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I have always had small breast and have wanted...

I have always had small breast and have wanted implants since I was about 20. I have two children but I never breast fed so the breast I have is just what I have always had( maybe not as "saggy") . Anyways,now that I am almost 30 it's time to feel SEXY again.. I have told myself I will have breast implants by the time I'm 30. This will be one of the most selfish things I will ever dobe in my life ( I think,haha)!! I should be happy with what the good Lord has given me buuutttttt,lol!! So the past couple months I have been non stop researching doctors,pros,cons,things that can go wrong,just everything so that I am super informed on VOLUNTARY procedure Now it's time to do some consultations.

My consultation journey!!!

So when I first start I picked a doctor in Tampa ( I for sure thought I was going to use him). Well I drove over there the night before and stayed with my sister. I was doing more research on things that night and found out he's only a board certified cosmetic doctor. So I didn't go to my appointment because I was was comfortable with him not being a board certified plastic surgeon. So I felt like I wanted to give up because no one else ready stood out to me at ALL. So I went to work the next day and my gf told me about a Jamie Perez so I researched and liked what I had seen and booked an appointment with him. So the appointment was booked two weeks ago so I was still researching. I was getting to the point where I felt like I just wasn't comfortable with anyone doing this unless I went to like the guys on botched lol. I just have seen so many botched jobs or plastic surgeons not standing behind there work and not helping women who had things go wrong with them after the surgery. So I still researched and found Dr Fakhre in Wesley chapel. His credentials are absolutely amazing,his reviews are all 5 star,his girls all over Facebook look and feel great( I stalked all the girls on his Facebook page that used him),and I found girls on realself that have used him and some going through the process now with him. I felt like he's the one so I booked an appointment with him Friday ( June 10th). Now my other appointment is with Perez on June 17th.

my consultation with Dr Fakhre

So I got there early as I am a person with high anxiety. I went with my hubby, I wanted him to be there to get his vibes too. I have totally bored my husband of boobs (didn't think that was possible ). Poor guy it's all he has heard about for a good solid month. What's funny with him is he wants "titties"(huge boobs)and I want boobs,"but he's not a boob man" haha yeah right. He says if we're paying for them and your going through all this get "titties"... okay so anyways, my appointment went great !! I found out that my breast are really different sizes and I never noticed it was that dramatic until I came home and took pictures for this website. So he told me that he will try and get them as close to the same size as possible but they will never be the same. He also told me that I will notice the difference in my new breast b.c I'll be obsessing over them in the mirror everyday and taking pictures,hehe. I'm choosing Dr Fakhre as my plastic surgeon. I'm calling tomorrow to schedule my surgery and schedule from pre op appointment(which is where I'll try on all the Sizers,get prescriptions,info,the fun stuff ).... One on my main concerns is capsular contrature with going through this whole process. Because it can mean more money,more surgery,which means more time off work and a not so happy household. I know how I am as a person and I'll be kicking myself for making a choice to do the surgery and get a not so happy outcome. I brought this up to my ps during the consultation and he does everything possible to prevent it. I just wanna makesure if cc does happen that I am in proper hands to fix the problem.( another reason I wanted a plastic surgeon not cosmetic surgeon).., I'm not a girl who thinks bad things don't happen to her,it's life and life is real. But I'm excited and can't believe I'll be booking my surgery tomorrow!!!!

pre op and surgery date set up

So my ps office called today to confirm it's a go for July 14th for surgery date... My pre op appointment is this Friday at 11:00....I am now having this mixed feeling about everything. Maybe it's because it's becoming real and not just talking about it?!?! Do I really hate my body this much I need to go through with this,no,yes,I dunno anymore! I was just sitting and eating dinner and thinking about going through the pain,thinking about all the things that can go wrong,do I really wanna do this?!?! I know if I don't I'll always wonder what it's like to have boobs and I'll go through this whole process again.... maybe after I go to my pre op Friday I'll feel at ease again,then surgery is 3 weeks away to get these thoughts in my head allover again!!!!

Some wish boobs

A few of my wish boobs...

Before photos

I have attached some before photos! So sad lol...I want more upper fullness and just a little bit of side boob.. I don't wanna look fat its such a big concern for me!!!!

These were 450/425 hp implants at a different consulation (not using yhis doctor)

I tired these on a consulation I went to in Orlando and waited 3 months to see him. I just didn't connect with anyone there nor him. It was like a number to him and everyone else there as well. Every answer felt scripted. .but this is what these HP implants looked on me anyways. I have alot of updating to do on this site

Forgot the front view

Wish pics!

Im on the othet side!

Day of surgery

My doctor is Dr Eberbach NOT fakhre just don't know how to change it. So today I went into surgery and I was getting 533/492 but when Dr E came in to draw on me I switched it to 492/457. I went in the back and watched TV while the nurses gave me my IV and pills and the anesthesiologists came and talked to me. I went in at about 12:45 and left the office around 4ish I believe. I didn't feel sick AT ALL! I feel no pain at all bow but I know it will start tonight. I ate soup and crackers for dinner and hubby is making cookies now . so I think my right breast look amazing for the first day. My left with the tattoo is icky I know its early lol but its annoying and I don't like it .....I know they won't be perfect but right now they are way off. Right now im not looking forward to the nest couple days of hell :)...

Day 1

I am feeling no pain. All I feel is discomfort like i worked out hard core yesterday. Getting up out of the recliner this morning I was a little sore but once I started moving around was much better. Hopefully im a lucky one and get no pain. I am staying on top of the pain maybe that's why I feel good. I am just taking my pills as written not when needed and i will until Thursday. I love them for now hopefully all heals and drops and fluffs well.

Day 1

Day 4

I halve had zero pain so so far.. I have been doing nothing at all so maybe that's why it has been so easy for me. I just eat and watch T.V. I heard first 3 days are the worse and those were very easy days . So now I hope I don't get anything but better from this point on. Now ill just beginning worrying about capsular, bottoming out,super uneven boobs. And I hope they don't get any smaller thought that is for sure.

Day 6

Day 6

Its been 6 days since surgery

I wish I knew how to change my doctor on here its kind of annoying. This experience has been NOTHING like I was expecting. I was expecting pain and never received any. Im still sore and opening car door or reaching for cup or getting out of recliner is still a site to see im doing okay.im happy I am taking two weeks of work though nice to be able to just take it easy and relax . my husband has been amazing. They are getting softer to the touch. My post op appointment is Tuesday will be nice to be reassured all is going well.

16 days post op

My nipples continue to be bothersome.I feel better when im naked and nothing is touching them . Other than that and normal morning boob and no feel under the nipple area I feel pretty great. I hope all continues to heal properly with no issues. Of course I do wish I went bigger like e everyone else.

Opps for got to add pictures

16 days post op

3 weeks after

3 weeks after

1 month post op

I still get "the morning boob" it gets a little old after awhile. My incisions still have glue on them that's getting old as well,lol. I still haven't worn a bra as I don't see underwired very comfortable at all. I picked up a sports bra from target and a bralett. Im going to start wearing some braletts for awhile but I need go back and grab some black ones (my black one is a sports bra I got on clearance ). My nipples are still sensitive and under my nipples are still numb (that's old too. So basically Im over this whole thing ha.

Few different angles

1 month post op!

Almost 2 months (i think)

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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