Asymmetry & Nipple Inversion...Absolutely Devastated - New Westminster, BC

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My motivation was to reduce the sagging and pain...

My motivation was to reduce the sagging and pain from pendulous breasts. At my two week followup the doctor was incredibly encouraging that things would even out over time and that concerns I had would likely sort themselves out. It's been an emotion 7 weeks since that appt. as positive change has not occurred. I held myself together, optimistic for news at the second follow-up today. If you can call only crying for a few hours post shower daily. At today's appt, my doctor said he resize the aureola but doubted they would look much better as by his measurements they are only 4 mm off. Other than that, I am pretty much out of luck. Because of the extra volume on one side (oops) and the inversion of the nipple (oops). Together all these small things add up, I look deformed. I have only shown one friend, the kindest person I know, who thought they looked 'ridiculous' and encouraged me that the doctor would be sure to correct them. Unfortunately he was not his encouraging self. He was more intent on making me feel bad and stupid for expecting more, reminding me the point of the operation was volume reduction. I'm on hour 5 of non-stop crying. I have never hated myself or a part of my body more than I do now. I did expect scars and I was prepared that perfection was not possible but I was not prepared to be left so ugly. I am so ashamed. Insurance paid for my reduction and I do not have resources at this time to see another surgeon for help. I wish I had never done this. If you are considering this surgery, think very carefully.
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