19 Years Old Getting Invisalign After Not Wearing Retainers. New York, NY

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I did not really care about my teeth in high...

I did not really care about my teeth in high school. I always think that I had okay teeth. But as more and more of my friends finished with their braces, I started to see a huge difference. My teeth are a mess! and I get so self-conscious ever since I started college. I had braces when I was in the 5th grade, and got them off in 7th grade. I think my teeth were pretty straight (Can't remember)? but I did not really wear my retainers and lost them when I was moving. So I've decided to go with Invisalign! This is my tray 1/17!


it's my almost 4th week with Invisalign! I aam currently on tray #2, week 2. So far I have experienced close to zero pain. I can't really tell if my teeth are moving but when I compare my 2nd tray to the 1st one, I can kinda see some shift and it is making me so excited! I also took a look at my tray #6(which I will wear in the end of july) and it looks like my teeth will be alot straighter by then! I am so so so excited. Cant wait to see how my teeth turn out by the end of this summer!

done with my 2nd tray... 3rd tray!!!

Just popped in my third tray!!!

toward the end of 3/17 trays

I am in the end of my tray 3! So excited to switch to the new tray on tuesday next week. I actually bited a little bit of the end of tray of earlier today... I have also been using shaving cream(thats right!) to clean my trays and its been working wonders! here is a picture of the update

3 days into my 4th tray

This tray does not hurt as much as last one... progress anyone?

Just put in my 5th tray

can you see any change


Bottom teeth are hurting alot more than the top teeth this time. hmmmm. well. I can feel/see slight changes... less than 6 months to go!

And here is my video!

ah!! tray 6/17! 1/3 down!

this one is tight!!!! seeing my dentist in 2 weeks and getting next 6 trays!!!

3 days in for tray 6/17

9 days in with my 6th tray!

time really flew by so fast! I am going to see my dentist next tuesday to get the next 6 trays. It seems like i just got invisalign yesterday but i am 1/3 way done already!

Tray 7/17!!!

Went to the dentist to pick up my new trays. I am on number 7 now!!!! I have tray 7~11 right now and my next appointment is in the end of October. One thing super exciting about invisalign is that you get to take many trays home and you can visualize where your teeth are weeks ahead. By looking at tray 10/11, I can see that my upper teeth are going to be pretty straight by then! Cant wait:D Here are pictures update:

Last day of tray 7!

Moving onto tray 8 tomorrow!

Onto tray 9/17!!!

Finally half way through!!


Just put in my 10th tray!! 3 months and 20 something days to go!!

first day vs 10th tray





I am on my 12th tray now! Meeting my my dentist in two months to discuss what to do after my 17th tray


4 days in 13th tray

2 more days until tray 14!


5 days in with tray 14!

tray 14, 3 days before tray 15/17

Just put in tray 15!




Its been a long time!

I am back with 17 more trays for refinement... sighhhh. currently on tray 5/16


Long due! Almost done with this refinement... I haven't been wearing them as much as I should've but life gets busy you feel?


Just popped in tray #14!


Two more weeks


Last tray, 7 more days!


Though I am not 100% happy with the result but I think I can live with this
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