor friend of mine to recommend me a "good and reasonably priced" PS to do the same smart lipo to upper & lower abs, flanks and back. He recommended me to this board certified PS on the upper east side. I went for the $250 consult, the doctor was great. Very personable, very qualified and the facilities were very nice. Then came the "estimate." His total estimate was $16,000. This is how he got to this fee (just a reminder, I want in our lay people's talk to have my stomach, muffin top and back treated), his bill has 4 areas of treatment: Upper ab, lower ab, waist and back bra roll. This is how what we regular people would consider one or two areas gets treated as four distinct areas. The charge per area was $4,500 for the first and a "discount" of $3000 for all others. Also added to the bill was anesthesia fee almost double the regular $1,000 charge and a facility fee of nearly $2,000. Now, please let me know how you would consider the waist a different (added) area when you're treating the upper and lower abs? I just don't get it. Some lucky ones may be able to pay $16,000 for pretty simple lipo (note: I have no medical issues at all, BMI in normal range) but not me.
I will talk to my doctor friend who recommended me to him. It was a mistake. I really just want a good and reliable doctor to do a good and safe surgery. I don't need the top of the top. It's like I'm looking for a safe and reliable family car and was sent to the Porsche car dealer and had to pay $250 to realize that I was out of my leagues.

I have a consult with Dr. Joel B. Singer at American Lipo Center (NYC) Monday -- Very excited

So I kept on reading about the American Lipo Centers on RS and was seeing that they had unbelievable prices and very good reviews. I decided to do a bit more research and found that Dr. Singer is the doctor doing the procedures in NYC. He had very good review, is Board Certified PS and people were happy with him, but he has had some trouble with his prior clinics. I read through the articles and realized that his troubles were not because of bad patient care but because of bad management of his clinics. Clearly the guy is a better doctor than manager. So yesterday, I decided to give the American Lipo Center a call to schedule a consultation.
When you call, you reach the headquarters in Virginia. The girls schedule my appointment for Monday. The consult is free. She also let me know that they are running a 50% off special and that it would be available if I put down a $500 deposit on Monday during my consult with the procedure to be done at a later date. She quoted me $7,500 regular price with a reduced price of $3,500 to $3,800 if I put down the deposit.
Since this would be my fourth consult, if I'm happy with Dr. Singer and feel comfortable with him and the facilities, I think I'm ready to take the jump. Mind you, this is not a Target sale we are talking about. The cost is of course a big component of my decision but it is not the only one. I want to be happy with the results and be safe. But, man that price.
I'll post more after the consult.

Consult with Dr. Joel B. Singer at American Lipo Center (NYC) Report

So I had my consult with Dr. Singer at the American LIpo Center. Clearly, this operation is different from the consults I've had so far, but not all bad. The consult is free (which is good) and the patients in the waiting room were full of information and really funny. So I went in with Dr. Singer. He's a nice guy. Clearly has done thousands of these and as he says could do them with his eyes closed (I asked him not to). I didn't undressed for him. Just showed him my areas of trouble. Said that he could help. My skin may not tighten back because of age unless I did a TT (which I knew). He does not have an anesthesiologist for his procedures. He said that since he's doing local, no need for it and it's less expensive. I'm healthy and I agree that I may not need it. So, the office also makes you sign all these disclaimers before you go in. I think they are really trying to cover their ass in case you're not happy with the procedure. They also say that they don't send you pictures, so it's up to you to make your own before and after. I didn't see anything outrageous, but it's not most comforting to read. The price that he quoted me is $4,550 for upper and lower abs, flanks and back. That's a third less than my favorite doctor. I didn't sign up for it and didn't leave a deposit as one patient in the waiting room said that they always run a special so no need to rush. I need to think about it all.
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