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Went into this wanting a tummy tuck?? Through...

Went into this wanting a tummy tuck?? Through research and consultations decided on a full tummy tuck with lipo and transfer to the butt. I love the results of one doctor, but he's not certified(eligible tho). Found a certified doctor in Dominican Republic, but scared to go out the country.... help!

Plus size finding PS!!! Tummy tuck

Ok so I'm for sure not going out the country. Matter fact Michigan it is!! Big shout out and coodo's to all the ladies that went out the country, got great results and saved a bunch of money. I'm just too scared!!! Think I read too many reviews... Any who I think I'm going with............... Dr. Harake!!!!!!!!!!
I am a plus size and been doing alot of research so I think I will schedule for January. I want to lose 15-25 more pounds before the surgery. Plus I start vein removal surgery on both next week with 12 procedures totals, twice a week so I wanna completely separate the 2. My PS says it should be fine even if I do them together but..... Nope!!!
I love everything about Harake besides him making me feel like "lets go, lets do this now" Even sounded a little disappointed when he realized I was firm with January. I can I should upload pictures huh!


Guess I'll add pictures so I can get responses.:(

3rd consult with same doctor( finally pictures)

So today I have an appointment with Dr. Harake again (3rd one). He not board certified but eligible along with other certifications and memberships. I've seen pictures but think I need to see more. I love the way he talks and the confidence he has in his work. I WANT GOOD RESULTS!!
He's always available, my first consult I cancelled through his after hour automatic service and he called me right back (8-9 o'clock at night) I really didn't know if that was good or bad. I was thinking first he was a concerned doctor then had thoughts that he was desperate for patients. After my first consult which was only for a BBL he told me about how great his sculpting skills were and said I'll be a great candidate but might have loose skin but he thought I would still love my results.
After consulting with other doctors I felt that I needed a tummy tuck!
After consulting with 6 other doctors I still loved the shape and curves of Dr.Harake:)
This will be my final consult with him to cross all my T's and dot all my I's.
Today may be the day I make my deposit.

Deposit paid... officially booked!!

Paid my deposit today ($1000). Officially booked for Jan.12th at beumont hospital with Dr. Harake. Surgeon recommended and my option as well was to pay the extra $300 for the overnight hospital stay.:) My operation room at the hospital was a extra $3300 so the $300 for the overnight stay was a no brainer. Total price for TT, BBL and liposculpture, operating hospital room, sedation and overnight stay .........$12,058. Me being confident and happy with my body....Priceless!!!!!


So I've been reading people stories as I go along and realized I haven't shared mine!
I am a mother of 3 beautiful children ages 4 and a set of 3 year old twins which I had all in the time frame of 15 months. My twins were born at 23 weeks via c-section and stayed in the NICU over 4 months. The back to back pregnancies and the stress of the twins being so sick and me completely focusing on them, my body became a after thought. Now that they are healthy, even about to start school in 6 more days, IT'S MOMMY TIME!!! I've been contemplating for about a year and the time is now!!!!! No more running to the hospital and thoughts of being unsure, I'm about to get this body together and run around and enjoy life with my beautiful, NOW HEALTHY children!

When you can finally see your weight loss results!!! Down 17 pounds!

Stepped out for the bad boy concert!
No waist trainer!!!!!!!!

Exactly 4 months to go!

So i have 4 months to go and I made another appointment with my PS just so he can answer a few more questions for me so I can stop stalking RS for awhile and concentrate on my weight loss and getting other things organized. My main question for him is healing concerns of these procedures and order of procedure on the things I'm having done. I want my TT to heal properly and look amazing but I don't wanna lose the fat transferred to my butt. My bbl is such a small amount of my procedure, free actually after all the discounts I got:):):) (early booking, multiple procedure, allowing my picture to be public) were some of the discounts I got. I already got a nice size butt so I was at one point considering TT only but since I found this awesome doctor and it's gonna be done I want it all to heal, look and feel good!!!! Any tips on TT/BBl recovery. I"ve come across a lot of TT only or very old TT/BBL reviews and the user no longer logs in. Should I change my title that states TT and BBL to get more responses.

Vericose veins????

During one of my many consultations while searching for a PS I came across Dr. Georgeson who offered varicose vein removal on my noticeable lumpy blue veins on my legs????
I realized this center specialized in vein removal.
No go for Ty procedure but I took him up on the vein removal!!!

Taking the good with the bad:):(

So I'm still losing weight, just not as fast due to the varicose vein treatments..........and me getting to excited about the first 15 pounds falling off that I got a little to relaxed. I'm OK with that though, I still have a long way to go. I'm now 19 pounds down and while getting dressed this morning the hubby says "you'r stomach is going away now, you look good like that. You don't even need a TT" :((((((. I guess that was a compliment so I just grabbed on my belly and shook it up and down a few times and said what am I gonna do with this" He responded with "do some tightening up exercises":(((((( So then I had to go all into the muscle repair thing which I thought I clearly already explained to him:( Of course he went back into support mode but comments like me "not needing something he know I need so bad" is not comforting especially by the person who's gonna be my biggest support and care-giver through the whole process. I'm saving and will be paying for this procedure with every penny of my money so thank goodness he cant never touch that subject:) Now on to the good, A RS member who I've been following had her procedure done yesterday and posted a great update so far even though it's only been 1 day she surely put the excitement back in me that was almost took out!!!!!
#stillexcited #guessnervescomelater

Tummy Tuck, Lipo with Transfer.

So my procedure is not until January. I have seen Dr. Harake 3 times. I knew he would be my PS the first visit I just had to ensure myself that I was making the right decision, after seeing a few more PS and seeing Dr. Harake again I made my decision. I think my only hesitation with him was I got the vibe he was a fairly new doctor on his own. He has over a decade of experience but not a lot of pictures so that's why I made this assumption. His confidence in his work is through the roof and the few pictures I did see were amazing, but I'm sure he can sell someone of confidence and knowledge alone. I googled and researched almost everything on TT and BBL's and I my concerns and thoughts about this process was mentioned by Dr. Harake so I knew his was on his game!!! I'm so excited to get this thing going. I would have booked earlier but I'm having varicose vein treatment done on both my legs and that's gonna take me into early November. I wanted to separate the 2 procedures by at least 6-8 weeks so January it is. If you want a confident doctors who's not in rush, willing to see and answer every question you need then Dr. Harake is the man. Looking forward to my Harake body!!!

Price breakdown. $6500.00 Tummy tuck & lipo with tranfer (on special) regular price $7500 $3300.00 operating room fee, This is a option if you qualify for in-office procedure. $900.00 Sedation $300.00 hospital stay (also not needed for in-office procedure.

Guess who's down 21 pounds????????

21 pounds down as of today. 27 more to go until I reach my goal BMI. Just may round it of to 29 more. Gone sound good saying I lost 50 pounds!!!!! My surgeon didn't recommend me losing any weight. Doing this for a even better me!!!

Weight is melting!!!! From 265 to 240!!!! Can't believe I'm down 25 whole pounds! New goal 215:):):):) 25 more to go!!!!!!!!! Be

Brought a used treadmill and added 10 more minutes to my work outs. No pops/juices, fried foods and watching calories thanks to fitness! 107 days left, I was thinking about moving my surgery up since I'm losing weight faster than I thought but I don't wanna be down during the holidays!! I have also been taking these vitamins and I think they actually help with the weight loss and keeping my metabolism going!!!
Please share any tips on sleeping and recovering!!

Just love my doctor??

Going to see him one more time before my Pre-op. I want him to see my weight loss and want to ask a few more questions.:) I am now stalking all the worst case scenarios and I want to ensure I have a good recovery. Things I am now researching are horrid! I want to go into this knowing the good and bad!!! I DON'T WANT THE BAD!!! So I'm going full force to ensure I'm doing everything to avoid "the bad"! I think I'm on track besides the marijuana:( I've been smoking for yearsss and my last day is 11-1-2016 that will leave me with 9-10 weeks before surgeries. Dr. Harake told me 2 weeks but I'm not taking no chances. Here's a updated pic and a little convo between me and my PS!!! My last varicose vein treatment is 10-18! Looking forward to missing the bulging veins and the bulging stomach:) Please comment with any questions or suggestions:) I

3 months pre

Just noticed.... Only 3 months left!!!! 92 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonder if I should be doing or preparing for anything??
I've been craigslist shopping for an electric recliner, I was gonna rent one but the price was about the same as buying an used one. This is a better option for me anyways, I don't wanna damage the rented one and be stuck with it. My PS said no to a walker, he don't want be to get dependent to the hunch and want me to straighten up as soon as possible. He also was oppose to to arnica pills and gels?? No study behind it and he says my CG will be my best friend. 23/, yup only off one hour a day for 2 months straight. The hospital will supply my first CG, I will only wear this if the CG my PS is ordering from his office is too big or too small but he's really hoping it fit because the hospital one isn't that good. He suggest a 1X, I hope it fits. I might just order a size up or down to make sure. They cost around $150.00 out of pocket so I'll see! My butt pillow is $99.00 and I'm for sure getting that!!!! These were some of my high price items, the little things will follow!!!
Gonna start my ordering process in another week or two, wanna miss the holiday shipping and shopping traffic. 3 MONTHS TO GO!!!!!!!

Officially on the move!

Hi All
I went to see Dr. Harake yesterday:):):):):) We talked about my weight loss first since it's becoming noticeable:) He didn't suggest I lose any weight at my first consultation and still was confident in me having good results. Mind you I was 262 at this time, only 3 pounds down from my highest weight. Now he so much more confident in me loving my results with the weight loss. That left me feeling a little "uppidy,downy" I felt uplifted because I was excited and proud about me deciding to lose weight on my own and I was down because I was thinking " if I was to have better results from weight loss why wasn't I advice to lose weight" ? My mind was quickly off of that when we went right into my smaller tiny waist.:) Smallest waist possible is the goal:):) I will have lipo on my upper and lower back, top of vagina(just found this out) will mention more later;), flanks/love handles and he wanted to do my hips but I said no, (I love my hips). He said he will examine my buttock after the lipo and tuck and may only need to feel in dents and cellulite since the lipo alone with the smaller waist will give me projection and he don't think I will need much to give me the results I'm looking for. Guess we will discuss more later. Now about that vagina???? I will be getting a vagina lift????????? IKR, well Dr. Harake use this technique in all his tummy tucks and after researching I see a lot of PS do as well. It has nothing to do with the vagina itself, it's just when the pubic area gets lipo and when it's pulled and stitched back with the stomach, it gives the public area a better flush look to the stomach, instead of a flat stomach and a larger more extended pubic area. I sent a few wish pics( mostly DR results, super flat tummy and big juicy butts) and he replied to them by saying " You will love your results, but these girls have had more than 1 round" My wish pics are possible but I will have to come for a second round of lipo where he can focus on the part of the stomach he won't be able to lipo with a TT. I loved his honesty:) I'll add the wish pics I sent to my next post. I made another 2K payment leaving my procedure balance at $1500. The $5500 I'm paying for the hospital operating room, overnight stay and anesthesia can be paid the day of surgery. Since I will be getting over 5 liters liposuction it has to been done at the hospital verses the Columbia medical center. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of me feeling safe in a hospital facility and enjoying to be able to stay overnight for up to 3 days but aiming for 1. I just wish it didn't cost $5500, that's only $1000 cheaper than my procedure:(
Here's a few pics of my updated weight loss. Today I weigh in at 234.4!!!!!!! 31 pounds down 19 plus more to go!!!

First 3 items purchased:)

Starting to feel like this is really happening:)
Power lift recliner was more than expected but got it new so I can utilize it in basement or keep it in den(where I'll be)for a comfy movie night. Hoping the pee urinal come in handy to avoid pain while going to tinkle. My PS said my call to the arnica gel and pills but really no study to say they work. He do think the gel is affective for face procedures so why not try the gel!!!
#77 days to go #ITHINK


Procedure paid off!!! Just have to pay for my hospital charges, I wish I can pay that now 2:(
PRE-OP appointment has been scheduled for 12-6-2016!!!!! OMG, Things are getting real!!!!!!
My PS orders my CG which cost almost $300:( he says it's the best and totally worth it. He will order a 1X and I hope it fits as I wanna be compressed ASAP! I also order the one in the picture just in case. I found it just searching and it was 45% off with code. I hope it comes before my pre-op so I can saw Dr. Harake. Down to 230 pounds!!!!! #BOYAHHHH!!!
This was my original goal weight and since I reached it with time to go, I will continue to lose as much before surgery but no more than another 20 pounds. I wanna keep my thickness:)
Getting so excited and hoping I'm doing everything to ensure a speedy recovery with great results! I am now switching from a low-cal diet to a low carb diet to decrease as much visceral fat as possible since this area can't have liposuction ( center/middle belly) with a TT.
My PS also have a new consultant which I love, she called and gave me her personal number just in case I needed anything:) Now for the hardest:( 11-1-16 (yesterday) was my last day smoking marijuana:(:(:(:( I plan to do everything to ensure success! Even though I'm a patient. Lol ????
Talk to you guys later!
The last picture will be my new wardrobe piece once I recover!!

Exactly 2 months to go!!!!

So today makes me 2 months pre-op. My surgery is paid for and all my big items are out the way. Recliner and BBL pillow was the most expensive. All other items are small things, so I'll grab as I go.
My pro-op appointment is 12-6. At this time I will ask any question I have, Angela ordered my compression garment size 1X and I will have to pay for a smaller size later, but I might just get it taken it (they $300.00). My truck went to the shop Tuesday and gonna cost me $1500.00 to get out (blahhhhh). I still have to pay for operation room, etc. so I made a comment to other half that I might have to push my surgery back. He responding by saying "i don't want you to do that, I was looking forward to the new booty" lol. It always excite me that he's so supportive of my surgery but I wish he could have said here go $1500.00 (blahhh)(long story). Dr. Harake is out of the state taking his boards, I'm wishing him all the luck but I already have all the confident in the world in his skills. Also wishing him safe travels home so he can get me together. lol
I'm so excited, nervous, and anxious.
I'll be off work for 11 days and I hope its enough.
I haven't lost any weight since my last post. Things are really beginning to get loose and sag:( for the last 2 weeks I have only been doing strength and toning exercises and I actually gained 1.5 pounds but I think it's all muscle. I hope!!!!
Ttyl ladies and gents!

Things to look back on......

In my previous post I stated I started toning exercises versus cardio. Reason:
I don't wanna be too small, but do plan on losing another 15 pounds before surgery. My body is for sure starting to show the 35 pound weight loss and my skin is beginning to get loose and I don't want my legs and arms to start sagging more than they already are. I love my legs and thighs and really starting to see my muscles push through the fat:):):) I bought these new workout clothes and noticed I'm also losing my azz:(:(:( I hate that I lose weight in my butt, so I'm in search of the right exercise to keep this tummy flat and this azz fat afterwards:):)

Supplies rolling in:):):) Its getting REAL!

Come through supplies!!
59 days to go!!!!!!
Just wanna be ready!!!!
#drain sponges, haven't seen these on here as yet. These sponges already have hole for drain:)

Newsfeed link???? Where is it?

What happen to the newsfeed link.
I'm missing out on all the ladies I was following.

Added goodness!

Evening ladies,
Just wanted to share a little goodness. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle has to stay persistent even after surgery. So I have learned. I found these 2 new items that are great items especially for those like me who don't mind snacking on a bag of chips. These have only 100 calories and 2 net carbs and don't taste that bad of you can get pass the bake taste. Considering I haven't had a regular chip in almost 4 months, they were delicious:) I haven't had the protein shake yet, but it says it can be added to fruit and ice or just milk! I also added a work out plan!
Check em out!

Down 10 more pounds!

49 days to go, thought it was 50:):)
Ladies I'm getting so anxious, I just want to start healing... lol
Patients is a virtue:):):)
???...Should I see my primary care doctor before surgery, my PS said no need and everything important will be covered at my Pre-op which is 12-6.
Days are getting shorter, just gotta grab some tanks!
So I contacted the hospital where my surgery will be to see if I can start making payments for operation room, anesthesia and overnight stay but again was told I will be billed after my surgery is done. Did anyone experience this? Once your billed, is it all due at once?

Just a little vent!!

I have 42 days to go and starting to question things. My relationship with the father of my 3 beautiful children in which I love to death and want things to be great but the truth is, were growing apart:( I love him still but I now know were not moving in the same direction. I'm ready to get this body right, move forward in my career and take dream vacations with this new body on beautiful beaches and live this one life!!! yesssss,lol!!
Anywho, I'm starting to feel how can I move in these directions if my better half is just standing still and not moving at all:( He's 10 years older than me so you would think I wouldn't have to deal with someone who's not as motivated as me. I know I will need a lot of help/assistance during my procedure but really starting to feel like I want to tell him our time has ended. On another hand I don't want him to feel like I'm doing this now because I'm about to be hottttt because I'm not, I just want him to be the man I know he can be! I also don't want to make this big transition right before my surgery and it affects my healing in anyway.
Please somebody talk to me:(
Feeling like this is not the right time for surgery due to this part of my life falling apart.
When I started this Journey, I thought things were really changing and we were on the right track, but again it was just all talk and I really think I'm done:(

Today is PRE-OP DAY!!!!!! 37 DAYS TO GO!!!

So today I go in for my pre-op!!! Things are really getting real!!!
Any must ask pre-op questions or questions you wish you ask at pre-op.
Appointment at 4:00:)))))

Update after pre-op!

So my PS hit me with 2 double whammies.
1. I will need 2 rounds???
2.He will do lipo to my thighs.
Neither of these were never discussed so I left the office feeling a little in easy.

I called the next day because I completely trust my surgeon, but I just needed a better understanding. Sooooo, he stated the 2 rounds are based off my wish pictures I provided and I now see that they all had 2-3 rounds. He ensured me that I would be happy with just one round but if I wanted wish pics results (delicious) I would need 2 rounds. I guess the thigh lipo was always a part of the plan since no price increase and he stated think of it as being chiseled to complement the rest of my body. I'm still on the fence with this, I love my big thighs and what little hips I have and I just don't think the lipo would tone it more so make them sag.( thoughts)..... Any who I go to the hospital tomorrow where I'll get labs done, 4 test in total!
I got my scripts and registration called today to register me at the hospital. My excitement have officially turned into anxiety!!!!!
I go to the clinic at 6pm the day before procedure to get markings, so I guess I'll have a whole night to look at my body and see what's what. The hospital will also call me this day with arrival time!!!! I plan on losing another 10 pounds and picked up some fiber gummies , cutting carbs have made my bowels irregular and I wanna get that back a flow. I also started another bottle of GNC women's vitamins that I will stop taking 2 weeks before surgery. My doc said no to the pain pump, so Narco it is!

Updates, see you laters!

Hi All,
Today I met 2 milestones. I'm down 50 pounds(goal) and I'm one month Pre-op!!!
I'll be taking a a social media/RS break until markings which is a day before surgery.
Thanks for all the advice, well wishes to those in their journey and happy healing to those who have made it to the flat side:))))
I'll be here until I fall asleep tonight.. lol
Then after I'll be mentally getting prepared for my big day!! 1-12-17

Couldn't stay away!!!

Hi guys,
Tried to give myself a break to clear my mind before surgery but I got some news that got me so excited and I'm ready to go under now!!!
If you've followed my surgery in the beginning I was torn between the DR and a surgeon here in the states that was only board qualified/eligible. I decided to stay here in the states and put my trust into Dr. Harake even though he was not board certified...... Look at the inbox I got!!!!!!
My PS is officially certified!!

2 WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 more days!!!!!!!

Hope I got everything I need!

Almost time!!!!!!!

All marked up & All packed up!

Arrival time changed, I now have to be at the hospital at 8:15a.m
Surgery start at 10:15
Attached is also a pic of Faja:)))

Surgery Rescheduled to 2-10-17

So down and bummed, but hey I waited this long!

Rescheduled date

So about my yesterday which should have been my surgery day!!!! I arrive at the hospital, get IV and hemo checked and results were 11.7. I'm have multiple procedures so I needed and wanted it to be higher. My PS was still Ok with proceeding with the surgery but I just felt bummed about not being able to get aggressive lipo due to low hemo. Anyway the nurse comes back it to ask me questions before the anesthesiologist come in.
Question: What was the last time you ate?
Answer: 10p.m
Question:What's the last thing you drank?
Answers: Ensure at 6:00a.m
Nurse: OMG, don't tell me that!!!!!! You should not have drunk that, let me go get the anesthesiologist!!!!
Sooooooooo my dumb azz should not have drank an ensure since theirs fat in it. Anesthesia said I would have to wait 8 hours for it to pass through or it could put me in danger. Increase risk of throwing up and fluid going in my lungs:(
8 hours from this time means surgery pushed back to 2 p.m????????????????
My surgeon arrives to tell me that there's just no staff to accommodate this time seeing that my procedure is scheduled for 6 hours and it just wouldn't be staff available.
I could not feel so much more disappointed in myself and cried the entire ride home:(
But today is a new day and I feel soooooo much better!!
My new date was set to 1-30-17 but unfortunately that wouldn't be good for my work schedule seeing that I'm in property management and the first week of the month is really hard to take off!!! So the next date available that worked for me was 2-10-17.
I feel so much better today, Gods delay does not mean Gods denial!! I've waited this long, I can wait 28 more days!

Allergic to iron pills!

Now I know why my hemo only rose .1!

I'm freaking allergic! Rashes and chest tightness!
After I got my cardiac clearance I figured the tightness in my chest was just Anxiety. Since my reschedule I've actually been cool about it and just ready for the 10th to roll around.

Getting blood builders tomorrow and hopefully I'm not allergic. Liver,beets and more spinach it is!!!

This is the pic of the first noticeable rash:(
I have 5 now:(((((

10 more days!!!!!!!


My new bed:)

My bed for the next 2-4 weeks!!
Tomorrow's the big day "again "
Got this shower seat also, couple of girls on a FB group says it's a must!

Surgery went well and I'm officially on the flat side.

Took a little while t I wake from anesthesia.
Did really well overnight and and be going home tonight but my hemo has dropped to a 6.6:(
So it looks like I'll be here another night. Hoping it was the IV... will update later

1700 cc's

Can't believe he got 1700 cc's
I hope most of it stays. From my hemo being so low ive been on it. But this is it today

Heading home on the flat side!!

Period came and this gas kicking my azz.
PS just came and cleaned me all up, couldn't get a real good shot as it was painful, but what I saw looked good!Gonna go home and get situated and I'll ttyl!
Quick note: This shit is not for the birds, your gonna have to be a tough cookie!

5 days post op pic/update

Hey Selfers,
If my back wasn't so sore and stiff I would say I'm doing really, really well, but other than that I am. Today is 5 days I can give you all an official update.
Surgery was scheduled for 6.5 hours, went in at 10:30 but didn't get to recovery until 8:30-9ish.
Thinking surgery went more like 8-9 hours.
My PS does all his work( which I love)so no cut time there but I wasn't expecting it to be such a long surgery (hope I don't get any bills in the mail) I only paid for 6.5 hours of OR time!
Dr. Harake also said it took me about 45 minutes to wake up from anesthesia!

Got to my recovery room in no pain, my mom niece and Hunny was there waiting. I was really surprised to see my mom, but she drove up once surgery was going past expected time.

Talked to them a few about the pictures my PS showed them, then I slept for an hour or two.
Woke up in pain and started Norco, antibiotics and colace. About another hour or 2 past and I had to go potty, now that's wear I felt the PAIN!!!!!
Getting out that bed was horrible, OMG!

Once I got up the pee sensation went away maybe because of the pain I endured and I could go at all.
Got back in bed and decided it was best to try maybe 30 minutes after my next Norco so I wouldn't be in so much pain.
Plan worked out perfect and when I tell you the PEZ pee urinal was one of the best recovery items thus far, stood right over the toilet and pee-peed just like I was born with a

Was a little light-headed but figured hey I just had a major surgery, I almost passed out after my c-seation.

I had the best nurse a and nurses assistant that night, stayed on my pain meds which for sure controls the pain. It was just getting in and out that damn bed......urghhhhhh

The next day Dr.Harake came to see me before going over to the next Town where he also still practice. I only paid for a one night stay so I was expecting him to see me clear me and I would be heading home. He had blood drew and then proceeded to check my incision and BB which looked great from what I can peed down and see but since so woke up in my Faja and binder it gutted like Shittttttttt.... urghhh I just wanted him to get it over. When chatted for a minute then here comes the nurse saying my hemo was only 6.6!!!!!!!! The weakness I had and the pounding in my head I compared it all to the surgery and the pain from getting in and out the bed, but 6.6 just WOW!
He immediately stopped the I.V. and ordered another lab and told me I was for sure not getting discharged.
4 hours later, hemo is now 6.4:(((((((((
Once the nurse called and told him that my count has dropped more, he called to tell me I would need a blood transfusion:(( It didn't really hit me until the nurse came in with the consent and explained that this was really the only option I had and it was extremely needed.
He ordered 2 pints of blood and I begin to gain strength, I walked a lap around the hospital floor while finishing my second bag and once I passed the nurses station my nurse stopped me and told me my hemo rose to 7.7 but Dr. Harake wanted me to have one more pint.
He also spoke with the nurse about seeing if my insurance can kick in since I would be again staying another night and needed the transfusion. Thank God it did!!!
Got my 3rd pint went through a few shift changes where some didn't understand how I needed that pain pill on time.(every 3hours)!!!!
Was gaining more and more strength even got up to 3 laps around the hospital floor. My hemo rose to 8.8 but my damn period decided to and I bleed heavy with my fibroids so I just thinking please don't let my hemo drop. I added Tylenol between the Norco to keep the cramps under control.

My PS came in Monday morning to look over me and start my discharge. my hemo didn't drop over night but it didn't rise either, stayed exactly the same. He put me back on iron and told me to use some Benadryl if I had a reaction but so far so good!
Got home and went straight to my recliner!
2nd best thing ever!!!
Didn't know how tired my Hunny was until he was knocked out early so the first night home was rough as I really missed pushing the nurses button or him being right in the room and it was an easy call out to him!
I've turned my den into my hut so calling out to a sleepy tired man in the next room was not easy!

Past allll that I am now on day 5 and doing much better, still think I'm putting to much pressure on my butt and my back is burning like it's on fire. Still feel a little overall pain when getting up and down but as long as I stay on my pain meds it's definitely durable.

I've had my Faja and binder on since surgery and was told to keep it on until my follow-up in the office which is Saturday. (That first shower will be heaven) Dr. Harake said it took 4 people to get me in it and he didn't want me to bother it, so sponge baths it is. Glad there's a opening for both holes;)

I took my first poop today and even helped more with getting the kiddos off to school.

So the saying is true, it really gets better day by day!!

Follow up appointment/first shot!

8 days post op!
Drains out!
Swelling in lower abdomen!
I now have on a CG plus 3 different binders!
Hoping my butt change a little:/ Not smaller, just shape wise. I'm sure it will, it's only been a week!

2 weeks post op!!

Today makes 2 weeks!!
I'm off pain pills, only take Tylenol when needed and that's usually because of this irritating headache I keep getting off and on, still on iron and taking arnica and bromelain pills.
My swelling is for sure here at this point especially on my right side above incision and also right in the middle above BB.
My back sides are also swollen as well!
Today was my second shower other than that I'm in this Faja 24/7. I get my size medium at my next follow up (5days) and I'm sure it's gonna be a workout getting it on. Still sleeping in my recliner but will try to transition to my bed this weekend. I'm standing up straight 90% of the time but once I'm sitting for awhile then get up I'm kinda stiff so that takes a minute for me to stand straight again. I got a very small bruise/burn from my Faja the first week that I didn't see until today which is already healing since I put the T-shirt on underneath last week.
I've been eating more now, sometimes even more that I want because I wanna feed the fat in this booty. After next week I will slow down in hopes to what's left of this azz is hear to stay. I go back to work Monday but plan to get out the house for a few runs tomorrow while my mom got the kiddos! Talk to you at 3 weeks:))))

1 month post-op!

Hello, Real sellers,
Today marks 1 month.
Been back to work 2 weeks!
Just started scar therapy this week.
Maybe get some vitamin E oil and rose hip oil along with my bio oil after the scar away are gone. Started sleeping on my bed and on my stomach at 3 weeks. Hopefully this can keep some pressure off my butt, Volume is definitely going away.:((( My PS ordered me a medium CG, but it was too tight on the buttock so I just too in my large at the waist.( Wasted $300.00)
My incision is healing good, just not so straight (kinda crooked) but it's closed and I'm grateful for that. Will share a pic next post!
I do have pain in my upper stomach right below the bra line, I'm assuming because of the MR.
Not sure though, Will talk to my PS on the 21st at my next follow-up.
It's not an unbearable pain but I sure hope my MR is still all good!
Here's a few pics, on the side picture you can really notice the swelling. My Faja burn is getting better, I think the skin just needs to resurface now.

6 weeks post op. (Pics)

Sooooo, today makes 6 weeks. I have been cleared to normal activities. Exercise, lifting, SEX, etc. All in moderation!
When I wear heels my ankles do swell a bit and I'll have to put my compression stockings back on. I went overnight without my compression garment last weekend and didn't swell that bad (nude pics) was the next morning. Scar away strips/gel has worked magic on my incision.
I'm now in a small Faja, but I don't like that it's so tight on my buttocks so I took the large in on the waist and it's still comfy on the butt. Here's some pics. Excuse the bush, I'm still scared to shave????????:(

8 weeks post op pics

Hi all,
No really big changes except my back is on FIREEEEE!!!! Omg, it feel like my skin is burning off my back after sitting for a long period or waking up. "This 2 shall pass."
I've gained 4 pounds trying to feed this
My swelling is going down good, I can really get a good feel of things!
I was told the fat transfer is to stay after 8 weeks so I hope this all my azzzzz now!
Now I just need these mark and bruises to clear up and goooo away!!
My birthday on the 12th and next weekend we going to the casino resort where I will be rocking a 2 piece!
Ttyl and I'll keep you posted:)

3 Month post op pic/small update

So I still love my results, but now that the swelling is going down I do notice a few things.
Really thinking about round 2.
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