1ST Vi Peel. Vienna, VA

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I wanted to try this Vi peel to help with my adult...

I wanted to try this Vi peel to help with my adult acne. My acne has been getting out of control the last few years due to age, hormones and STRESS! So a dermatologist told me "it doesn't matter how healthy you are on the inside, if you don't take care of the outside (your skin) it'll be obvious." So I bought a vi peel package and did my 1st one today.

Day 2 & Day 4

Day 3 I didn’t take any pictures because I was so busy (and uncomfortable). The peeling looked pretty bad but I wasn't TOLD NOT TO PEEL ANY FLAKING SKIN OR SHEETS OF FLAKING SKIN!!! SO I DID :( BAD, BAD, BAD IDEA. It was very painful for me on Day 3

DAY 4 (evening time)

This is the most painful day yet. I'm questioning why I did this???


So DAY 5 most of my peeling is done. I'm not nearly in as much pain as I was yesterday. My skin still feels tight & dry after I wash it. And I started using Aquaphor this morning like some doctors on this website recommended. It helps relieve itching & tightness quite a bit AND DOES NOT BURN LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE I WAS TRYING TO MOISTURIZE WITH!!!! Now my only complaint is that my red acne spots (which I was trying to get rid of!) actually look worse today than they did before my peel. I'm not sure if this is normal? Everyone says that beautiful, clear skin is supposed to be revealed after the peeling. Not sure why that didn't happen to me??


Things are looking and feeling better. Still red blemish markings around that I'm not happy about, but I'll be patient.


On the mend


On the mend

DAY 11

I see some improvement in skin texture, smoothness and dark red acne spots have decreased & lessened. Since my skin was in pretty bad shape I think I would need multiple peels in order to get better results.

Dark acne worsened

It's 3 months after my ViPeel and the dark acne on my cheeks has never looked worse! I never had any acne in this area! I think that I had uncontrolled staph infections in my pores on my face. And when I did the ViPeel it actually just spread the infection deeper. I regret having the peel. I should have consulted a reputable dermatologist 1st to treat my acne instead of trying to handle it myself.

9 months post ViPeel

I now have terrible cystic acne on my cheeks. I never had any kind of acne on my cheeks before the ViPeel. This is infuriating and feels criminal. I've been spending $100's trying to get this awful acne under control but nothing is working. I am extremely disappointed and I greatly regret that I ever had the ViPeel done.

1 year later - AFTER ViPeel

I am doing great. No thanks to ViPeel. There were many other things that helped me finally "tame" my out of control cystic acne. Benzacline topical cream. Yaz birth control. Started taking YC-7 probiotics for females by Douglas Labs. Trying to eat healthy. Washing my face on a regular basis with a good facial cleaner. Sometime I still use a retinoid topical cream. And I DON'T use pore clogging makeup and foundation anymore! Trying to leave a clean face all day vs. wearing makeup everyday has really helped me. Will post photo later, soon.

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