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With both of my parents having had bad acne as a...

With both of my parents having had bad acne as a teenager, it was in the cards for me to have it as well. Once I hit about age 13, my face literally went from baby smooth to rocky road! Figuring it was something easy to pretty much prevent, I started off with face washes and creams. If one didnt work, try another.

After about a year and a half of my mom buying dozens of creams and washes and after hearing me complain 24/7, she took me to my doctor, who presribed me antibiotics. They seemed to help good for a couple weeks but eventually began to barely help any. The doctor then put me on birth control (at this point im 15) which seemed to only help the acne on my chest and back, which I was glad about!, but my face was what bothered me the most (me being fair skinned made the reddness of the pimples very noticable).

At this point, my mom and I decided to try just using ivory soap to treat my face (wash at night before bed with warm water and then go over my face with cold water before patting it dry with a towel). That seemed to help ALOT** especially with the reddness. So for months I just did that and it seemed to control it, it never seemed to get alot worse (but I made sure I never missed a wash) so I was more content with my skin than I had been in the last 2 years. Still me being a 15 year old girl who had the worst complexion among her friends, I wanted it to still be clearer. Now, I know being a teenager comes with acne, but I had tonsssss of whiteheads and big red bumps all over my face so I knew it could be at least better than that.

A couple months before my doctor had presribed me for Epiduo but with it being $250, my mom could not afford it, but at my next doctors visit, I was prescribed Tretinoin Cream and Minocycline. I have been using it for 8 days now and it seems to be getting SO MUCH BETTER! Its as good as it has been in 3 years and I have only been using it for 8 days, so I am very hopeful to see further results as the month goes on.

I have however experienced ALOT of dryness on my face (alot of flakeing and scabbing over zits) but I have been using unscented Vaseline lotion to help the dryness alittle. After about 3 days, it started to make my face break out really bad though (I had whiteheads all over my cheeks and chin), but with that being expected before results, I remained hopeful.

I am still washing my face with ivory soap every night by the way. It may have taken 3 years to find something that really helps, and even though ive only been using it for about a week, I can honestly tell you that at the age of 16, im starting to become more comfortable in my own skin. And the great thing is, the Minocycline and the Tretinoin Cream together only costed about $60, half of which was covered by insurance. Im always looking forward to seeing the results as the days go on and I really have faith in this acne treatment :)

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