28 Year Old, Wanted a Brow Lift to Stop Sending the Wrong Impression. - Newburgh, NY

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I always wanted a brow lift because i was sending...

I always wanted a brow lift because i was sending the wrong impression all the time and it was costing me. People thought i was angry all the time which i wasn't. I had to walk around with my eyebrows raised all the time to appear pleasant, so when i could finally afford surgery i got it.

The results were a slight improvement but weren't exactly what i told the doctor i wanted. the doctor told me to relax my brows took a picture and then to raise them and too a picture and took the raised pictures into the surgery and copied that onto my face. i know it sounds funny. Wanna know what was really funny? i involuntarily had one eye brow slight raised higher than the other and he didn't correct it.

After the swelling went down i noticed it and pointed it out to him and he said "that's how they were in the picture". Yeah, really!! and not only that i got some bright visible scars from it. Scars he said would be paper thin and would fade and be covered by my eye brows.

He conducted a follow up just to say i am healing okay, which is fine. However, there was never a followup to see if i was satisfied with the results. its been over a year now and he hasn't emailed, wrote or called. My appearance is a little better but now i wear hat to cover my scars.

Good News

The Dr Reach out to me and requested i come in for a consultation to address my concerns and to ensure satisfaction. I am pleased that the reached out, and even more so when he said it wont be at my expense. Awesome, i'll post as we go.

Scars Revised

Okay, so Dr Fugo reached out to me 1 year after the surgery only because i left a not so pleasant review on here. His response to the bright visible scars he had promised would be paper thin and nearly invisible was due to "my healing" as it was the first time he had ever gotten these results.

Okay, i refuse to just believe that blindly and since i was set on getting a scar revision anyway it would be a perfect chance to test if it was really my healing or is ability. For those of you wondering if he offered a scar revision, yes he did. (free of cost) He offered to remove the wider more visible part of the car tissue instead of the whole scar tissue itself, but he said there is no grantee that the scar wouldn't come back maybe even larger.

He asked me what i tried and i said chemical peels, which did nothing. And he elected to give me one of his because he see's that i have lighter complexion other places on my face. As i anticipated the peel did nothing and he drew attention away from the fact by saying my complexion is now evened out in other places. but not at the scar area. lol

Anyway, i got the scar revised recently by a "specialist" who had "before and after pictures" (hint hint wink wink) and if the the results are what they were before i will take back all i have said and change my review to full 5 starts for DR. Fugo.

However i doubt the results will be the same. because after surgery with DR. Fugo i was bleeding. blood was running down my face and he had to bandage me up. (something he had advised would not happen in our initial consultation)

After the revision there was no bleeding so no bandages. The next thing id like to point out was that the sutures Dr Fugo used started coming out on their own 2 days after which he said was normal and the would close on its own over time.

The sutures after the revision are still in so the wound is still held shut, AWESOME!!. But, what i love is that most cant tell that i had a surgery unless i pointed it out.

After surgery with Dr. Fugo everyone noticed and asked "what happened?" "did you get in a fight, or accident" cause they were seeing an opened wound. Picture provided below.

After the revision the first comment i got was " Its a huge difference, i don't see the scars anymore"

So i strongly believe this is going to work out great, despite what most other general plastic surgeons said about nothing can be done for the scars and a high chances of it coming back if not worse.

Like i mentioned above if I'm wrong, and the scars return like they were before or worse, I'll take back all i said and put up a 5 stars review.

I''ll post updates in a month or so with pics
Newburgh Plastic Surgeon

In my opinion, his personality was what you would expect from a Dr. he was nice, welcoming, funny answered all my emails quickly and thoroughly, reassured me that i would be satisfied, that he's does the procedure twice a month. during the procedure his bed side manner was the best. I cant take that from the guy, he and his nurse were delightful, music, jokes, very relaxing atmosphere. However, the scars that he said would fade and be covered by my brows within 6 months of the surgery did not happen. He conducted 3 followups 1,2, & 3 weeks apart to monitor my healing and recovery. Perfectly fine, however i never received a letter or email from him to see if i was satisfied with the results and its been over a year. What i believe is that he is good at other procedures Eg breasts, stomach etc but not good at others, like the one i wanted, a brow lift. I think that's why i didn't see any before and after pics for brow lifts on his site and when i asked for before and after pics he told me he cant show me because of patient confidentiality or something like that. Great staff though!

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