Almost 40! Mommy of 5, 137# 5'6 and Ready to Feel Like Myself Again! - New Port Richey, FL

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So....after my third child I really started to see...

So....after my third child I really started to see that my breasts weren't like they used to be. Of course now, having 5 children has taken it's toll. With that being said, it has been a good 13 years now that I have been dreaming of this actually happening. I am pretty active running a few days a week and lifting weights. It is discouraging that even though I keep in shape I have no control of improving my boobs! LOL A few weeks ago, my hubby asked what I wanted for my 40th birthday coming up in August. I jokingly said, a boob job! When his response was to schedule a consultation, I was full force ahead! I had contacted a few doctors, all of which were referred to me by friends or family. There was one that stood out with their great communication. I submitted my pics via email and received the price and surgical information. Nothing like sending boobie pics to a stranger....LOL. I am so glad I did though. What an awesome experience this has been. I was asked to go for a mammogram, which I did and results came back normal! :) Now on to the fun stuff. My preop is scheduled for Friday, June 3rd. I am extremely anxious to talk with the dr about his suggestions on size! They have the 3D breast augmentation simulator, so I look forward to seeing what different sizes might look like on me....although, from what I've read on here, the simulator doesn't seem to look too realistic. But I have scoured the internet reading pretty much every article about preparation of surgery, what the surgery entails, what to expect immediately following, as well as in the long term. My sister had breast augmentation about 10 years ago, so she was able to fill me in on the real-deal things to expect. This site has also been extremely helpful with info. I am planning to go with saline, under, moderate to moderate plus, and approximately 375-400cc? Of course, that may change once I have my consultation. However, I do feel that seems to be my preference based on what I know at this point. So....the countdown is on!!!! 10 days until boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staying private...

Ok. So aside from posting boobie pics on this site, I have no intentions of telling most of my family and friends and want to be private about all this. I am hoping that with all the push-up padded bras I wear, most people won't really notice much. However, that brings me to think of talking with my children about my choice. I have 20, 17, 13, 10, and 6 yr olds! I don't really feel like my 10 and 6 year old need to know. I think my two oldest, both boys, deserve honesty from me and I'm assuming the less I say the better... After all, they are boys! My 13 year old is a girl. I almost feel like this could be a teachable moment on why she should hold out on having children of her own for a long, long time! Lol Anyone wish to share how they handled talking to their kids??

Preop appointment in two days!

So this is where my panic is starting to set in. Choosing the size and everything is so important!!! Not too small, not too big....just right! And everyone is different. That's what makes it tricky!! I did print some before and after pics from a website that I could share with the dr that actually has the info of the ccs, type of implant, and over/under. I'm hoping that will help give an idea of what I'm hoping for my results to be!! I look forward to hearing his recommendations.

As a side note, I did go shopping today for some bralettes to wear post surgery.... Something soft and comfortable in an XL is what I had my eye out for. No luck today. I only have one week until surgery! I don't feel prepared! Lol

Rice Sizers....

Ok, honestly when I had read some posts about making rice sizers, I thought that was totally absurd!!! Lol. But, I caved and gave them a try. I found a conversion chart from rice = cc's.

I was hysterical trying this. I only had enough rice to equal 380ccs, which is similar to what I think I want anyway....

If you haven't tried rice sizers, you should do it for nothing more than a good laugh at least!!

Preop was Friday - opinions on size please!!!!

Been so busy searching the web for info, I haven't even posted about my preop appt! It went really well. The Dr was super informative and explained thoroughly his answers to all of my questions. With that being said, I have definitely changed my mind and am going with silicone instead of saline. Also, he recommends the incision site under the boob. I was planning for the nipples, but now that he explained more to me I do feel like under makes more sense.

Now here's where I need opinions. I am wicked nervous about size!!!! When I tried my rice sizers at home, I was going for like 380ccs. Now I realize I can't rely on that.... But in the appt the assistant had me try 457cc and I did love the profile with my build and all... But she said to go up a size since we would be going under the muscle. I also tried 533 which I got really excited about... But then felt like what you all say... Boob greed!!! Hahaha. Anyways. I am 5'6 and weigh 138.

Does anyone have a similar preop pic with my measurements that could share what cc's they did??? I really want to make sure I'm doing the right thing.....

I would LOVE comments on this please!!!! <3

Pics are of the bralettes I bought for post. :)

Wednesday is boobie day!!!

I can't believe it is so close. I'm so, so excited but am totally stressing over choosing the right size!!!!!! I can't wait to talk to the dr again before surgery just to confirm my expectations!! I am going to show him the **WISH BOOBS** that I uploaded to this post too. I'm happy that I found some before a and afters that are comparable to my before!!! I guess it's just so hard to put all my trust in someone else for this decision. The assistant did say that the dr will sit me up during surgery and assess the size and change them if they aren't just right. Yikes!!!!!

I went today and picked up my prescriptions. Tomorrow I start with the wonderful nose swab med and then tomorrow night is when I take my first shower with antiseptic wash!!!!

I started getting together everything I need. Hubby will be driving me up (2 hours away) for the surgery and then we are staying the night at my aunts just a few minutes from the surgeons office. Follow up on Thursday! Also packing the kids an overnight bag so they can stay with my parents.

Oh... And did I mention I'm boob-nesting! Hahaha Cleaning everything and everywhere so I can come home to a clean house!!!


Panicking about size!!

Just wondering if anyone else's dr goes into surgery with a "range" in mind? When I was at my preop the assistant wrote down 457, 492, and 533. I got so worried about the range, I asked if I could try on the sizers again before surgery on Wednesday! I don't like feeling so unknown. I just want to make sure I'm making the best decision. I keep telling myself that I have to trust in the dr. I think it's just so close and so much unknown... What will they look like, what size will they be.... Etc!!!

I would love to hear everyone's experience on how they finally chose their size! HELP! Lol

Tomorrow is Boobie Day!!!!

Well, I am still a little nervous about the size but I will say that it has helped tremendously looking at different stories and pics from other ladies on here that are similar to me!!! So thank you to everyone who shared their journey! Tomorrow is the big day. I literally have been waiting so long for this. I hope I can get some kind of sleep tonight!!!! I have to take my antiseptic wash/shower before bed and again in the morning. I also have to do the nose swab with that Mupirocin ointment. No make-up, no jewelry, no deodorant, no lotion, etc. I have to bring my meds with me to the appt and also wear compression stockings (to the knees) during surgery. We have about a two hour drive. They want me there at 11:30 and my official surgery time is 1:00, although they may start sooner than that. They said my hubby should plan to pick me up between 1:30-3:30. I did call the office to see if I could try sizers on again and they said I could, but I've changed my mind. I am going to trust the range we picked out and what the dr decides. THIS DAY CANNOT GO FAST ENOUGH!!!! Lol I've added a few more before pics just for memories sake! <3

Surgery was yesterday!!

Everything went well. Ended up with 495cc implants! They look good for 1 day post. Went back to the dr today for a quick follow up. They removed the top bandage and gave me a bandeau to wear pretty much all the time. I go back for a follow up on the 23rd.

I was bet sore yesterday. Had a hard time sleeping in the recliner but am glad I got some sleep at least. Had a dose of percucet at 7:30 am but it ended up making me feel super sick so I haven't taken anymore. Actually have vomited twice today. Haven't been able to eat too much. Crackers and some soup. Tylenol,
Antibiotics and the Mupirocin are all I'm on right now.

So thankful to be on the other side!!! :)

2 days post!!!!

So last night I was able to sleep in my own bed propped up on pillows. :) I slept pretty good. Held strong and have not taken anymore pain meds, except Tylenol. So happy about that. Still have my antibiotic and Mupirocin to do.

I am definitely ready for a shower today, but am waiting for my hubby to get home so he can help me wash my hair. :) I don't think I can lift my arms up for that length of time. Lol. That should be interesting.

I have had my kids helping me with things around the house, which has been nice.

I am still pretty sore, for sure, but it's definitely not anything I didn't expect. This bandeau strap is quite annoying but I am hoping it will get everything settled much quicker. Can't wait to look and feel normal again!! :)

Had trouble attaching photos to my last post...

3 Days Post!

Well I have been doing my exercises, or massage, since the day after surgery. I feel like this is definitely helping my boobs to soften up. They look and feel less hard than they did right after surgery. I am seeing and reading different results for how everyone's boobs settle... Either they get smaller (like swelling goes down and implants move down!?) or they fluff and look bigger. I'm really anxious to see what mine do. I definitely do not want them bigger. I'm just really hoping the settle down more and appear more soft and natural. I would love to hear comments on this....

I tried on an old bath thing suit Bc I was going to lay in the sun for a little bit to catch some rays, but the weather isn't cooperating. Anyways,... Took some pics :)

A great day!

Today was awesome. Went shopping by myself and had THE best time shopping for a bikini! Yep. Five kids and here I am buying a bikini and feeling like I sorta rocked it. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! What an awesome feeling. First bathing suit I tried on actually fit!

So tonight, I have a funky twinging/tingling/buzzing sensation behind my left nipple area. It starts and lasts for about 5-10 seconds. It's happened a few times now. From what I'm reading online, this might be a sign of nerve regeneration! Hooray!!!

Almost felt like mine!!

So today was the first day that my boobs felt like mine! It was a really cool feeling. I'm still doing my massaging and they are getting softer and seem like they actually belong to me! Still waiting on the to go down a bit more. But I do like the size of them. I have been able to wear all of my clothes, but they all just fit better. That's exactly what I was hoping for!!! So thankful for that!!

Numbness and morning boob!

You should all know that morning boob is a real thing. Lol. Mornings hurt! It's definitely tolerable and I haven't been taking anymore Tylenol. However, they do hurt in the morning! And they really don't have any feeling to them at all either as far as touch to the skin.

I am debating on continuing to wear the strap or not. I'm feeling pretty good about how my boobs look and I don't know that I want to push them down! Lol. Maybe I'm just finally getting used to their size? They are bigger than a handful for sure, which is so strange. Lol. I am still doing my exercises and they keep getting softer. Man I remember how hard they were the first few days!!

I've been trying on different shirts, mostly spaghetti strap tanks without a bra just to see if I can get away with that... And still be classy!!! My sister had a BA about 10 years ago and she advised me to buy bandaids to cover my nipples for any shirts that I can get away with no bra. Crazy to think about not wearing a bra! I've never not wore one!!

Loving these boobs more every single day!!! <3

Oops forgot to add my pic...

Beach Bound yesterday!

Had a great day at the beach yesterday. Couldn't go in the water but it was so nice to wear my bikini and feel comfortable for a change!! My boobs are feeling good. Still sore in the morning. I noticed that the top of my boobs both have feeling on the skin to touch, but both on the bottom half have no feeling yet. Looking forward to that getting back to normal. Haven't wore my strap on a few days. I decided I will wear it until my follow up but I don't really feel like it's necessary anymore. Thursday is my follow up appt. can't wait to get the stiches out and am praying that the incisions are healing nicely. They are all covered up so I haven't been able to see them yet. Not sure I wanted to anyway.... But they are placed perfectly in the crease under my boob so they shouldn't really be noticeable anyway. Went shopping this weekend and had an awesome time. Most of my old clothes fit, but just fit better which exactly what I wanted. :)

Two Week Follow Up

Can't believe it's just been two weeks. Seems so much longer!! Went for my follow up today. They trimmed my stitches... They actually dissolve but the dr leaves some of them sticking straight out Bc I guess when you tie them it tends to make the incision a bit more lumpy. Anyway. It was easy and painless. They removed the steristrips and advised me to get some silicone strips to put on the incisions for scar control. I ordered them on Amazon on my way home. Should have them in two days :)

I was going to say how sensitive my skin and nipples are. So very sensitive!!! And ever since they took the steristrips off, my bralette has been rubbing on my incisions.... I hope I can make it two days without anything covering them!! Ouch!!!!! I strongly advise everyone to purchase this ahead of time. Wish I had known!!!!

I was also cleared to be able to go to the gym for a light jog (slow and not for long just yet!) on the treadmill.... With a super tight sports bra!! And was told I could do leg work but no lifting for upper body yet. I cannot wait to get started at least doing something. I feel like I'm going stir crazy!!!

I've been waiting for this...

Ok so here it is. My official before and after. So happy ????
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